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review 2016-08-24 20:07
Front Page Affair by Radha Vatsal
A Front Page Affair (Kitty Weeks Mystery) - Radha Vatsal



Radha Vatsal is a scholar and a talented storyteller, evident in her strong historical mystery debut,A Front Page Affair, just released this summer.


Capability Weeks (“Kitty” to her friends) and her father (a well-to-do, self-made mogul) live well in 1915 New York City. Kitty, a young addition to the New York Sentinel’s Ladies Page, covers a July 4th society soiree and becomes unintentionally tied to a murder and what looks like a plot to endanger the delicate international balance. 


Read the rest here

Source: benjaminlclark.com/2016/08/23/review-front-page-affair-by-radha-vatsal
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text 2015-11-08 16:58
Giving this a try...
Stone Guardian - Danielle Monsch



Dear God…


The rookie behind him plowed hard into his back. It didn’t knock him over, but it shook him out of the daze.


Training took over, and as he drew his gun and began firing, he catalogued the monsters descriptions. Humanoid features, heights 6’5” to 7’5”, built like weightlifters. Grey-green skin, with overlarge heads and features misshapen like they’d been pummeled thirteen rounds in the ring. Jaws shoved forward with tusks protruding upwards like ivory knives.


They were every nightmare had by every little boy made flesh.

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review 2015-10-21 22:59

Finished the first Cadfael book. Have heard of this series (of course) but never read any of the books. It was great! Will definitely pick up others in time – like when waiting on another series book to come out, or just nothing in the old TBR pile is sparking.  Apparently there are 20 books in this series, and everyone recommends reading them in order, so this is where you start.


Fantastic story, wonderfully written.  No wonder Brother Cadfael is one of the most popular historical mystery series, even spinning off a television series (I think).  I may need to track those down too.  


Within the first few pages of this first book of the series, I knew Brother Cadfael would be a character that I’d want to follow through many more stories.  


What I liked:
Peters captures what I suspect to be a lot of historical/ cultural nuances in simple, effective ways.  There’s a huge amount of research behind this, but we’re not drawn out into these huge sweeping encyclopedia entries in an attempt to build this distant time and place around the modern reader.  We jump straight in as a fly on the wall, watching and listening, wholly transported.  I also liked that the religious aspects of the story were handled in a sympathetic, but I think also very honest way.  The mystery itself wasn’t overly complicated, but that’s part of what made it ring true to me.


Brother Cadfael is also a very interesting character.  Peters obviously wrote this with an eye toward several more books, with many hints and winks at his colorful past.  

A big recommend from me if you’re into history, mystery, or even books like Game of Thrones.

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text 2015-09-29 20:56
Book Mail Finally Arrives!
The Far Side of the Sky (Shanghai) by Kalla, Daniel (2013) Mass Market Paperback - Daniel Kalla

I bought this book off Abebooks.com on August 19. One month and ten days later, it is now safely in my hands. Now to wait for the final book in the trilogy, which doesn't come out until January.


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review 2015-09-17 18:07
Lost and I Need Another Book
The Drafter - Kim Harrison

Quick and dirty-Twisted Betrayals, Stolen Time and Forgotten Love all wrapped up in a tornado.

Did I love it ? No. Was I glued to the pages, yes. Will I re-read it, yes. This was a book with a lot going on in a very small world. Perhaps too small, so centered on Peri the main character. I didn't get a chance to know any of the other characters, it was very centered on the one girl. She was the eye of the storm. Dang she had more than enough messed up issues going on to carry three books but I wanted to know more on the others that blew into her sphere of timelines gone funky. Even if the story focused on her we still did't get any real knowledge of her or did we ?  I just read 400 plus pages about Peri and i don't know a thing about her I don't think. It's all so confusing, nothing was solid. Did I just Draft ? Ha ! I need book 2, NEED I have to figure some of this stuff out. Ms. Harrison left everything hanging over the bottomless cliff. CLIFFHANGER

I think this would be an excellent audiobook I think I listen to it for my second reading

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