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review 2017-09-19 01:08
Fun Historical Romance
The Seduction of Lord Stone (Dashing Widows) - Anna Campbell

The Seduction Of Lord Stone by Anna Campbell is a fun historical romance.  This is a fairly short book, a great choice for those with limited time for reading.  Ms Campbell has delivered a well-written book.  The characters and awesome.  Silas and Caroline's story is loaded with drama, humor and heat.  I enjoyed reading The Seduction Of Lord Stone and look forward to reading more from Anna Campbell in the future.  The Seduction Of Lord Stone is book 1 of the Dashing Widows Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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review 2017-09-18 08:18
Dark dark woods with dark dark mind
The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains - Eddie Campbell,Neil Gaiman

This is a graphic story telling of a dwarf who asked a man to be his guide.


As the story progress, the conversation grew darker. The man wanted to go into a cave, known to have treasure. 


Now, the intention of this guide is to kill the man when he brought out the gold.


There is no good person in this story. The dwarf has also killed men before for different reason.


Unsettling story. 


This is read for the Dark Dark Wood square. 


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review 2017-09-17 15:10
Well, you see
From Hell - Eddie Campbell,Pete Mullins,Alan Moore

I was going to use this for a square.  But since I skimmed the last 200 pages, I'm not really comfortable using it.  (Undoubtedly because I have so many books that qualifiy for squares).


Moore's story telling is good and I love the historic notes. So why two stars to this good look at the Ripper? While the nudity is equal (ie both men and women), it seemed as if it was there too much. I do not think Moore was sexualizing or objectifiying anything or anyone. And it is the Ripper there is going to be violence. It just seemed over the top to my tastes. 

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review 2017-08-29 17:06
I Did It – Review for Enchanter by Becca Campbell @beccajcampbell
Enchanter (Flawed) (Volume 4) - Becca J.... Enchanter (Flawed) (Volume 4) - Becca J. Campbell,Steven Novak

Enchanter is Book Four of the Flawed Series by Becca Campbell.


I have enjoyed the series, and seeing it now comes in a boxed set, I highly recommend grabbing it.


Cover: Steven Novak


Enchanter (Flawed, #4)


Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon CA  /  Goodreads




I am jumping up and down because I actually finished the series. It is rare for me to continue on, finishing series that I start, and I am so glad I did. The first book was still my favorite, but watching Jade and her friends grow and develop throughout the stories has been a journey I would not want to miss.


I  have been loving this paranormal romance thriller since I began reading it with Empath by Becca Campbell. Because this is book four, I will keep my review short and sweet.


This group of young adults has all the usual angst, with some powers, uncontrolled and misused, thrown in.


Jade has always been secretive. How could she tell ‘normals’ about her powers? Powers she isn’t able to control. Her friends are with her, but are they in danger because of her?


Chloe could calm her down and is her go to person.


Violet had been in a coma, but now she is awake…and so is something else.


I wondered how it would end and I hoped for an epilogue. Becca Campbell does not disappoint.


This supernatural saga walks a convoluted, twisting, roller coaster of a ride of love, hate, friendship, and sacrifice as the group of young adults struggle to do the right thing, growing and developing through this action packed and dangerous journey.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Enchanter by Becca Campbell.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 Stars




Violet can make anyone obey her. And she wants revenge.


After a series of abductions, Jade just wants to enjoy life with her boyfriend, Logan. But her empathic flaw has morphed into something even worse. Now her emotions are affecting everyone nearby, making her a dangerous force. Jade’s volatile emotions and Logan’s super-strength make a deadly mix.


Meanwhile, Violet, a woman from Logan’s past, has turned from infatuated colleague to jealous stalker. After recovering from an injury, she develops the power to control minds. Now Violet is finally able to get anything—and anyone—she wants.

And Violet wants Logan.


While Jade is dealing with her escaping emotions, she meets fellow English major Graham. He is the only one who knows what Violet is truly capable of. Jade enlists his help in trying to save Logan from Violet’s clutches. But can they stop Violet before she puts them under her spell?


This fourth and final installment in the Flawed series once again pulls together a crew of friends with unique abilities. This time they must face the fury of a vengeful enchantress. If you enjoy thrilling suspense with supernatural powers, download this

book today.




Becca J. Campbell


Becca writes New Adult (college age) fiction that’s typically Urban Fantasy but often ranges anywhere from Science Fiction to Thrillers. Her writing typically involves a bit of the fantastical with an emphasis on relationships. She is addicted to thinking up cool, super-human abilities and the tragic downsides that go along with them.


To join Becca’s writing journey and be notified when her next book is released, sign up for her author newsletter.


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/enchanter-becca-campbell
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review 2017-08-27 02:57
Within the Hollow Crown by Margaret Campbell Barnes
Within the Hollow Crown: A Valiant King's Struggle to Save His Country, His Dynasty, and His Love - Margaret Campbell Barnes

This read like the kind of historical fiction that I don’t really like: a description of a series of events in a historically important person’s life that never really seem to gel into a story. I spent a lot of my time a little lost because I could never tell how much time would pass in between chapters, and a lot of important events were mentioned after the fact without it feeling like they’d made any impact on Richard because there was no hint of it until it was brought up. Basically, the novel didn’t really work for me although there was nothing really wrong with it other than the impressions that I mentioned above. I had been looking forward to reading more about Richard II, but I don’t feel like I gained any insight into his time period.


I read this for the More Historical Than Fiction book club, but it had been on my to-read list for years.

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