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review 2018-05-15 03:33
Black Rainbow
Black Rainbow - Barbara Michaels

This book seemed interesting in the beginning but then it seemed to drag on and on. I'm glad I finally read this so I can move it out of the house and make room for better books.

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review 2017-11-05 23:29
The Glittering Court - Richelle Mead

I started this book as a young woman I finished old and wrinkled, it was that long and dull. I want my youth back ! I almost quit it so many times. I didn't, I held on because I knew she had some secret BOOM moment coming that would make all the nodding off and forced reading worth it. No, it was 400 pages of slow conversations, inner dialogs, dressing and hair, boring meetings and even more boring problems. I thought the last 40 pages were picking up. Gods that sounds so sad. Well I thought they were picking up but I was foolish again. It built up to a huge semi better than bland so obvious resolution. I know you're thinking, wow that sounds boring. YES it was ! 400 pages that could have easily fit into 75 pages and not missed a bit of the story. I never liked the spoiled Countess, the MC, never admired her stupid choices, or attitude.
What was the book about ? A rich Countess doesn't want to marry her cousin to save her class standing so she runs away and sells herself to a group that will train her to be an good upper class wife in the new world sold to the highest bidder. She decides not to follow those rules and fall fro another. Then she must lower herself even lower and do actual labor.

I will not be reading anymore in this series

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review 2017-10-20 00:28
The Library of Fates - Aditi Khorana


The thing with book comparisons is that sometimes you are left wondering if they didn't get the wrong book... like when someone decided to say that the Star Touched Queen, was the perfect read for people who loved Calaena, "I am going to kill you all... not"

Look, I am a avid Star Touched Queen fan. I loved the writing, the story, the whole Indian mythology; that means that I had sky rock expectations for this story which as you guys can see for the rating, were completely crushed.

I understand that the writer wanted to keep Amrita faithful to her background; as such she sounds very naive and young... well, at certain things, but with the consistency of a mousse, the girl became extremely annoying to "deal" with.
Also, almost right from the start, the author decides to get the girl a romance with her bff, so there can be some cannoodling.

The passage from best friends to best friends with benefits was extremely fast, which made it even more difficult for me to care about those two.
In fact, the whole "romance" felt more new adult than actual YA, something that I found strange.

The writing...well it is readable, but not that great. Not Star Touched Queen great, so if you didn't like STQ's writing, maybe you'll like this one :D

The plot
Evil dictator _ pleonasm much?_ visits Amrita's kingdom with the intention of gaining control of some obscure substance ; honestly, I could have used more info here.
Soon enough, Amrita decides to be a bargain chip between her father's kingdom and evil dude, Sikander (actually an old friend of her father), gifts are exchanged, and Thala appears.
Thala is what made me keep reading, she is a seer and a slave owned by Sikander. Maybe if the story had been all about her, I wouldn't have felt like I had eaten some sour lemons by the end of the story...
As for Amrita, most of the times I just wanted to shake her and tell the girl to start moving!
But with no actual plot,

the whole library of fates quest ends up being a faded dream

(spoiler show)

 everything just dwindled to "special ones"characters Amrita of course, guys, because apparently the bff

just wasn't the one... not compared with reincarnation bs, which once again makes romance development unnecessary!

(spoiler show)

Then there was the

time travel thing

(spoiler show)

, that felt... strange, lacking and lazy.
Honestly this was just too much of a mess for me.

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text 2017-09-25 18:11
Halloween Bingo - Terror in a Small Town - pretty much sucked
Incubus - Ann Arensberg




This was another of that Open Road Media Kindle freebie haul I made last December.  Horror isn't my genre, and so I'm not exactly sure why I grabbed it, but hey, it was free!


I finished it late last night and my thoughts are pretty muddled right now, but I may be tied up with another project today and wanted to make sure I got this much posted.  Full review to follow later today or tomorrow, depending on when I have time.


The writing was fine -- I can't read really bad writing -- but this had to be one of the least scary, most unutterably boring books I have ever read.  The closest I can come in comparison is anything by Georg Lukacs.  One of my professors said "Reading Lukacs is like swimming through chunky peanut butter," if that gives you some idea.


More to come.

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