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review 2017-08-20 17:57
The Sun has Set
Molten Dusk - Karissa Laurel

Oh how I loved this series. I giggled with joy when I received each new one and a sad sigh when each ended. The first two books left my hanging bruised and worried for the characters this last book wrapped it all up wonderfully. If you are just starting the series you are lucky, no waiting/nail chewing/hair pulling they are all published !
Solina is at the end of the rope, possibly. The end of the world for humans rests on her shoulders. Oh the stress, it pushes her to make snap decisions and dangerous choices. She must hunt the great beast, Skoll, deal with betrayals, truths that hurt and her own heart, and so much more. Everything except the kitchen sink is thrown at her. It's a good thing this isn't the young naive Solina we first met in book 1, she has leaned her lessons well.
Thorn, sexy thunderous and sexy, opps already said that didn't I ? The norse thunder god is all he should be and more. He is an all powerful man who can step back and let the woman roar without feeling threatened. Woot Woot a man I can cheer for.
The bad wicked villains are rotten, nasty and perfectly evil. There was no switching personalities to sweet misunderstood bad guy which I appreciated. Sometimes a bad guy just needs to be a bad guy.
I only had one complaint, gripe, unfulfilled need, more. I wanted, oh I needed another chapter. The ending wrapped up so fast and skipped some detailing I wanted explored. I had to ask myself and a friend did they _____ ? My voyeuristic side was unsatisfied. My inner perv just can't stay down some times.
So, I bet you are wondering where the sneak peeks/spoilers are ? I'm not giving anything away, as you can see, deal with it and read the book for your answers. Okay I'll give something up, it was so good. ;D

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photo 2017-08-19 19:15
USA Today Bestselling Author casually commenting on the Tweets by one of the hate-speech rally people:

USA Today Bestselling Author casually commenting on the Tweets by one of the hate-speech rally people:

I was in the comments of one of the Boston hate-speech rally people (looking for more people to report-and-block), when I found this author.

Checked her with_replies, and she believes in "Soros-paid protestors" and "but globalism!" *headdesk*

Anyway, you may want to inform her readers, in case they didn't know that she supports the "Rogue R*ght".

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text 2017-08-17 16:29
She's back
She's back.
Remember that revenge hit-piece an author published in Vulture? Now she's planning to write a piece about the life and death (suicide) of someone in the reading community.
The author asked people for information, but they rightfully turned her down because KR can't be trusted not to use her platform to punch down on the community's most vulnerable people.
Here are some threads:
I still have unpublished Storifys featuring KR's friendly interactions with a G*merG*ter, and the other unsavoury characters who praised her revenge hit-piece (including a screenwriter dudebro, and the comics guy who made Captain America a Nazi/Hydra). Along with MAGAs, and "western civilisation" people, and there are probably other terrible people too who praised her after I stopped collecting Tweets.
And I'm still pissed off that members of the publishing community are Liking her Tweets, thus enabling her continuing shit.
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review 2017-08-17 03:18
Now Habit
The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play (Audio) - Gildan Author,Neil A. Fiore


If you have a choice between listening to the audio version of this or reading the text version?  Go for the text.  This is definitely an instance where the author should not have read his own work.  Think equal parts William Shatner, B-movie hypnotist, and narrator of a 1950s filmstrip designed to be watched by eighth graders when they have a substitute for science class.  I was tempted to quit this book as soon as it started because of the narration--but the topic inspired me to stick with it.  I did check my library's catalog for a text version.  No ebook, and the one print copy they have was due back in April.  So apparently, the patron who checked out this book on overcoming procrastination had been procrastinating on returning it for almost four months.


I think the techniques Fiore describes for transforming from a procrastinator to a "producer" are solid.  Since I've only just completed the book, I haven't been able to implement them extensively, but I've already begun to apply some approaches, such as doing 30-minute chunks of focused work.  I really wish I had this book before I undertook my doctoral dissertation.  I would have used his "unschedule" to build in recreational and restorative activities and realistic blocks of work time, instead of living under the thrall of "I should be working on my dissertation" at all times.


Although there are useful approaches to be gleaned from the book, at times I felt the author was being overly repetitious.  And as an example of the disadvantage of listening to this in audio format, there was a section where he went through a few different guided relaxations, one right after another.  They were all very similar (read REPETITION) to one another--and one feature a SOLID TWO MINUTES OF SILENCE.  I even checked my player to make sure the battery hadn't died.  At the conclusion of the two minutes, he came back with, "Did that feel like two minutes?"  Nope, it felt like an eternity.  I really think for the purposes of the audiobook, that part should have been moved to the end as an appendix.  

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review 2017-08-13 17:20
Becky Cloonan is a favorite Punisher author
The Punisher (2016-) #14 - Becky Cloonan,Matt Horak,Declan Shalvey

In fact, just a favorite author.  I picked up other works by her - in mystery bags of comics, I believe - and loved them.   I picked up this because Punisher, knowing that Cloonan could do The Punisher justice.   In fact, she out wrote my expectations, making this more violent than I had thought she would.   (The Punisher is violent.   Frank Castle is all muscle and created to be a literally huge revenge fantasy and I'm okay with that.)   And because the villains of this piece are such scum - so indiscriminately violent, so callous about the harm they cause - it's just all that much more satisfying to see Castle just as brutal when he dispatches them. 


Somehow, seeing him stop to help a woman jogging is just perfect.   See, Castle stops to enjoy a hotdog but when there's a blackout, well, human nature takes a nosedive.   A woman is harassed by men watching her jog and when she calls out for help, well, Castle ditches the dog and saves the woman.   (Also, the fact that he hands the hotdog to a homeless man is just perfect: he could have tossed it, but he manages to be a fanatic serial murderer who only wants to keep people safe, and do one good deed right after another in this issue.)


He also hears gunshots and well, you know Castle can't stay out of that bullshit.   And it is bullshit.   It's more women getting threatened, too, although this time it isn't for sexual purposes.   It's for power and money, and Castle deals with this just as brutally as he does with the trio of men harassing the woman jogging in the park.  He doesn't care why you're threatening women, men, or puppies: you're doing it, and you're going down.  


He also goes after the people who hired the  men to get the artifact from the museum.   Two women are threatened, but in different situations: one white woman jogging, one black woman working.   The situations are treated the same.   There are differences in how they're handled, but only because there's a chain of command to go up in one situation.   On the surface, it was all about the same thing everything Castle does: innocent people are being hurt or abused or threatened.   He takes no prisoners and leaves behind blood and body parts when going after them. 


Still, after the longer storyline, it's nice to see a couple one shots.   I like the immediate punishment.   It's a nice breath of air and the real problem with the longer Punisher stories is that I want that immediate gratification.   Cloonan does what other authors do in the case of the longer storylines: has Castle work his way up the chain so there's at least a body count which is somewhat satisfying.   The real satisfaction comes from the big bad getting his own in the end, and there's no wait in issues like this. 


Also, she had a Usain Bolt reference and someone in my family was talking about Bolt less than 24 hours after I read this, and when I laughed they asked why and I had to explain/relieve the awesomeness that was this issue again. 


Also, The Punisher has a really hot car.   So apparently Cloonan is going to start adding in sex appeal for me and I can live with that.  I would read The Punisher's Car, by the way, even though I know Cloonan would never get Marvel to okay that.   In case she's working on it, I would read about his car.   All the time.



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