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review 2018-07-31 16:41
First Time Cake Decorating: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide
First Time Cake Decorating: The Absolute Beginner's Guide - Learn by Doing * Step-by-Step Basics + Projects - Autumn Carpenter

I Picked Up This Book Because: While I’ve been baking for a while I want to expand on my skills in cake decorating so I chose to start at the beginning.

The Story:

This book is very well set up for beginners. Everything is labeled and explained precisely. There are clear step by step instructions and tons of great tips and tricks. I have a ton of things I want to try and I think these instructions will help my attempts be successful.

The Random Thoughts:

4 Stars

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text 2018-07-27 19:01
REVIEW BY AMY - When Autumn Ends by Beth Rinyu
When Autumn Ends - Beth Rinyu

I was at the top of my game until reality hit in a way I had never imagined, forcing me to face the living hell that had become my life. The ghosts and demons that once filled the pages of my bestselling novels now flooded my mind, consuming my thoughts both day and night. 

She was hauntingly beautiful, and I was drawn to her in the most unimaginable way. 
She was my breath when I had stopped breathing. 
She was my hope when I was drowning in despair. 
She was my muse when I had lost all motivation. 

But nothing good lasted—not in my world anyway.
Like the last days of autumn when the beautiful leaves are stripped away by the long winter days, lurking in the distance; her caring ways and gentle soul were only temporary. Soon it would be taken from me, leaving my heart as barren as those once majestic trees. But unlike those autumn days, she remained, giving me the courage to face the cold, dark winter of my past while uncovering secrets and lies that could be the premise of a bestseller. Only, this wasn’t fiction, this was my reality—a reality I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2018/07/27/When-Autumn-Ends-by-Beth-Rinyu
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review 2018-07-26 15:50
Rescuing people
The Autumn Bride - Anne Gracie

Abigail Chantry is down on her luck, working as a governess she has to deal with the issue of being neither servant nor family. Working in a household where the family treat her negligently and when she explains that her sister is suddenly in town and needs shelter they refuse her permission.  However her sister has been sold to a brothel and now needs to be rescued, along with a maid and another kidnapped girl.


So they end up out on the street and in desparation Abigail breaks into a house to see if there's anything she can steal and instead finds a very neglected woman, Lady Beatrice.  Her sense of justice is such that she goes to Lady Beatrice's rescue, ridding her of staff that are exploiting her.  When her nephew arrives in London to find cousins he knows he never had sparks begin to fly.


This feels like a story I've read before, but it was very enjoyable and a great story of found family.  I'm glad to see it's part of a series, I want to see what happens to the other girls.

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review 2018-07-19 19:51
The Autumn Republic by Brian McClellan - My Thoughts
The Autumn Republic - Brian McClellan

And so the saga of General Tamas et al draws to a close and our tale gets a highly satisfactory ending.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this trilogy and what was my introduction to what they call the Flintlock Fantasy sub-genre. 

There were so many plotlines that had to come together and that we needed to get answers to, and I think that the author managed to do all of that successfully - at least to my satisfaction. :)  Yeah, there were a few small questions that I would have preferred have better answers or maybe more involved answers, but they were few and far between.

I loved the characters and had so many favourites.  But I think Taniel Two-Shot was my #1 favourite with Bo, his best friend, being a close second and I was quite happy with the way their stories panned out. 

I'm not really a fan of short stories or even novellas, but I will say this - I will be looking up the many stories and novellas that the author has written about these characters.  And I will be reading his newest trilogy, set in the same world. 

Anyway, if you like Djano Wexler or Brian Stavely or even Bernard Cornwell's "Sharpe" books, you'll enjoy this author. 

Oh... and the covers of all three books are TERRIFIC! 

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review 2018-06-28 18:57
#2 in the Series
Autumn Bones - Jacqueline Carey

I'm trying to read the books I have by favorite authors that I haven't read yet.  Does that sentence make sense?  


So Daisy is hell-spawn (her mother is human, her father is a demon).  She has a tail.  She's in love with a werewolf who likes her but doesn't want to go aganist his clan.  So she dated another guy (good for her is what I say).


The plot of the book is the other guy's mother and sister, and ghosts.  That's where much of the plot comes from.  It's nice reading an UF book where the woman isn't tough as nails, every other women is weak trope isn't used.  I'm so tired of that.  Daisy has female friends, and Carey even throws in how appearances can be decieving bit.


It's fun.

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