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review 2016-12-14 21:45
Being Sloane Jacobs - Lauren Morrill

No, no, NO. This was supposed to be a Triple Win for me.

There are two Sloane Jacobs. One of them is an ice-skater...

The other one plays hockey...

They are unhappy with their lives and when they meet, decide to do a Parent Trap/The Pauper and The Prince thing.

Starts OK, but when they meet, they have like, zero bonding. They do not even like each other, but still, they decided to carry on with the plan. I don't claim to be an expert about ice-skating and hockey, but how realistic is for a hockey player to do a pair skating performance after 4 weeks? I can forgive an ice-skater to play hockey, but a hockey player to do well in ice-skating?? Not because she can skate it means she do figure skating! The hockey-Sloane was big and graceless. And she won 2nd place at the end? Say what?

The story was sooo juvenile, I wasn't expecting it from looking at the cover (covers can be deceitful, I know). Both of them find a Mean Girl in their camp; one of them (Ivy, the ice-skater) was soo 2-dimensional. She even says that "pink is her color". What. So both Sloane, to prove they are strong, take revenge of the Mean Girls. In such an immature way. Pranks I expect from, I don't know, maybe 12-years-old boys.

Their respective love interest were sooo boring. Both of them "soooo good looking". I had an instant dislike with one of them, when the author described him as looking like a Bieber. Yuck. And towards the end, when each of the boys find out that his girl was lying to him, it was all "what? you are lying to me? so that kiss was all a lie?", and each girl was "nooo, please listen to me, let me explain" with tears down the cheeks. Oh my, what a cliche soap opera.

I didn't like this book. Predictable with unlikable characters. I started skimming when they girls were exposed. I barely read their "excellent" performances, which was soooo unrealistic. The hockey-player winning a 2nd place in pair figure skating... ha!

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text 2016-11-28 23:36
Great beginning...
The Obsession - Nora Roberts

... but then the whole thing fell apart into a boring story that could be called, "My house's Renovation- The journal". -_-

Look, for that there's "House Rules"... of which I'm fan.

I've read so many NR's books and lately it seems as if the author has fallen into this clinical writing style that annoys the hell out of me.

As for the romance, it is probably the weakest of them all.

A big meh for a big book.


How this was nominated for best romance _ by GR's _ is beyond me.

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review 2016-11-07 15:52
The Unflappable Miss Fairchild (Zebra Regency Romance) - Regina Scott

Not exactly a terrible book, but unfortunately it wasn't the gem I was hoping for. And it is extremely overrated in GR. The story was very predictable, full of cliche moments, but the worst of all were the two main characters. Usually I feel a sort of bond with any heroine named Anne (I love that name) but I couldn't with this one... she should have been named something else. She is very proper, calm, etc, meaning, she is so boring! The author keeps telling us how the characters were, the book is full of adjectives, and not necessarily with the background, but with his eyes, her eyes, his hair, her hair... I hate this kind of writing, it is one of my pet peeves in romance.


Other pet peeve? She is supposed to be plain, the hero thinks so at the beginning (except for her "big, lovely, innocent, gray" eyes) but she has plenty of suitors and many men are charmed by her, making the hero jealous **eyeroll**


The hero is no better... he is supposed to be a rake, blah blah, who falls in love for the first time, blah blah. He doesn't have any nice quality that makes the reader fall for him. In fact, I wasn't even invested in their love story at all, not at the beginning, not in the middle, not at the end. They are supposed to be likeable, but how could I like them, when they were playing victim all the time? He with his older brother ("oh he is mean, he hates me, I am just the 2nd son, a bastard") and she with her aunt ("oh she hates me, I sacrifice my happiness because of her"), when in reality, both "mean characters" were only looking after them, after having a hard lives on their own. But no! both MC are the ones that are suffering **eye-roll**


The misunderstandings were insufferable, so stupid and only because of lack of communication/assumptions. Honestly, both MC were so lame I had a hard time to finish this!

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text 2016-10-25 18:10
Decided not to read the other one
The Invisible Library - Genevieve Cogman

After weeks or even months of putting off reading that other book, the title of which I've already forgotten (it was soo boring), I've decided to allow myself to start another one. I'm hoping this one will turn out a lot better and so far it seems to be (after reading once chapter). :) I'm also reading another Louise Penny mystery (as a library ebook, translated into Swedish) and I'll get round to reviewing them later. At the moment, all I'll say is that they're good. Well worth reading in any language.

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review 2016-10-10 14:04
Bittersweet Symphony (The Damaged Souls series Book 2) - Belinda Boring

‘Forgiveness came by being brave enough to follow your heart, wherever that journey took you’


Having read ‘Bittersweet Melody, (which I absolutely loved) I was eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Bittersweet Symphony’.  I am so glad that I got the opportunity to complete Cooper and Caylee's’ story. This was an incredible conclusion to what I considered to be a heart-wrenching, bittersweet and unforgettable story of two people whose love for each other has endured pain, loss, and tragedy.


The story picked up where book one left off. Caylee and Cooper are officially a couple. Things appear to be going well, despite Cooper’s ongoing struggles with PTSD. Caylee was his healing balm. Because of her, he was able to get through each day, however, due to his failure to let go of the guilt over his best friend’s death he risked destroying the very thing he held dear. Would Cooper allow the demons of his past to destroy what he and Caylee had?


The pacing was slow, however, the story was not boring. In fact, I was compelled to read on as I was curious to discover how the story would unfold. This is not the type of story that can be rushed.  It has to be consumed as one would consume fine wine. I must confess, that as I approached the last few chapters, I was afraid to continue. Why?  Well, to be honest, I didn’t like the route that Cooper and Caylee's’ relationship was taking. I was thinking, ‘That can’t be happening not after all they have been through’.   However, I moved past the fear and continued and I am glad I did.


In reading this series my eyes were opened to the effects that PTSD can have on an individual as well as their family and friends. My heart went out to Cooper, seeing him struggle on a daily basis not knowing when an incident, a word or anything for that matter would trigger an episode. I know it could not have been easy living like that. As for Caylee all I can say is ‘Wow!’ She demonstrated how much she loved Cooper with her patience and kindness.  While reading, I was reminded of the fact that no matter how strong we may believe we are, we are unable to overcome pain and trauma without emotional and physical support.


‘Bittersweet Symphony’ was more than a romantic story. It spoke of healing, forgiveness, love and letting go of the pain of our past. It demonstrates that letting go of the pain of our past is the first step in the healing process.  Holding on to the past will destroy our future happiness. Blaming ourselves for things outside of our control is not healthy and will eventually destroy us physically, mentally and emotionally.


I enjoyed the author's writing style. The manner in which she conveyed the emotions of the characters and described every scene made me feel as if I was a part of the story and not just viewing from the sidelines.






This was an awesome story and one which I highly recommend.

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