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review 2017-05-28 23:59
This one made me happy...
A Kind of Romance - Lane Hayes

Zeke is a wallstreet success. He's living the good life, he works hard, he's earned his corner office and SoHo loft and of course he doesn't have time for love...but tell that to Zeke's dad. His dad, George runs a successful chain of bagel deli's. Everyone loves George except maybe Zeke. It's a family thing and while Zeke loves his dad, he just doesn't like who his dad was. Zeke wants to spend as little time as possible with his dad and maybe get a little payback on a certain ex-boyfriend. 


Benny is Will's friend...think book one. Benny is beyond fabulous, he wants to make it big as a costume designer in theater but more importantly Benny understands the importance of family and forgiveness, of getting over things and moving on.


I love Zeke and Benny. I'm pretty sure they're going to be my favorite couple from this series.  Zeke melted me with how he came to see Benny and just how fabulous he truly is and Benny and how he wasn't afraid to call Zeke on his b.s. when he got to full of himself but he also saw the good in Zeke. The ending of this story was heartbreakingly sweet as Zeke was forced to confront the parts of his life that fueled his anger and kept him from truly moving forward and having the life with Benny that he knew he wanted.


Once again the narrator for this book was Seth Clayton and once again I loved listening to the story that he had to share with me.  'A Kind of Romance' held all of the warmth and humor that I found in the first book both in the story and through the narration. I'm totally looking forward to 'A Kind of Honesty' which is once again narrated by Seth Clayton...so I'm off to grab a cup of coffee, curl up and listen to Seth as he shares yet another wonderful story with me.

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review 2017-05-28 23:21
Mmmm...rock stars...
A Kind of Truth - Seth Clayton,Dreamspinner Press LLC,Lane Hayes

'A Kind of Truth' is the story of wanna' be rock star Rand O'Malley and geeky music student with a kink and the hidden heart of a rock star Will Sanders.  Rand's all about the music and the band so needless to say when he turns to Will for guitar lessons...love was the last thing on his mind.


I have to admit in spite of the fact that there are a lot of really good reviews out there I was a little nervous going into this because rock stars can be dicey for me at times. What can I say just not my thing. So when hubby decided audiobooks were the thing for me on Mother's Day, I went shopping and while I was listening to the audio samples I stumbled across this series and listened to the samples...I liked them...I wanted to hear more...buying the books seemed like the wise thing to do, turned out it was.


Seth Clayton is the narrator and I'm really, really enjoying these audio books. Listening to Seth is like sitting down with a friend while he tells you a story. In general his voice has a warm and friendly tone that just draws you in and invites you to listen to the story he wants to share with you. His voices are consistent and he adds a wonderfully laid back, self deprecating tone that easily slips into something warm, sultry and sexy at times with a wonderfully warm and inviting laugh thrown in when needed.


'A Kind of Truth' is the start of what promises to be a really enjoyable series narrated by what I think may be another favorite narrator for me.

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review 2017-05-28 19:53
So I did the audio thing again...
The Deep of the Sound - Amy Lane,Nick J. Russo

I have to admit for someone who was initially so resistant to the idea of audio books I've certainly done a 180 on that opinion...moral of the story...'never say never'. 


'The Deep of the Sound' is the 8th book in Dreamspinner's 'Bluewater Bay' series and definitely one of my favorites in the series...no surprise there it's by Amy Lane and she's a favorite for me. While I happily read this one when it was released as an e-book in June of 2015 and I loved it 5 stars worth and yes, the review was long...I'm discovering that I've written more long reviews than I realized with this foray into the world of audio books. So here's the link to that original review, in an effort to keep this from becoming yet another long review....

Original Review: The Deep of the Sound


Narrated by Nick J. Russo one of my favorite narrators. I had zero doubt that I was going to enjoy this and happily I was right.  While Amy Lane is an auto-buy for me when it comes to e-books, Nick Russo is becoming her equivalent when it comes to audio books. Mr. Russo's voices are solid and without fail he has the ability to draw me into a story effortlessly with his solid and consistent voices and his ability to help define a characters personality through their voice. 


For me there were no surprises here one of my favorite authors teamed up with one of my favorite narrators to create yet another very enjoyable listening experience for fans of audio books, so needless to say my original rating of 5 stars remains unchanged and 'The Deep of the Sound' remains an incredibly enjoyable story whether it's reading or listening this one's definitely worthwhile.



An audiobook of 'The Deep of the Sound' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-05-20 21:46
So if you're anything like me...
Every Breath You Take - Robert Winter

when you saw this book title the first thing that came to your mind was something like this...

"Oh can't you see
You belong to me
My poor heart aches
With every step you take"

Back in 1983 a group called 'The Police' recorded a song by the same title as this book 'Every Breath You Take' by The Police is a song about an obsessive stalker and if you go on You Tube and google 'top 10 stalker songs' at the top of that rather interesting list you'll find 'Every Breath You Take' by The Police. Now this might be surprising for some...not me, sorry that song has always made my skin crawl...seriously it's all in the lyrics. 


Anyways, my point here is that this song is very appropriate to this book. So needless to say, I didn't have to look long or hard to find a song for this book.


This was  another super awesome buddy read with my besties Josy & Christelle and made even funner with the addition of Jan & Heather and the icing on our cake we had our own personal stalker cheerleader the ever awesome Simone.


To say that this story was very different from this author's first book 'September' is a bit of an understatement and while after much consideration I have to say I did like 'September' more but that doesn't negate that I enjoyed this book. 'Every Breath You Take' is a solid mystery/thriller with a definitely romance backing it up and I love a good mystery/thriller add in some romance and I'm totally on board.


Thomas and Zachary are drawn to each other and while Thomas is clear from the the start that he doesn't do relationships...he's a one and done type of guy...at least that's what he says. He also seems to send mixed messages leaving Zach feeling more than a little confused at times. As things play out between Thomas and Zach young men are dying and the only connection the police can find is Thomas. 


I have to admit I was totally fascinated with the mystery in this one and I enjoyed it from start to finish and that's all I'm saying about that...because spoiling a mystery is just bad form. I have to admit it was the romance that fell a little bit short for me on this one. Not even because I wanted more, since given the circumstances and events that were playing out more just wouldn't have seemed realistic...nope what threw me was that there were a couple of things that happened on the romance side that just felt a little off kilter. Between Thomas and Zach, from start to finish it was consistently Thomas who acted and gave the impression of being the dominant partner in this pairing and yet we are suddenly presented with Zach as being not only dominant but rather aggressive in the bedroom.


I think if there had even been the tiniest hint of this possibility somewhere along the way it would have felt less awkward (yeah, I'm borrowing your word on this one Jan because if the shoe fits...) In general while this was only one thing it did impact an important part of the story which was the romance between Thomas and Zach. 


Aside from the mystery one of my favorite parts of this book was some of the secondary characters...we actually got to see more of Joe and Terry, who we first met in the book September and Joe...oh, what can we say about Joe...he's sweet, adorable, kind, loving...yeah, everyone should have a Joe in their life...as for Terry...well, he's got some redemption to earn so time will tell. Maybe, with any luck these two will get their own book. The other secondary character who I would just love to know more about and see get his own HEA is Thomas's friend and bar owner Randy. Randy was awesome and I really would love to see who the author thinks would be the right person for him.


There's definitely no mystery about the fact that I'm looking forward to future books from this author...mystery or romance or a combination of both matters not to me just sign me up and I'll happily read it.

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review 2017-05-20 18:05
And the catch-up continues...
Like a Lover - Jay Northcote,Mark Steadman

'Like a Lover' is the second book in Jay Northcote's series 'Housemates' and I have to admit this book for me was good...really good. I liked Josh in the first book he struck me as sweet and someone who was a good friend to have. 


While we met Josh in 'Helping Hand', Rupert is a new character to this series he meets Josh when he's waiting for a date to arrive...a date who ultimately stands him up and as fate would have it Josh's 'date' (code talk for client) fails to show up as well. So seeing an attractive man sitting in the bar alone and having a room booked just a few floors away...well, opportunity knocks and who is Josh not to open the door and invited the attractive man sitting all by himself in.


Needless to say it doesn't take long for Josh and Rupert to hit the sheets and honestly given that this is how Josh is paying for his education if it had gone differently I would have been a little bit surprised. I liked that Josh was upfront about this. Rupert knew from the very beginning what Josh did for a living and I liked that...the honesty between these two was good, their relationship challenge didn't revolve around a 'big secret' it was refreshing.  


Sure, they still had to figure out how to deal with the reality of what Josh did to earn a living and I also liked that it was done without shaming Josh and making him feel ashamed of himself. In spite of how their relationship started there was sweetness to things between them and I really, really liked this pairing. 


Don't get me wrong, while these two were cute and adorably sweet together...they were also hot as hell!!! I mean seriously the sexy times were S-E-X-Y!!!


As with the other books in this series 'Like a Lover' was narrated by Mark Steadman and once again he's delivered another solid and enjoyable listening experience. 


So that's it folks, I'm  sorta' caught up here and first chance I get it's on to book 4 Watching and Wanting, it's Shawn's story and while he's been a bit of a dick so far. His behavior hasn't been totally unforgivable so I'm thinking it might be fun to see him get a bit of an awakening and find his HEA probably where he least expects it. 

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