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review 2016-12-30 23:17
From Debutante to Badass!
Make It Hurt (Texas Bounty) - Jackie Ashenden
Nadine's 4 star rating



Nora is a badass bounty hunter that we met in Take Me Deeper but we didn't know is that she is a Texas Debutante. Yep this badass chick was a debutante, personally I find that a bit hard to believe because WOW what a 180, two totally different lives how does one go from frilly dresses and dances to chasing down the bad guys and waving a gun and badge around?



Make It Hurt (Texas Bounty, #2) by Jackie Ashenden
We find out quite a bit about her past thanks to her run in with her ex-boyfriend...and no he wasn't one of the Texas elite he was from the wrong side of the tracks. After they broke up eight years ago, Smith went into the Army but now he is the Prez of the Graveyard Ministry MC, and Nora is looking to bring his VP in Garrett, which is something that Smith has no intention of letting her do.....well, not without a little time spent doing the horizontal mambo.
Make It Hurt (Texas Bounty, #2) by Jackie Ashenden
I loved Smith & Nora, their chemistry was great and their desperation for one another was exquisite.
Make It Hurt (Texas Bounty, #2) by Jackie Ashenden

***I have received this book from Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept through netgalley in exchange for my honest review*** https://www.netgalley.com/

Professional reader net galleyTop Reviewer100 Book Reviews80% net galley



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review 2016-12-29 15:43
One More Shot (Girlfriends, Goddesses & Barflies, #1) by T.L. Alexander

Funny, Funny Read!


Nadine's 4 star rating


This was a great start to a new series by T.L. Alexander, and I can't wait for the next book. I would consider this a spinoff of the Layers Series because this book's Hero is Dr. Dino Coletti and if you read the layers series you'll remember that he is the uncle of Alexia and Samantha, he has moved to a small little town in Oregon to fill a two-year medical position at the hospital. That being said you do not have to read the Layers Series in order to read this one, it can be read separately and you will not feel as if you have missed anything.

Dannie grew up on Whisper Lake but moved away for a while, now she is back, after a nasty divorce, with her daughter and she is taking the lake by storm. I always like when a wealthy person returns to their hometown to do good, and that is exactly what Dannie is doing.

Dannie has heard gossip about the new man living on the other end of the Lake though she has yet to meet him...according to all the women, young and old, he is something to behold. After two run-ins (literally) she agrees that he is good looking but that's it, she has no interest in any man let alone a Doctor after the way her Doctor ex-husband treated her.

This story was so much fun to read, I loved all of the characters, and the banter between them all was just great. I was laughing so much during this book. I cannot wait to the next one is released.

One More Shot (Girlfriends, Goddesses & Barflies, #1) by T.L. Alexander



Here's a Little Excerpt:

He invades me and my body opens up to receive him, as if saying, I've been waiting for you, dumbass. What took you so damn long?
He moans."Dear lord, you feel like heaven. I've wanted you and this for so long. You're never getting away, Dan. Never."
"Stop talkin' the talk. I want--"
He thrusts forward. "Is that what you want?"
"Yes," I say and dig my nails into his ass cheeks.
He finds his rhythm and I dance along. All is well until it shifts from first to fifth,and I get left behind. Soon he's groaning and spouting unintelligible words.
He pulls out and collapses next to me. "God, Dannie, that was..."
Over in a blink of the eye. Faster than a bullet train. Quicker than sand. Unbelievably unfulfilling. I bite my lip and choke down my tears of shock and frustration. How could a man who looks like he does, smells like he does,is hung like he is, and has had as many lovers as he has be such a...disappointment? I might not be an expert at these things; but come on...


Some Quotes from the Book:

“That’s how I knew my second husband was a keeper. I gave him the test… The third time we hooked up, I wore my biggest granniest, white cotton panties.”


“Marcie said he’s the hottest thing to hit the lake since your dad. I told her, it’s not possible. You dad is and will always be the honey to my dew.”


“He removes three condoms and sets his wallet aside. He kisses them one by one. ‘I’ve never been so happy to see you. Come to Papa, you little gold treasures of pleasure.’”


One More Shot (Girlfriends, Goddesses & Barflies, #1) by T.L. Alexander

***I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book that I requested from TL Alexander through ReadingAlley***




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review 2016-12-08 16:45
The best Mafia Romance that I have read in a very, very long time
Nico: A Mafia Romance (Ruin & Revenge) - Sarah Castille
This has to be the best Mafia Romance that I have read in a very, very long time. The way this story was written pulled me in and made me feel as if I was part of the famiglia.
Nico (Ruin & Revenge, #1) by Sarah Castille
Nico Toscani watched as his unarmed father was killed in cold blood and vowed to avenge his death, fast forward ten years and this is where the story starts. Mia Cordano is the daughter of Don Cordano, the person that Nico want's dead for murdering his father, Mia is anything but the typical Mafia Princess. Mia owns her own business, goes against everything her father says, and it a total goth girl...no Chanel or Prada dresses for her she is into black, lace, chains, and Doc Martens are her choice of shoes.
Nico (Ruin & Revenge, #1) by Sarah Castille
There is so much going on in this story that it was easy to be pulled into the underbelly of the Las Vegas Mafia. We have rival families at war, trying to broker a truce by an arraigned marriage, being infiltrated by undercover agents, and oh so much more. But the true heart of the story is Nico and Mia, two people that shouldn't have anything to do with one another but yet can't stay away.
Nico (Ruin & Revenge, #1) by Sarah Castille
I loved "Mr. Mob Boss" Nico, he was a complex man but at the root of it all he was deeply loyal and devastatingly charming. He wanted to remain true to old school Mafia and didn't want anything to do with drug, sex trafficking, or anything else the new school of Mafia was into. Mia is a strong female character, she has been through a LOT but she still remains true to herself despite all of the crap she gets from her father.
Nico (Ruin & Revenge, #1) by Sarah Castille
There were so many twists and turns in this story, some I was able to figure out pretty early on but others came out of no where and shocked me, but there was one thing that I needed more of and I am hoping these two people pop up somewhere in the series so we know what happens with them. I cannot say enough good things about this book and I am thrilled that it's a series and I cannot wait for Luca! If you enjoy a good Mafia romance this is the book you want to read, you will not be disappointed!



***I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book that I requested from St. Martin's Press through Netgalley*** https://www.netgalley.com/

Professional reader net galleyTop Reviewer100 Book Reviews80% netgalley


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review 2016-10-12 13:55
My Lord and Dragon by Sophie Stern
My Lord and Dragon (Dragon Isle)My Lord and Dragon by Sophie Stern
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lindsey is down on her luck, she is unemployed and in a lot of debt. When she hears of an opportunity from her best friend Victoria, she is hesitant but knows that the money she will receive for being a dragons sexual slave for one year will get her out of debt and she will still have money to start over somewhere.

What neither Lindsey nor Kade expect to happen is to find love. Each of them have gone into this arrangement with nothing but the year in mind but when Lindsey finds herself in some serious trouble it has Kade coming to terms of his feelings towards her.

This was a fairly quick read that can be done in one afternoon. If you enjoy dragon shifters you should check this out, I think you will enjoy it.

**Read as part of the Paws and Claws Volume 3: 14 Book MEGA Bundle**

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review 2016-10-11 14:05
Sugar Free by Sawyer Bennett
Sugar Free (Sugar Bowl #3)Sugar Free by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you read my review for Sugar Daddy or Sugar Rush I had this disclaimer at the beginning of it and I feel the need to post it for this book as well:
I am going to start out by saying that if sexual assault is a trigger you may want to pass on reading this, while we do not witness the actual gang rape of Sela Halstead on her 16th birthday we do get several vivid flashbacks. That being said this was a good story with a strong female character who is determined to seek revenge against her rapists and she doesn't mind having to go to jail for it either, but that was all before she met Beckett North Jr..

What an amazing conclusion to the trilogy. Sawyer Bennett definitely used her knowledge of the law to bring us this nail-biting read, just when you think things are going to go one way something happens to change the course. I am not going to post any spoilers but just be warned that once you pick the book up you will not want to put it down until you have completed it. Oh an keep some tissues handy because you will most likely need them. Sela and Beck's love for one another knows no bounds, they will do whatever is needed to keep their love safe and it's a testament to how perfect they are for one another. The Epilogue was the cherry on top the the proverbial sundae, PERFECT! This book ties up everything with a neat bow, no more cliffhangers, no wondering what happened to whom, and all your questions are answered....promise :)

Sugar Free (Sugar Bowl #3) by Sawyer Bennett

Sugar Free (Sugar Bowl #3) by Sawyer Bennett

***I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book given to me by Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept through Netgalley*** https://www.netgalley.com/
Professional reader net galleyTop Reviewer100 Book Reviews80% netgalley

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