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text 2017-04-16 14:17
The Status of Project Frankenstein & Other Updates





Reading Goal


I have completed half of the goal that I set for myself this year. Really happy that I'm getting some reading done even with life being as crazy as it is.




Project Frankenstein


I have finished 8 out of the books that I originally included in the post. Right now, I'm reading My Frankenstein, which is fun. Frankenstein & Philosophy remains abandoned even now. It isn't just dry; it is also repetitive, which makes it even worse!



  1. Parent Material: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  2. Others’ Take: The Mammoth Book of Frankenstein by Stephen Jones
  3. Historical Retakes: Anno Frankenstein by Jonathan Green
  4. Genre Spins: Steampunk: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein by Zdenko Basic
  5. Young Adult Forays: Dr. Frankenstein’s Daughters by Suzanne Weyn
  6. Sci-Fi Pastiche: Prodigal Son by Dean Koontz
  7. Philosophical Entree: Frankenstein and Philosophy by Nicholas Michaud
  8. Series Picker-Uppers: The Second Birth of Frankenstein by Will Hill
  9. Prequels: This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel
  10. Precipitating Conditions: The Lady and Her Monsters by Roseanne Montillo
  11. Character Spotlight: My Frankenstein by Michael J. Lee
  12. Technological Difficulties: Frankenstein’s Cat by Emily Anthes
  13. Changed Perspectives: Frankenstein’s Monster by Susan Heyboer O’Keefe
  14. Graphic Detail: Monster Of Frankenstein by Dick Briefer, David Jacobs, Alicia Jo Rabins Edwards


Book Bingo



Besides this, I am also playing Book Bingo with my workmates. At the moment, I'm reading a book for the Myth-Based shelf




this is the progress that I've made so far:






Wringo Ink.



As you guys know, we started a Writing Bingo game at work, as well. So far, I've written a short story in the Romance genre, one with a Philosophical twist, and a play! Now, I'm writing a story that starts with a certain phrase. The phrase was chosen by our long-suffering readers and goes like, "Once upon a time, sharks flew across the sky."







As if I don't have enough things going, I am so tempted to start this game. If I do, I think I'll let it extend beyond May 2017 because I want to finish as many books off my TBR as I can! I have already rolled the dice for the first time and got 7 viz.



and I'm thinking of reading this one because I haven't had a chance to read it yet:




Five Exercises for Writing Stronger Narrative Personality


I think I'll be starting with this one and take my time to finish writing about each personality:


Exercise 1: Free Write


"Take three personalities, and spend fifteen minutes free writing in their voice. You can write about absolutely anything – what you ate for breakfast, which elder god will swallow the world, or what the character’s life is like – as long as you do it with their personality".


I want to start with, A cultist on the edge of losing their soul to an elder god,
because it sounds very Malazan-esque and really cool!



The Missing Slate Contest


A short story content that I will be participating in. Here are the details:





The Salam Award for Imaginative Fiction


The daddy of all awards and I want to participate in this one. The deadline is mid of May and I kept thinking I had time but now April's almost gone and I'm panicking. I have the beginnings of an idea but I don't yet know how to pull it off. Moreover, the idea tells me that the story is going to be Military SciFi/Fantasy. I might have read books in this genre but writing a story seems impossible.



Stick along for the ride & I promise, I'll keep you posted!





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text 2017-03-01 20:27
Winner! Romance Book Bingo 2017!

Rane Aria (1-3)(7 & 8)
Sheri C (4)
Leah Bookish Obsession (5)
Melissa (6)

Whiskey in the Jar Romance (9-13)

Tea, Rain, Book (14-18)

Rachel's books (19)

Woot! Whiskey in the Jar Romance! Come on down to get your prize!!!


Image result for i won gif

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text 2017-03-01 17:28
Romance Bingo 2017 Drawing Taking Place at 2 PM EST

Thanks for everyone that participated! I loved reading your reviews. I have no idea if any more bingos or reading tasks contests will be created by Moonlight or I in the near future, but I can say that we really did enjoy doing this with you all.


Rane Aria (1-3)(7 & 8)
Sheri C (4)
Leah Bookish Obsession (5)
Melissa (6)

Whiskey in the Jar Romance (9-13)

Tea, Rain, Book (14-18)

Rachel's books (19)

Libromancer's Apprentice won last month's drawing so she is not eligible to play for this month. And everyone else was re-numbered with her falling out. 

Please let me know if I left your name off of the list!

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review 2017-02-15 07:15
Quick Reading Updates, Book Bingo, & Musings on Writing
Hellboy, Vol. 1: Seed of Destruction - John Byrne,Mike Mignola


I finished Hellboy Vol. 1 Seed of Destruction & loved every bit of it. I would have loved it even more, if there was more Liz to go around. The artwork is so beautiful but what do I know because I haven’t read more than ten graphic novels/comics in my life.

However, that is all about to change!


Currently Eyeing.jpg




Another graphic novel that I am loving because look how pretty!


Almost done with Asimov’s Science Fiction: Hugo & Nebula Award Winning Stories, which is the book that got me thinking. At the moment, I am engrossed in one of the stories featured in it, Barnacle Bill the Spacer, by Lucius Shepard. It is so unabashedly geeky and based on barnacles that I had to stop and think. It includes chunks about Barnacle biology & yet I am loving it. It reminds me of my 5k-word long short story, The Better to See You With. Not being able to publish it so far, I have been thinking if its the science that is preventing its acceptance. Shepard’s story has given me hope. Now all I have to worry about is that it might not get published because it is a sucky story. Phew!

Book Bingo continues with my girls from work. We already finished one round of reading & rolled the dice a second time. Check out the categories that we included in that super-bad picture below:




My teammate & I have complete our book for O i.e. New to You Author & are now looking for a book that will fit the requirements for N i.e. Non-Human Character. So far, I am looking at these three:






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review 2016-11-23 21:41
Review: Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? by Alan Moore
Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? by Alan Moore (2010-08-03) - Alan Moore

Fills in Glasses Confuse Everyone square on the DC Comic Book Bingo card


So this volume contained the last two Superman Action Comics and two other Superman stories by Alan Moore. The Action Comic storyline dealt with Superman having to deal one last time with all his main villains as they try to bring Superman's fated death upon him. In the end, they didn't kill Superman....but at the same time Superman (and his alter ego, Clark Kent) "died". This story was okay, a little wearing as each villain tried to take their aim at being Superman's murderer. The story was narrated by Lois Lane, and I am not really a fan of hers...I am firmly in the pro-Wonder Woman/Superman ship. During this story, Clark Kent was outed as Superman to the entire Daily Planet staff.(2 stars)


The next story had Superman being saved by Swamp Thing. Honestly, it was a short story with no purpose. (1 star)


The last story was titled "The Man Who Has Everything"; it is Superman's birthday and Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman visit Superman's fortress to help him celebrate. They find him under the mind control of plant that is inserted into his chest. While under this mind control, Superman is under a trance (sort of like virtual reality, just without the googles) and lives in a world that has his heart's desire open to him (Krypton is still a planet and his parents are still alive). However, things take a dark turn (very much like the political situation going on in the US right now) and Superman has to fight to get out from under the trance before he dies in this VR world. Unfortunately, just as Superman gets out from the plant's control, Batman goes under. Wonder Woman is busy dealing the villain who sent Superman the plant as a gift. The guys are just standing around in their dream state, the woman is the one kicking ass. At the end of the story, WW plants a big kiss on Superman's lips - squee! (3 stars)

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