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review 2020-03-31 02:35
One of Us is Lying - audiobook
One of Us Is Lying - Karen M. McManus


Twisty-turny breakfast-club-ish story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I actually figured out what was going on towards the end (but maybe I was supposed to figure it out). I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will read more by this author. 

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review 2019-11-30 02:49
Kill Creek by Scott Thomas
Kill Creek - Scott Thomas,Bernard Setaro Clark

Audience: Adult

Format: Audiobook/Owned


"No house is born bad."

- first sentence



I listened to this book for Halloween Bingo at the end of September. I've been swamped with school, work, and trying to get settled in my new house so I haven't had time to write any reviews.


I enjoyed this book. It was a slow build and I kept thinking something was going to happen, but the story kept taking unexpected turns. After all this time, that's all I have. *shrugs*

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review 2019-09-01 00:53
Nightbooks - audiobook
Nightbooks - J.A. White

Audience: Middle Grade

Format: Audiobook/Library


After his family had finally fallen asleep, Alex slung the backpack over his shoulder and snuck out of the apartment, easing the front door gently home so it didn't slam shut.

- first sentence


This is Hansel & Gretel reimagined in the most delightful way. Alex is a bright child with a fertile imagination who loves to write. He is lured into an apartment and kidnapped by a witch who forces him to tell her stories. He finds the whole situation difficult to believe because even though he loves scary stories, he doesn't believe in things like witches.


I loved this book. It was a bit scary, so make sure kids know what to expect. Young fans of scary stories will delight in cheering Alex on as he tries to find a way to defeat the witch and escape her magical apartment.


Recommended to fans of scary stories or fairytale retellings in grades 4 and up.

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review 2018-09-14 02:04
Obscura - audiobook
Obscura - Joe Hart,Christina Traister



This book combines sci-fi, horror, and suspense into a gripping adventure filled with surprises. I listened to this book every chance I had and stayed up late last night to finish it. As much as I thought I knew about how it would turn out, I was still surprised.


Gillian is a neurosurgeon drafted by NASA to figure out what's going wrong with the astronauts on the space station. Turns out Gillian wasn't given all the details or told the entire truth about the situation. Gillian is a character with many flaws, but she is strong and never gives up. Even when it seems like all hope is lost, Gillian finds a way to keep going.


I listened to the audiobook and loved it. The narrator was amazing; I felt like I was trapped with Gillian - the fear, the claustrophobia, the doubt about who to trust. One thing that irked me a bit was the Swedish accent the narrator used for one of the characters. It was a bit like listening to Dracula as a neurosurgeon's assistant.


This is a fabulous book. Highly recommended.


I read this for the New Release square


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text 2018-09-12 02:51
Reading progress update: I've listened 400 out of 632 minutes.
Obscura - Joe Hart,Christina Traister



As if being alone on a spaceship isn't enough... there are voices, smells, doors opening, things missing.


Poor Gillian thinks she's going crazy and I'm not sure she's wrong.


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