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text 2016-04-09 15:40
A Writing Competition about England's Future History

(reblogged from Bridget Whelan)


The website England’s Future History is looking for short stories between 500 and 3000 words set in England at any point in the future.


The organisers are clear what they don’t want:”… sci-fi, flying cars and jet packs…”


And they have ideas about the kind of stories they would like:
It could be the assassination of the Prime Minister, the future of housing in the country, or the day cancer is finally cured. We’re looking for personal accounts of similar events – were you there when the PM was killed, are you buying your first home in 2030 or was your dad the last person to die from cancer?


Is food a bit of a problem in the England of the future?



As new stories are published the events of these tales will be added to to the website’s timeline. They become the future history and your story has to fit in with the world they have created. Three stories have been selected so far. By the 2030s rats are farmed because they are a good source of protein and twenty years later we can engineer dreams and pay to have memories wiped. Towards the end of the century we’ve pretty much mastered the problem of recycling. Read the timeline in full HERE.


Read the rest of the article here.

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text 2016-04-09 15:17
Signal Boost: The Islamicate Science Fiction Short Story Writing Contest

Boosting: The Islamicate Science Fiction Short Story Writing Contest

This is a boost for a new contest organized Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad of Islam and Science Fiction

The Islam and Science Fiction project has been running since 2005, we just entered our second decade. While the depiction of Muslims in Science Fiction and Islamic cultures has improved we still have a lot way to go, as is the case with many other minority groups. To kickstart things in this genre we have decided to start a contest centered around Science Fiction with Muslim characters or Islamic cultures (Islam in the cultural sense and not necessarily in the religious sense). We are pleased to announce the Islamicate Science Fiction short story writing contest. The contest is open from today (April 8, 2016) to the beginning of Ramadan/Ramzan/Ramjan (June 8, 2016). The winner will be announced on the day of Eid – July 6, 2016. If you already have a story then be sure to submit it soon, if not then start typing.



Islamicate refers to the cultural output of predominantly Islamic culture or polity. Thus while the culture has its foundation and inspiration from the religion of Islam, it need not be produced by someone who is Muslim.


The term Islamicate is thus similar to the term West as it encompasses a whole range of cultures, ethnicities and schools of thought with shared historical experience. The contest is open to all people regardless of their religious affiliation or lack there of. Thus a person of any religion, nationality, ethnicity race, gender, sexual orientation can submit. A collection of the best stories from the submissions will be released as an epub and available to download for free.



The following prizes will be awarded:

First Prize: $100
Second Prize: $75
Third Prize: $50


Submission rules:

  • The stories must be either set in a predominantly Muslim culture AND/OR have Muslim protagonist(s).
  • Short stories in almost any variant of Science Fiction (space opera, time-travel, apocalyptic, reimaging classic themes, techno-thrillers, bio-punk, science mystery, alternate history, steampunk, utopian, dystopian etc) is encouraged.
  • No reprints: No simultaneous submissions: No multiple submissions.
  • Submission are limited to one per person.
  • Since we are talking about short stories, any story with less than 8,000 words will be accepted.


How to submit: Please submit your short story to islam.scifi@gmail.com with the subject line Short Story Contest


Judges (Alphabetical):

  • Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad: Founder and editor of Islam and Science Fiction, Senior Data Scientist at Groupon.
  • Ahmed Naumaan: Dean of College of Engineering, DeVry University.
  • Noura Al-Nouman: Science Fiction author from the Gulf.
  • Muhammad Handara Hankins: Science Fiction Critic.
  • Rebecca Hankins: Associate Professor, Archivist/Librarian, Texas A&M University.



If you have questions about the contest then you can either leave your questions as comments to this thread or email me atmahmad@cs.umn.edu Be sure to spread and the word far and wide, we are looking forward to your submissions!

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text 2016-02-11 01:20
Writing contest! Book Package Prize!

We have picked a winner for the InD'tale fun write contest: "Have you ever done something totally stupid while staring at a hot guy or girl?" But you'll have to read the hilarious response in next month's magazine to see who won!

Want to try YOUR hand at winning a whole bounty of books of your choosing plus some great recognition in a monthly issue of InD'tale magazine? Just pop over and tell us about the most romantic or crazy marriage proposal you know of! InD'tale Writing Contest


Source: www.indtale.com
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text 2015-06-13 21:11
Confess and win!

Want to win a whole bundle of books that YOU choose AND be featured in InD'tale magazine? All you have to do is write a short paragraph about:
"The most embarrassing thing a friend or family member blurted out in public"
and you may be our next lucky winner! InD'tale Writing Contest


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text 2013-11-14 16:53
Thanksgiving Writing Prompts for Children

Children have wonderfully creative ideas, especially when it comes to the holidays. Why not give them a fun writing prompt (located below) and let their imagination run wild? 


1. Thanksgiving Dinner is right around the corner, and your child gets to invite one more person. Who would they invite, and why? 


2. Thanksgiving Dinner is on the table, but wait, that's odd...there is a dish that doesn't quite belong there. What dish wouldn't your child want to see, and why? 


3. What is your child most thankful for? 

    This would be a great question to ask before Thanksgiving Dinner!


And guess what? 


Crickhollow Books is holding a 50-word writing contest to celebrate their 5-year anniversary! The contest's theme is "Thanksgiving," and the deadline is November 16th. For more details, please visit: http://www.crickhollowbooks.com/50-word-story-on-thanksgiving/


Happy Writing, and Happy Thanksgiving! 

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