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text 2016-11-23 10:55
Movie Vs Book - Fault In Our Stars

So I'm about 30 mins into the movie and really enjoying it so far. The book was brilliant, no doubt, but I had fears the movie wouldn't live up to my high expectations. So far it's not letting me down. (yay)

Anyways the whole point of this post is you know when your watching a movie and something happens and you swear a detail is off and it really bugs you. Especially because your not sure if your right or wrong because it's been so long since you've read the book?
Well I'm having that moment but with something a bit bigger than a minor detail..... I was totally under the impression that Augustus was well... of colour. (Which personally I would totally dig) Now I know this was a giant issue with Hunger Games and maybe that was reflected while I was reading The Fault In Our Stars? It has been quite a few years.... I don't know. :/

Did anyone else feel the same in relation to this book? or have a similar thing happen to them?

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text SPOILER ALERT! 2016-08-10 14:06
Enders Game Movie Vs. Book

Geez the movie was almost completely different from the book!! It was kind of hard to imagine they're even related, and don't get me started on the end! What was with that!? It was nothing like the book! How is Ender's brother going to take over he world? How does Valentine have such a big impact on what happens? All of it was just missing.

  • Other things I noted being different:
  • Characters are older, nor are they as ruthless. Probably for the best, it was uncomfortable to read about, let alone watch. Glad I wasn't the only one who thought it was odd by how violent Orson's 'children' were.
  • Bean is there from the beginning.
  • No one is running around naked, thank goodness - don't know about you guys but I did not want to watch a bunch of prepubescent boys running around starkers. Glad I also wasn't the only one who thought it was odd how many naked scene's there were in the book, I swear they spent half the time with no clothes on :/
  • Ender is quite a big kid in the movie, he's meant to be tiny and almost 4 years younger than everyone else.
  • Ender didn't have to fight his way to the top, nor prove himself. Every commander Ender had in the book he had to physically or verbally fight, this time he only did it once. Otherwise he seem to skim through with no issues. 
  • Different insults were used, didn't remark/insult any physical characteristics or make any sexual remarks.
  • The boy doesn't give the same blessing in the movie as he did in the book - actually in the movie I don't get why he's friends with any of the people he was originally close with in the book. They barely talked.
  • In the book Ender has most of the original ideas, in the movie the others come up with the majority.
  • The shrink - Anderson? is played by a women (How to get away with murder)
  • Ender didn't start his own little rebellious group before coming commander of the Dragons, nor did they fight any fights, except for the one that is at the end of the book, just before Enders calls it quits.
  • People who weren't in Ender's Dragon army in the book, are there in the movie.
  • Ender didn't turn into a giant dick when he became in charge, also they used completely different tactics in the final game (if i recall correctly) and the line was clearly visible.
  • No weird naked fight scene.
  • The adults weren't as scheming in the movie, and they appeared to be more supportive, if idiots.
  • Earth scene was completely different, for one they skipped the first scene.
  • Speaking of earth, where is team Vi and Peter? Aren't they meant to be taking over the world by now? Earth isn't even really on anyone's radar in the movie.
  • Face tattoos!! Ender doesn't attack teacher ruthlessly. And the teacher is much more forth coming with information and his identity.
  • The final battle screen is different, I believe in the book is was described as little square boxes, like pixels that stood in for the enemy ships. Enders team also didn't fall apart, and he didn't loose there friendship. The end battle itself was different.
  • The whole ending was nothing like the book. Nothing like.


So yeah, these aren't even all the differences I noted while watching, jut the ones I can recall now. It has to me never been this obvious the difference between a book and movie before. I don't know how anyone who watched the movie knew what on earth  was happening or why because they skipped out on so much information and scenes.

End thought: Movie was shit.

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text 2016-04-10 01:37
Just watched Jurassic Park...

...and it was as good as I remembered. I kept a few "movie vs. book" comparison notes, but it became very obvious that Spielberg streamlined the story a lot.


Some things:


- Darn my modern eyes, I could occasionally see slight jerkiness in the way the dinosaurs moved. Even so, the special effects held up really well. It was still wonderful to see all of those dinosaurs on-screen and looking so real.


- Lex was less annoying in the movie, I hadn't imagined that. She was also given more useful things to do. In the book, she was younger than Tim and was just the massively useless kid who had to be saved because of the "don't kill the kids" rule.


- In the same vein, Ellie Sattler was also given more things to do. In the book, she was mostly Dr. Malcolm's nurse. In the movie, she was more actively involved in trying to get the power back online. And she didn't wear high heels (::glaring at Jurassic World::).


- Hammond sucked a lot less in the movie. Yes, he still talked about "next time," but he was less a greedy businessman and more a naive dreamer.


- I don't know if it was a budget thing or if Spielberg truly preferred the Velociraptors to the T. rex (which was actually two animals in the book), but they had a larger chunk of screentime than they would have had if the book had been more closely adapted.


- As much as I liked the movie, if you want dinosaur variety, the book wins. And the book did have some scenes that were so vivid I thought I remembered them being in the movie, like some of the stuff on the river and the bit in the aviary.


- I'm amused that some things were more important in the book than the movie and vice versa.

The dinosaurs being able to breed was no big deal in the movie - interesting enough to mention, but not really important to the story. In the book, it was very important. If you've seen the movie, you probably remember the electric fence scene. The book had the characters climbing the fences enough that I thought that scene would be there, but it wasn't.

(spoiler show)


I could write more, but I should wrap this up and start working on reviews. What it comes down to is that, in my opinion, this is one of those times when the movie is better than the book. And also, I wish I could see one of the animatronic dinosaurs in person.

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text 2016-03-29 11:58
The Maze Runner - James Dashner

Decided to DNF. I didn't get the chance to finish it before it was due back to the library (personally it didnt intrigued me all that much anyways) and now I've watched the 1st & 2nd movie. So i don't feel any need or desire to continue. 


Who knows might pick up another time.

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text 2016-03-22 09:27
Maze Runner - Movie Vs Book

For fans on Maze Runner who must have been so excited when they first found out finally a movie is being made..... only to watch the first 15 mins, and realise there were so many changes already!!! man that must have been annoying!!

Personally I saw the movie first and only got about half way through the book, but already the start is pretty off compared to what I've read. For one the boys actually don't seem as bad/nasty. Thomas has his shit more together and the boys are much more forthcoming about information to do with the area, the maze, the jobs, etc. So far they have even hinted at him being a runner - when in the book they didn't even want to tell him what that was! Plus i like thomas more in the movie version, it could be something to do with the actor (I'll admit to being a bit of a fan girl - Styles is a fav of mine, but overall the guy is a brilliant actor) movie thomas seems less of a douche, not so... into-himself, though he's still scatterbrained - can't blame him.

Still a great movie, but i can just imagine the book fans raging at the 'loose' script. LOL

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