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review 2017-04-06 03:46
Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs
Bone Crossed (Audio) - Lorelei King,Patricia Briggs

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I enjoyed this book even more during this re-read. This is definitely one of my all time favorite series and I honestly believe that everyone who hasn't read these books yet should run to the bookstore right away and buy them up. This is the fourth book in the Mercy Thompson series and it picks up right after the events of the previous book. It is really important that this series be read in order since some of the events are carried over from the previous book. I really had a lot of fun with this audiobook.

On major focus of this Adam and Mercy's relationship. They both really do care for each other and want to make things work. I like how carefully they are with each other. Mercy is a mess after the horrible events of the previous book and Adam is there for her. He really wants to help with her pain and if he could I am sure he would take it away.

The mystery in the story is centered around vampires. I like the vampires in this world so that works out well for me. The local vampires have painted crossed bones on the door at her garage and she decides it would be a good idea to get out of town for a bit. Her friend from college has a little problem with a ghost so Mercy goes to help...and runs into more than she bargained for. Stefan plays a large role in this book and really proved how much he cares for Mercy as well.

I love Lorelei King's narration of this series. I am amazed by how well she voices all of these characters and keeps things consistent from book to book. The emotional aspects of the story really come through during her narration. I was able to listen to this book for hours at a time largely due to her wonderful delivery of this story. Lorelei King is quickly becoming one of my favorite narrators.

I would highly recommend this series to other. This was my second time experiencing this book and I hope to read it again in the future. It is really that good.

Initial Thoughts
Lots of vampires in this one. Mercy was awesome as always!

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review 2016-12-19 00:00
Bone Crossed
Bone Crossed - Patricia Briggs Vampire ghosts: the undead undead?

A few weeks earlier, Mercy killed one vampire too many, and now Marsilia and her vampire seethe have found out. Out of the blue pops her old out-of-state college friend with a ghost problem that she hopes Mercy can help with. What convenient timing.

It is refreshing to read a fantasy series that doesn't get bogged down in world building waffle. Aside from being written as though they are standalone novels - whilst being a continuing adventure - there isn't any fat on this lean series. And as the series has progressed it hasn't fallen into a rut, nor become formulaic. I'm already halfway through the next in the series and enjoying each Mercy Thompson outing as much as the first.
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review 2016-04-24 20:10
Bone Crossed / Patricia Briggs
Bone Crossed - Patricia Briggs

Finally, Stefan is back on the scene, still mysterious in motive, but protective to our heroine, Mercy. And that is despite his treatment by the local vampire seethe.  (Isn’t that a great collective noun for vampires?) 


This is also the book that sees Mercy make her choice between werewolves Adam and Samuel. I’m somewhat disappointed that she had to choose, rather than remaining independent.  So often, once a choice is made, the sexual tension drains out of a series and it becomes less interesting.  I will be interested to see how Briggs maintains the forward momentum.


Also of interest, Mercy continues to discover the special powers of a skinwalker that make her anathema to the mainstream vamps. She is extremely fortunate to have Stefan as a friend & protector and I hope this means that he will continue to appear in future volumes.


I still maintain that Mercy needs some women friends, and not like her friend Amber who shows up in this installment. She needs some strong, good women in her life to help her sort out all the demanding men in her world.


Once again, the cover art makes me shake my head. Who in the world are they trying to appeal to?  Take my word for it, Mercy looks nothing like the covers.

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review 2015-04-30 05:13
Among Predators
Bone Crossed - Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs continues to impress me with her oh-so expressive writing that conveys so much, so economically. I am truly in awe of her talent. Clearly I am very behind on this series. It's not due to a lack of appeal, but due to my reading style and my review reading taking up a lot of my reading time. But I do love knowing that I have a guaranteed read when I reach for one of her books.

Mercy is definitely near the top of my list of fictional characters I think I would love to have as a friend in real life. Probably number one, if I'm honest. And not just because she's an excellent and trustworthy mechanic (and I need one of those big time). Mercy is a mix of real-life traits: humble, down-to-earth, courageous (even in the face of fear, which is the true definition of courage), snarky, empathetic, observant, and very self-deprecating. While some readers don't like abuse storylines in their books, I don't mind them when they are done well. Mercy shows so much strength and fortitude of character. Her journey to recovery after her attack in Iron Kissed is realistic and inspiring. I truly love this woman.

Briggs writes the kind of fantasy that grabs hold of me and doesn't let go. She plants a garden of what seems like ordinary wildflowers, but exotic blooms that are far from ordinary grow in that garden, waiting to be plucked by a reader. Briggs mixes shapeshifters, werewolves, fae, and vampires in an appealing way that doesn't leave out the inherent menace of all the various supernatural creatures. With a coyote shifter narrator, the reader is fully along for the ride, as Mercy is the first to admit that being a coyote shifter doesn't always give her the advantage, but often puts her in a dangerous situation (while she is more immune to magic than most, she's not impervious.) Oh, and Briggs also throws in ghosts. I must say that I was happy as a clam, since I love fantasy like a house on fire, but I also have an appreciation for old school/classic horror and an old-fashioned ghost story.

Can I take the time to gush over the men in Mercy's life?

Adam, Adam, Adam! How I love you. He is perfect for Mercy. And I like that Mercy is starting to see past her emotional wounds and barriers to see him for who he is, her Mate. Also, I love that Adam is so patient and loving about it, even though that is an act of hard-won discipline. He's very possessive, but not in a controlling, irritating way. I love a possessive hero like a house on fire, but I find controlling, dominating men a turnoff. Adam is just right for me. I wish I had an Adam in real life! He's very demonstrative that Mercy is his, but he's not trying to dictate to her every step she takes. He's a true life partner.

If there was no Adam in the Mercy Thompson world, then I would definitely be all over Samuel. I still love Samuel, very much. I just don't love him for Mercy's mate. I love him all on his own, and I hope he gets the Mate he needs one day. He's a really cool character. Sweet as pie, but also full of danger that makes the hair stand up on one's neck. He seems serious, but has this mischievous sense of humor. His calm facade hides a wild wolf that might never be tamed.

Bran is the Man, or rather, the Alpha of the Alphas (Marrok). He steals a scene, no matter who else is in it. And that's saying something in this series! I know Briggs has said she probably won't write a book with Bran as a main character. I'm sad and understanding of that. He's such a mysterious and compelling figure, when he shows up, it's so satisfying but also tantalizing. I can't love him more. I'm always hungry for more of him.

Stefan has actually grown on me quite a bit. While I have become quite a vampire romance fan, I still prefer shifters/weres to vampires, and I like that they take center place in this series. But Stefan adds such a nice touch to this series. While he insists on telling Mercy that he is a 'very bad man', his actions say otherwise. I haven't decided who would play my Stefan, but it would have to be an actor with lots of presence. I liked how Briggs develops Mercy's friendship with Stefan much more in this book (it was more assumed at the beginning). I have to say the vampire storyline makes my heart beat fast and gives me shivers. They are truly menacing creatures.

The thing with Briggs is that no character is a throwaway. Each one is carefully developed, even for their short presence in this book. You feel everything even in a short scene that you should feel. And while the characters might throw you for a loop at first, their motivations are apparent as the layers peel away.

I think that for the short length of this book, it's really a full meal. Urban fantasy for the true lover of the genre. Also, I think a good gateway to those who are investigating this genre for the first time. Mercy by herself is enough to keep a reader hooked. But the secondary characters, the plotting and storyline will have the reader staying for seconds and dessert.

Highly recommended!

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review 2014-11-10 19:17
Bone Crossed and Silver Borne
Bone Crossed - Patricia Briggs
Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs

I have just read books 4 and 5 in the Mercy Thompson series, Bone Crossed and Silver Borne. I had read the first three, Moon Called, Blood Bound and Iron Kissed, some while back, before my last trip to India, but the fact that I actually read all three, and still remembered Mercy and the story-line, was enough to make me pull out my money when I saw these two on a shelf in a shop in Colchester where I was browsing.


Sometimes sequels can be a disappointment when series go on and on, especially when you come back to the series after a long break. Perhaps it's not the series or the writer at all, perhaps it is you, the reader, who has changed, grown up, or simply grown older, as seems to happen so often with first marriages.


But not these two. (The boks now, not some married couple.) Mercy Thompson is still my favourite modern urban-fantasy shape-shifter. When she shape-shifts, she does not do so properly dressed.


'Could you unlock my door?' His voice was soft and gentle. The sort of voice you'd use on a madwoman.

I looked down at myself and realized that I was naked and covered with blood from head to toe.


And bizarrely, she doesn't change into a wolf or a bear, or a lynx or a wildcat, but into a coyote. Like a wild dog – a prairie dog. But she is the only one, or at least the only one she knows of, so for want of anything better she mixes with werewolves, vampires and the fae.


Her day-job is car-mechanic, and she lives in a trailer, sharing it with an alpha werewolf called Sam, who also happens to be a doctor. Though Sam is obviously in love with her, their living arrangement is entirely platonic: her mate, her true love, is another alpha werewolf, Adam, the leader of the local pack.


It seems that the reason Mercy's race, the coyote shape-shifters, a native-American breed, is virtually extinct is that they have a special talent for killing vampires: when the vampires arriving in America from the Old World discovered this, they set out on a war of extermination. Now, as I say, only Mercy is left, and when Masilia, the queen of the local vampire seethe (I love these words) discovers Mercy's true identity, she is, as they say, dead meat, unless the werewolves can protect her. But Mercy doesn't take kindly to being surrounded by large werewolf bodyguards at all hours.


Then, in a strange twist, Masilia decides to employ Mercy's talent to hunt down and destroy a renegade vampire who is possessed by a demon. Mercy agrees to this, but while carrying out her commission falls victim to rape, and ends up killing another vampire, one Masilia valued.


Now the hunt for her is really on. And her only friends are the werewolves (some of them – many feel she is not suitable to be their leader's mate), one elderly fae, and one vampire, another outcast from the seethe who (in the earlier books) has built up a very special relationship with Mercy.


In Silver Borne, the fae are searching for a mysterious tome, an ancient anthology of fae secrets and spells, which the owner of a second-hand bookshop once entrusted to Mercy, asking her to keep it safe for him.


Now he has disappeared. And the fae are after her. And an old college friend of hers begs her to come and see what is happening to her young son, who claims he is being persecuted by ghosts. Yes, ghosts. Coyote shape-shifters can see ghosts, can talk to them.


Ghosts are the remnants of people who have died, what's left after the soul goes on. They are mostly collections of memories given form. If they can interact, respond to outside stimuli, they tend to be fragments of the people they had been: obsessive fragments – like the ghosts of dogs who guard their masters' old graves or the ghost I'd once seen who was looking for her puppy.

Immediately after they die, though, sometimes they are different. I've seen it a couple of times at funerals, or in the house of someone who's just passed away. Sometimes the newly dead keep watch over the living, as if to make sure that all is well with them. Those are more than remnants of the people they'd been – I can see the difference. I've always thought those are their souls.


Which is exactly what I think.


Now I'm going to get the next one, River Marked ...

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