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review 2017-02-23 17:34
So lovely!
Vintage Tea Party: So gelingt die perfekte Tea Party - Angel Adoree

This is definetely one of the most beautiful cookbooks (and more!) that I have ever seen. Highly recommended to everybody who is interested in the traditional English Tea Party, English lifestyle and everything vintage.

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url 2017-02-23 05:00
Author Of The Month - Lane Hayes - Grand Finale

Join us again today for our Grand Finale celebrations, with a look at Leaning Into You, PLUS the exclusive cover reveal for the upcoming 2nd book in this series, Leaning Into The Fall, and excerpts from both books! We also have our Author Q&A, and one more chance to win one of Lane's books. 


Hope to see you there!! 

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review 2017-02-23 01:14
What do we have here?
Transformers: Lost Light #3 - James Roberts,Jack Lawrence

This is a little more of a slow burn: even with Whirl fighting his long-lost, supposedly dead nemesis, even with the revelation of Rung's purpose - a revelation that is met with some skepticism given the mass displacement that would have to take place for this to be true, and even with the revelation of what Anode does?   


It's a lot about people talking.   And y'know what?   That's okay.   Despite not as much fisticuffs as I expected, I knew this would be good from page one.   Funny, warm, full of complex relationships, and ones that are constantly shifting, this is still a great read.   The greatest.  


I've just been telling Jessica that I think this is superior to MTMtE.  Saying something is superior to the Robots in Disguise cartoon?   Doesn't mean much: I think most everything, particularly in the Transformers franchise in general, is better than that.   (The Bayverse movies and Retribution not so much.)


Saying that something is better than MTMtE?   That means something.   MTMtE was not only the best Transformers book I've read, but it was one of the best books I've read, bar none.   Yes, including novels.   Yes, including classics.   And obviously, yes, including comics.   The thing is MTMtE doesn't loss any of its gloss: it's still as brilliant as ever.   It's just this is written by Roberts as well, and I believe that he's getting more skilled as a writer - which I quite frankly thought was impossible after reading MTMtE.   Then again, before reading Roberts, I was quite sure that fitting quite as much as he does into any comic less than thirty pages was impossible.   So he defies my expectations every time. 


That being said, yes, please, all this.   I will reread this with anyone who wants to pick this up - but I would suggest reading MTMtE first.   (And yes, I will reread that, too, including Dark Cybertron.)

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review 2017-02-23 00:30
Fascinating look at an alternate universe
Transformers: Lost Light #2 - James Roberts,Jack Lawrence

Not only does some of what happened in More Than Meets the Eye come into play here, but Roberts really digs into the Functionalist universe he's created here.   Not only are things different, but everything is deeply controlled.   It's the kind of control Megatron has always fought against, although even he would admit that turned out poorly: he got corrupted by power, and millions, billions, of beings died.   


It turned into his own craven, and desperate, attempt to not only gain control, but hold onto it in the end.   It also goes a long way to explaining why he's so disgusted by those who cower and kowtow to those in control in this universe.   He wins a fight without fighting, but by strategizing, and wins a lot of respect, while fighting back against those who would hold others under their boot heels.   


And if we only had this?   It would be enough.   But we have things back on Necroworld, where Tailgate is being corrupted by his power, where he's running himself ragged with his new power, and where Cyclonus is worried over his physical and mental well being.  Anode has secrets that have come out, and she's running from Velocity, trying to keep her from knowing what Anode carries on her person.   When Lotty does find out, well, things get worse for Anode, and her lover, Lug. 


Also, there's mention of Drift and Rodimus being conjunx endura.  Drift's vision from issue one comes into play.   Ratchet and Drift butt heads over religion.   


One page of this can be packed with more character development and plot and one-liners than most issues in other series.   This continues to not only impress me but to be one of my favorite series. 


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text 2017-02-22 23:41
Not a full review
Transformers: Lost Light #1 - James Roberts,Jack Lawrence

Just a mention that I reread this in anticipation of issues two and three.   Three just came out today.  


It's as mindblowingly brilliant as the first time I read this.   Looking forward to issue two. 

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