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review 2016-10-03 12:26
Book Tour Review for Vampire Addiction
Vampire Addiction: The Vampires of Athens, Book One - Eva Pohler


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My Review


It took me a little while to get into this book but once I did I really got into the book a lot. I liked the character of Gertie but it took me a little while to do so. I thought she did some really stupid things through out the story, without thinking about it first. I know if I found out there were vampires and I was told to stay in after dark than that is what I would do.


I liked the two love interest, their are Jeno who is the vampire and Hector who is a Demigod. Out of the two I want Gertie to get with Hector. I liked him from the beginning. Jeno I liked also but I feel like his just the hurtle that Gertie and Hector has to get over first. I see a lot more chemistry between those two. 


The ending is a cliffhanger so beware of that, and its a big cliffhanger. While I only gave the book 3 1/2 stars I did go ahead and brought the final two books. Because I have to find out what happens next and find out if I am right about who Gertie gets with in the end.


I was given this book in exchange for an honest review on the book and my opinions are my own.


The Author


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review 2016-09-26 00:00
Vampire Addiction: The Vampires of Athens, Book One
Vampire Addiction: The Vampires of Athens, Book One - Eva Pohler Gertie is a sixteen year old American girl who is being sent to spend a year with a family in Athens and go to school there. Her parents try to tell her that this will be good for her but Gertie knows they just want to get rid of her for a while. Gertie doesn’t have any friends at her school in New York well not true friends. So there really isn’t anyone or anything that she will miss. But Gertie loves spending time alone so that she can read. Gertie loves reading about vampires and Greek mythology. So you would think she would love visiting Athens but it is not Athens particularly that she doesn’t want to see. She is just afraid of the unknown and of being around people or someone she doesn’t know.

But once she arrives in Athens and meets the family that she will be staying with and gets to know them as well as a friend of theirs Gertie falls in love with all of them and doesn’t ever want to leave. Gertie actually meets two guys, Jeno and Hector while in Athens that she really likes a lot and they both like her very much as well. The family that Gertie is staying with warns her away from Jeno though.

Athens has some secrets that they try to keep hidden from most humans. In the ancient city don’t be surprise if you run into a vampire or two or maybe even a Greek god or two as well. Jeno is a part of this secret world he is a vampire. And the family that she is staying with warns her away from Jeno for this reason. They think that vampires are nothing but tramps and if you hang with them then you must be just like them.

But Gertie likes Jeno very much and doesn’t want to lose her new friend but she doesn’t want to lose her new family either so what is a girl to do? Jeno is very addicting but she loves her new family very much. Can she have both? Her new family and Jeno? Will she have to choose between the two?

Yes Vampire Addiction is very addicting. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. I think I read it in one setting. Vampire Addiction will grab you right on the first page and keep you enthralled the whole way through until the last page and beyond. I love me some vampires but throwing in Greek mythology was out of this world as I do love both. If you love vampires and Greek mythology then you are going to love this mixture of the two. Pick up your copy today and get started on this new series. I can’t wait to read the next book Vampire Affliction in The Vampires of Athens.
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text 2016-03-08 11:59
Dominic's Nemesis (Ambrosi Legacy Series ) by D. Alyce Domain



Paranormal / Gothic Romance
Date Published: 11/9/2015
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When Tortured Souls Collide…
In an unforgiving society where the hint of madness is all the damning proof men need, Dominic Ambrosi struggles to live a peaceful life, away from prying eyes, and damning innuendo.  Gifted with uncanny abilities, yet also cursed with the taint of madness, Dominic must walk a fine line.  After the horror of his past, his fractured soul is safe only in solitude…until one day, his refuge is irrevocably breached by an ethereal beauty haunted by demons of her own.  He is torn between protecting himself and his brothers from exposure and persecution and following the desires of his heart…
Italy (1800s)
He lay on the pit floor, limbs stiff from lack of movement. The crawl space no longer accommodated his length. With no light to guide him, he planned each movement to avoid scraping against the granite. First, he shuffled his legs, then rolled his shoulders to bring back the circulation. His skin pulled and itched like the devil. The gouges must be scabbing over, he thought.
He hadn’t tried to stand in a while, but he knew from the last time that he was almost tall enough to reach the pit’s lid. Just a little while longer and he’d try again. He was preserving energy and hoping to be healed enough to try jumping. She would come soon, he knew. For now, the darkness was reassuring. It calmed his mind. As long as he was alone in the dark, nothing hurt him.
He didn’t hear her approach. He never did. Light peeked through the pit’s lid, casting the iron bars in distorted shadows around him. He trembled and buried his eyes in the bend of his arm. Panicked, he struggled to shove his gangly, pubescent body into a crevice between two outcroppings. If he merged with the granite walls, maybe she wouldn’t be able to find him and do more damage.
“Come, come, now, little fiend.” Her voice cast a lure like the nectar of a carnivorous flower.
The boy squeezed his eyelids tight despite the arm shield. He knew who awaited him above. He squirmed further into the jagged stone. The taut scabs on his shoulders cracked open and bled. He did not bother to scream or beg. Nothing ever saved him from whatever agony she came to inflict. Instead he prayed, “Help me, God, please. Do not let her see me this time. Hide me.”
“Where are you, little fiend?”
He felt her mind rummage around for him like a blind man groping for his cane. Something new, he thought. Didn’t she know where he was? Couldn’t she see him? The pit was a scant six-foot cube and she waved the candelabra close enough so that hot wax splattered atop his forearms.
“Come here you little fiend!” Her voice turned shrill. “Give me back what’s mine!”
Her ham-fisted attempts to locate him left him halfway between fear and confusion. Why couldn’t she see him? Or touch him with her mind? By now, he should be frozen, mid-air with tangled clops of hair his only clothing. Fear ebbed into curiosity. He dared to lower his arm and peel his lids open. Even with his head still bowed, the candle-glow forced him to squint.
Here lay the true test, he knew. If his tormentor really couldn’t see him or sense him, she wouldn’t react to his gaze. He’d learned long ago to avert his eyes in her presence. He hadn’t glimpsed his tormentor up close in six years. The boy swallowed the upsurge of fear and snapped his head back before he lost his nerve.
He blinked several times to sharpen his vision. He recoiled, scraping the skin at the point of his hip. Another blink, then he relaxed. Hair. Her obsidian tresses dangled down between the iron grate, seeming to reach for him. Her face was contorted from its cloying perfection, but not in reaction…more from anger or maybe frustration he guessed. He continued to stare, shocked, not sure what to do. How long would her…blindness or whatever it was, last? She started to screech obscenities and jab around with her mind. The violent brush of her mind jerked him from his stillness. He used the jagged wall behind him to pull himself upright. Gaunt, with wobbly knees and a hobbled gait, he crept close enough to fan his hand in front of her eyes.
“Mama?” His voice sounded croaky from non-use.
No reaction.
Then, he caught sight of his arm, the arm that should have been fanning before him. There was only empty space. With a huff of amazement, he glanced around him. His body cast no shadow. It was as if he had faded from existence, become part of the void.
About the Author

D. Alyce Domain. Is a long-time lover of creative fiction.  She learned to read with Dr. Seuss, grew up reading Sweet Valley High, James Howe, and Lois Duncan, and graduated to category romance with Harlequin and Silhouette in her teen years.  Ms. Domain started out writing fan-fiction after her favorite fictional characters met with death and cancellation on network television.  Inspired by the entertaining, multi-layered storylines created by so many female romance, young adult and television writers, she began to experiment with her own characters.  Coupled with her own unique brand of genre-bending romantic fiction, Ms. Domain was able to create a whole new world within the pages of her books.
Ms. Domain was born and raised in Houston, Texas, the youngest daughter of Charles and Eunice Domain.  She has one older sister.  She earned a BS in Biochemistry and a MS in Biomedical Sciences.  She worked in Patient-Based Biological Research before switching careers and opening her own fashion boutique, The Aesthetic Domain.  In addition to fashion apparel and accessories, she sells her own original jewelry creations and runs the Boutique & Blog website, which is based in Houston, Texas.  Ms. Domain also has avid interests in inspirational music, art/entertainment, and history.
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review 2016-01-05 00:00
Sweet Obsession (Sweet Addiction Book 3)
Sweet Obsession (Sweet Addiction Book 3)... Sweet Obsession (Sweet Addiction Book 3) - J. Daniels Let's get this out of the way first: I LOVED this BOOK. It's my favorite of the series. Gawd Mason! Yes, I will fangirl and gush all over the place.

" I bet this was his plan all along. Pull me in. Pull me under."

If you haven't read the other books in Sweet Addiction and Alabama Summer series, just don't series jump. Although J. Daniels provides excellent background, you get more out of the characters if you have been immersed in the stories prior.

Why do I love this book? It hit all the check boxes in my perfect Rom/Com reads. To die for, swoon worthy Hero who has to flub up once? Check. Mason is like the perfect man. He is thoughtful, kind, caring and, oh man, can take care of you in the bedroom too. What about our heroine? Brooke was someone I could perfectly relate to. Did she come off as a one-night stand too many? Yes, but she didn't think she was looking for love. She was enjoying her life and having fun. Someone I could completely relate to as this was my story. I wasn't looking for love, like Brooke, but came in the unexpected form of my now Husband. It made me feel weird, confused and unsure. All the things you watch our heroine go through and grow through. Oh, and I can't let this review end without mentioning that Joey (OMG) gets his own chapter. High five- Happy Dance!

This series is a must read. Book 3 was the delicious buttercream icing on top of that chocolate decadent cupcake. Highly recommend. Not read the others, do yourself a favor and get to reading before you jump into Mason and Brooke's HEA. 5 out of 5 HUGE fangirl stars.

photo Five20Stars_zpsg66onvvy.jpg
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review 2016-01-01 00:00
Sweet Possession (Sweet Addiction Book 2)
Sweet Possession (Sweet Addiction Book 2) - J. Daniels "Why do people even bother with weddings?"

If you enjoyed Sweet Addiction, you'll love to read the journey of Dylan and Reese to a married HEA. If you haven't read book 1, do yourself a favor start there. J. Daniels does give a complete story with enough back information sprinkled throughout to read as a standalone. But to better understand the characters and their funny connections, book 1 is a recommended must for me.

If you read my review of book 1, you know I loved the characters and their interactions. Ms. Daniels writing style and plot line development hits all the right notes in my required contemporary romance reading. And Chapter 20? HOLY ebook fire...that was HOT. My only 'complaint' was the story line of Bryce. I'm not sure if it was needed then I backpedal in my mind and say yes. I felt it deserved more tension value added. But, maybe just me.

I truly loved watching all the couples grow and become closer. Definite recommended 4.5 stars out of 5 for me!

photo four stars_zps5d4k637c.jpg
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