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text 2019-07-20 05:52
Freebooksy delivers downloads, but that’s it

Last year I blew my book marketing budget on entering writing contests, a total of $305 including entry fees, books and postage.


Two good things came out of that experience. One was a positive and insightful review by Judge Number 54 of my novel Abandoned Dreams that I entered in The 26th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards. The other was the understanding the entire contest thing was a waste of money, or, to put it another way, it was a lot of money to spend for one review.


Though I have no evidence to prove it, I am convinced most, if not all contests are nothing more than revenue generating opportunities for writing platforms, groups and publications. 


Aside from the monthly stipend I receive for facilitating creative writing circles, I am determined this year to make more on my writing than I spend. That brings us to my latest novel, The Bird Whisperer, the Mattie Saunders Series Book 3, launched on May 6 of this year.


The book was published simultaneously on Draft to Digital, Smashwords and Kindle Direct Publishing.


After five weeks that included giveaways on BookLikes and LibraryThing, an email campaign with a free coupon code sent to 276 people on my email list, and numerous tweets and Facebook postings of a similar nature all I had to show was nineteen free downloads and one four-star review.


I changed my strategy, What did I have to lose?


I decided to promote The Rocker and the Bird Girl, the first book in the Mattie Saunders series in hopes it might create sales for The Bird Whisperer. I decided to enroll The Rocker and the Bird Girl in KDP Select and coordinate two of the five free days this exclusive listing affords you, and free email blasts with Awesome Gang, PrettyHot and MyBookPlace.


June 22 was the day and I assume the free email blasts went out, but nothing happened on Amazon.


Since research indicates fiction sales almost always peak within the first two to six weeks of the release the window for The Bird Whisperer was running out. I decided to take a chance and spend some money. I booked The Rocker and the Bird Girl on Freebooksy and coordinated it with the three free days I had left on Kindle Select.


The genre I chose was literary, the email would be sent to 123,660 Freebooksy subscribers, and the cost was $60 USD.


I held my breath.


The day the Freebooksy promotion broke 1,033 free books were downloaded and my author ranking went from 715,187 to 85,209 for All Books; 41,906 for Kindle eBooks; 56,679 for Kindle eBooks Romance; and, 24,882 for Kindle eBooks Romance Contemporary. The following day there were 131 downloads, and 31 on the third day.


Giving away books is one thing, but my benchmark for success is, and always will be, sales. As of July 20, 2019, twenty days after the Freebooksy promotion, two copies of The Bird Whisperer had been sold. However, The Rocker and the Bird Girl had picked up one text review and seven ratings with a 4-star average. There may be a few more sales and reviews trickle in over the course of this month but beyond that I wouldn’t attribute them to Freebooksy.


With the Freebooksy promotion and expenses such as proof books, books for beta readers and postage I’m in the red $152.15 so far this year. So much for my 2019 goal to make more on my writing than I spend.


But then there are still five months to go.


Stay calm, be brave, watch for the signs




Author’s Amazon Book Page https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B003DS6LEU


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text 2019-07-17 13:51
5 Things to Consider before Creating an SEO Friendly Website!

A fully optimized and web structured website can easily index and rank in Google and the other entire search engine. There are some special SEO properties and guidelines should be matched with the search engine’s ranking guidelines. Google is a search engine working like a robot with an artificial intelligence approach to provide great expenses to the user with their search result.


An SEO friendly website should fulfill the on-page optimization guidelines that are related to the source code, image, tags, website content writing, etc. Before creating a website, you must check out the On-Page SEO guidelines to get a better result for your business.


Here Are Top 5 Guidelines to Make Your Web Page More SEO Friendly


Make short & SEO friendly URL

Use short link stuffing with the relevant keyword for each page of your domain as well as avoid broken URLs to get a better result on the search engine.


Unique Meta title & description

Meta title or description gives excellent advantage to the websites in order to rank keywords and drive organic traffic. The title or description is an HTML tag used in the header section of the website that represents what you’re offering on the result page. As showing in the image: -


meta title & description


Avoid duplicate content

Using unique website content writing can help you to impress your targeted audience to buy from you. Also, Google says no to copy content from another source, if the content founds duplicate or smellier with the other source. Then Google will not give the rank or wattage to them.


Use proper heading & Alt tag

The website must have at least 3 types of heading tag hierarchically H1, H2, H3, in each page to make better experience to the reader, and images which are including in the page should have an Alt tag with the relevant name of the image.


Responsive website design

Create a responsive website design that can be run on all resolution media devices like phones, tablets, laptops, etc. An un-responsive website cannot be called an SEO friendly website, because it is not used by all peoples.


Read Also: Why Website Development is Important For Your Business?


Hence, these are some the top Google webmaster guidelines that you must follow to create an SEO friendly website.

Source: 6ixwebsoft.com/seo-company-delhi
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text 2019-07-16 14:33
Answer these 3 Questions Before Opting for a Master’s Degree

Passing out of a high school might seem a big relief to you. But sadly it is not. You are left with a series of confusion like ‘whether to go with the job’ or ‘pursue a master’s degree.’ Choosing the latter may not be the right option always. Often, students opt for a wrong path because others are into it. However, master’s requires commitment, dedication and efforts. If you do not find it fruitful for the future, it is better to never take that route. Even I tried my luck at MBA but unfortunately, I was not successful. It was for the good indeed. If I had gone to the B school, today I would not be where I wanted to. Generally, students go for masters as they lack clarity about their goal. They are unsure what to do with their lives, and master’s appears to be another option to kill time. But how about the money involved? Master’s degree does not come for free. Before you invest time and resources in going for the big next step, here are the 3 questions that you must put up to yourself:

Why a Master’s degree?

If you have a defined goal, then answering this would be quite easy. If this is to convince yourself that you are making something out of this life, then you need to think again. On the other hand, if it is more like a distraction, then chuck off the plan. The objects that you see in the rear mirror of a vehicle are far and seldom, unreal. So, think from a practical point and try to build your dreams. Because the road ahead can be tough for those who believe in daydreaming or pipe dreams. Suppose, you have a vision, then work towards it and nothing else.


Further Readings:


3 Tips to Help You Write an Excellent Computer Science Assignment

How to Improve Your Grades in Academic Papers?

Is it for you or others?

Imagine, the world banging their heads against a wall! Would you do the same? As an online assignment help professional, I have often witnessed students getting hard on themselves mainly because people have expectations from them. But are they expectations yours? That’s the most important question that seeks an answer. Consider yourself not the world before deciding things about yourself. Some students wish to pursue further studies besides the regular bachelor’s. For them, master’s is a choice than a compulsion. Dare to dream and have the courage to follow your dreams. That’s what I have learned in my journey as a homework assignment help service provider.

Would it bring you any closer to your dreams?

Analyze the pros and cons of the degree you have plans to pursue. Not every qualification may be advantageous for you. Do the research and choose the course and programmes that prove beneficial in the long run. You may have to give up on a job while opting for a Master’s.

Do not go with a mindset ‘We will see’. Make a plan and start taking baby steps towards it. Still confused about what to do? Connect with our online assignment help or homework writing service experts for any kind of guidance or assistance.

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review 2019-07-13 14:09
The Science of Storytelling
The Science of Storytelling - Will Storr

[I received a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]

Pretty interesting both regarding the science part (how our brains work) and the writing part (how this translated into fiction, and more specifically creating compelling characters with a ‘fatal flaw’). The author illustrates those points with examples from a few well-known books, like ‘Lolita’ and ‘The Remains of the Day’, an approach that could easily be problematic. On the one hand, illustrating the theory with examples is always better. On the other hand, if one hasn’t read those books…spoilers! (I had read those in the past, so I was good here.) At any rates, these examples were good ones in my opinion, especially where ‘Lolita’ is concerned: Humbert Humbert is clearly not the kind of character one is supposed to root for, so for Nabokov to make him and the story compelling, specific techniques had to be used. And once analysed the way they are in “The Science of Storytelling”, they do make a lot of sense. (Please note that this has likely been explored in studies about ‘Lolita’ as well, but I haven’t read them, so I can’t tell whether there’s anything original in here, or not at all.)

Having plenty of examples, though, was perhaps a little overkill in places, in that it left less room to explore more in terms of neuroscience / how the human brain works. I chose to take this book as one I can go back to for ‘writing advice’, but I admit that I felt a little down regarding the science part (I expected more, in a more scientific way). So best is to approach this book as one about writing rather than as a bona fide ‘science’ book’.

(I also didn’t care much for the few moments when the author went more into political opinions. This I found jarring, and it pulled me out of my funk.)

Probably my favourite section was actually the last one (as in, the appendix), which gives good pointers into creating and fleshing out characters based on what the author developed throughout the book. In hindsight, it’s probably ‘logical’ advice, and I suppose that there are quite a few authors out there who’re doing that (consciously or not) as something that is completely obvious and/or logical to them; for me, it was definitely interesting, and I need to keep it in mind when developing my own characters. Which isn’t necessarily easy when you have more than one main character to focus on, but that’s a whole other conundrum.

Conclusion: 3.5 stars

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text 2019-07-06 09:01
Cheap Essay Writing Service

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