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text 2021-06-19 09:13
FREE E-BOOK – Abandoned Dreams


Abandoned Dreams

 June 19-23

Can Dreams be Resurrected? Is it Worth It?

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At twenty-seven years-old, George Fairweather is “the voice of his generation”, a poet whose talent has garnered him accolades from the literary establishment and homage from the disenfranchised “hippie” youth of the late 1960’s. George is the embodiment of the times with his long hair, rebellious attitude and regular use of mind-expanding psychedelic drugs.


Then the sudden and tragic death of Fallon, his friend, his muse and his lover shatters his world, his sanity and nearly ends his life. Katherine is the one person who stands between George and destruction. A hanger-on, a groupie, a go-for, she’s a woman George never considered – for anything. Katherine idolizes George and makes it her personal mission to keep him alive, doing whatever it takes, twenty-four seven.


Because of Katherine’s sacrifice and devotion George slowly begins to mend his soul and rebuild a life. But guilt and gratitude make it a much different life then he’d previously led.


Thirty-seven years later, George Fairweather is a husband, father and grandfather and a successful copywriter at an advertising agency. Another death, his wife Katherine’s, is about to change his life again.


Can dreams be resurrected? Can a live abandoned be taken up again? Will they let him? Is it worth it?


"Literary and artistic matters including the drive for fame and creativity, as well as cutting criticism, are refreshingly realistic and provide illuminating insights into the minds of writers and artists. How the past and present link up and influence their current lives and activities is skilfully portrayed. Generational aspects ... are woven into multiple relationships and ambitions that stir the narrative." -

Judge Number 54, The 26th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards


"A well told, fascinating and powerful story. Highly recommended."


★★★★★ "I loved every part of the book. I would definitely recommend it to everyone."


★★★★★ Lovely premise, well-delivered

"...offers an unflinching look at how circumstance, both disastrous and mundane, can shove youthful ambitions aside. "Raglin delivers excellently insidious character development, where every individual springs from the page." "Overall a very entertaining, unsentimentally sardonic study of how shallow souls can leach subsistence from the goodness of others. And how sometimes responding to those needs can lead to contentment."

- Mary Keefer, Amazon VerifiedPurchase






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review 2018-07-18 22:37
Nothing says "secure in my masculinity" like a pair of manties...
Lace-Covered Compromise - Silvia Violet,Nick J. Russo

I'm serious here. I have no issue with a guy wanting to wear a skirt, a ruffly blouse or silky, lacy panties after all women have been stealing men's fashions literally for decades. Pants originally made for men, high heels...you guessed it men and can I just add here when it comes to the  heels I would gladly let them keep them...anyways, my point is there are manties in this story and me likey the young man who wears them. He's confident and self assured and as it turns out his adversary, one Adam Kingston, discovers that he likes them as well.


'Lace-Covered Compromise' is a relatively short, sexy enemies to lovers story about two men doing battle for control of a company and discovering that whether it's business or pleasure everything works better when people are willing to compromise.  Things were hot between Adam and Nate...I mean seriously hot and truthfully I enjoyed the romance part of this story and the conflict between Adam and Nate added some definite tension for these two men and while I appreciated the how comes and whys of said tension at times it just felt like too much.


I liked Adam in all of his screwed up glory and his friend Valerie who fate had assigned the arduous task of keeping Adam from running too far off of the rails. I enjoyed Adam's moments of self actualization when he was able to see that who he was wasn't who he wanted to be and that maybe...just maybe Nate wasn't the enemy.


Nate was a really good match for Adam and while he wasn't a steamroller he very solidly held his own and it never felt like he was trying to railroad Adam but often times his patience showed in how he may have walked away from Adam when things got to explosive (and not in a good way) but once cooler heads could prevail, he came back and was willing to try again. In hindsight I came to realize that while there was a lot of very hot and steamy sex going one, there was also a lot of relationship development happening outside of the bedroom too.


I have to admit this one got rounded up because of the narrator...who was none other than Nick J. Russo an absolute favorite of mine. Once again this narrator is one who I just need to see his name on the audio book and I'm know that my only concern is going to be how much I'll like the actual story because the narration without a doubt will be awesome and once again my faith was not misplaced.


'Lace-Covered Compromise' is another one of those books that for me was a hot and steamy romance perfect for enjoying on a hot steamy summer's afternoon...sitting on your patio or balcony or backyard with a nice cool tropical drink in hand...hey, maybe I should have a do-over on this one.



An audio book of 'Lace-Covered Compromise' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-11-06 00:00
Lace-Covered Compromise
Lace-Covered Compromise - Silvia Violet Review originally posted at Sinfully.

Adam Kingston is rich and privileged and very full of himself. He has always gotten everything he wants, except for his father’s respect and love. When his father dies and leaves half the company to the man he’d taken under his wing, Nate Thomas, Adam vows to do everything he can to get back the company that should be his alone. Unfortunately for him, it’s not going to be easy. With the company financially unstable and a board of directors demanding that Adam and Nate get their act together and work out a plan to save the company, Adam is less willing to compromise than ever. Nate is more of a fighter than Adam thought and it doesn’t help that he is hot as hell.

Adam’s glimpse of Nate’s lace panties in his gym bag and a hate kiss in the office starts off their sexual relationship. Both men have had a bit of lust for the other for years and they couldn’t be more perfect for each other in bed, even if they can still barely be civil to each other at the office. Adam can finally give over control and Nate is happy to be the dominant partner despite his outward charm, easy-going “hippie” nature and the lipstick and lace he wears. There are plenty of sex scenes, plenty of dirty talk and each one is very hot. Most of them also end with Adam’s fears of discovery of his bisexuality and fears of opening up to someone causing a hasty and rude exit.

Told from Adam’s POV, the story really consists of three characters, Nate, Adam and Adam’s best-friend Valerie, but Adam’s late father plays a big role as well. His actions before his death and a surprising letter received after it, really set the whole story in motion. Valerie is a fantastic secondary character. She’s a staunch ally and the only person who sees through Adam’s façade. She’s also the only person who tells him exactly the way things are, whether he likes it or not.

Aside from the smoking hot and sometimes kinky sex, I liked how Nate was able to wear Adam down and get him to start opening up, but also how he was not going to stand for Adam’s poor treatment of him. Nate may be easy going, but he was far from a pushover and that’s just what Adam needed in his life to realize what a complete ass he could be.

I did have a few issues with the story. We get the whole thing from only Adam’s POV which was fine since Nate is very open and straightforward about his feelings while Adam is very closed off. That being said, I would have liked a bit more background on the previous working relationship between the two MCs. They’ve worked in the same company and building for years, were in board meetings together, held high positions and each found the other to be hot. I get that the “knew” each other but didn’t really “know” each other, but I wanted more about their prior interactions considering how quickly they fell into a sort of relationship together.

Also, although Adam had been dealing with anxiety for years and mentions therapy, since his father’s illness he’s been having what he calls panic attacks. He talks about his fight or flight instinct kicking in and not wanting Nate to see him as weak. These episodes didn’t always come across as true panic attacks to me and he’s often able to completely stave them off or, more importantly, a simple word or touch from Nate can calm him. It sometimes felt like he was just having a freak out moment because he thought he did something stupid. I’m not an expert on anxiety, but it was sometimes a bit confusing and I just wish the situation was better explained or that there was some indication that he was still in therapy and doing something about them.

This is a very enjoyable, smoking hot, war of wills, enemies to lovers story with some light Dominant/submissive play. The story moved along quickly and I enjoyed the struggle between the two men both as far as saving the company went and in dealing with their growing feelings for each other. I think it will be a winning read for enemies to lovers fans.

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review 2017-08-29 04:03
Review: Compromised in Paradise by Samanthe Beck
Compromised in Paradise (Compromise Me) (Volume 3) - Samanthe Beck

My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin


Arden St. Sebastian has nearly reached her breaking point. Between playing intermediary for her parents and constantly fielding calls and texts from her father interfering in her personal and professional life, Arden is constantly stressed. So when she spies an incredibly gorgeous man while in Maui for work, she decides it’s time for a little play. Arden was recently burned by a boyfriend who tried to use and blackmail her, so she’s wary of letting this handsome stranger know her identity. So why not enjoy a little fantasy? No names, just one night of fun. Except she’s under so much stress that when things get hot, she isn’t able to fully, well, enjoy it.

Nick Bancroft has no problem going along with the stunning mystery woman’s plan. But when he realizes she’s faking it, he offers her a deal: he’ll help her with her problem if she’ll give him six days of relaxing and exploring Maui. If he succeeds, she’ll tell him her real name. If not, they can part strangers. Only things get more complicated once they realize that their island fling is starting to feel like something more.

Compromised in Paradise is h-o-t HOT. Samanthe Beck has delivered the ultimate fantasy vacation in Arden and Nick’s story. It’s a sensual, fun, wonderfully entertaining read.

Arden and Nick are both incredibly likeable characters, which makes it easy to fall into their romance. Past experience – and multiple reminders of what happened from her father – has made Arden wary of trusting someone to want her, not her name and connections. As for Nick, his past has made him sell himself short when it comes to relationships. While neither of them is looking for more than a one-night stand, when they start their adventure it’s clear that it won’t be long before they’re falling in love. The two of them have fantastic chemistry that makes the pages of Compromised in Paradise fly by. Their erotic adventures are seriously steamy – Nick definitely knows how to show a lady around Maui. But the quieter moments are just as important as the two of them come to realize that a few days in paradise will never be enough.

Compromised in Paradise is the third book in the Compromise Me series, but it can easily be read as a standalone. Fans of the first book, Compromising Her Position, will delight in getting a brief visit with Rafe St. Sebastian (the scenes with him and Arden make me smile). I’ve adored every book by Samanthe Beck that I’ve read and Compromised in Paradise is no exception. It’s sexy, flirty, and just plain fun to read.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: witandsin.blogspot.com/2017/08/review-compromised-in-paradise-by.html
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review 2017-08-27 16:41
Compromised in Paradise (Compromise Me) by Samanthe Beck
Compromised in Paradise (Compromise Me) - Samanthe Beck


Compromised in Paradise will have readers surrendering their minds to lust as they open their hearts to love. Nick and Arden break relationship taboos as they heat of the sheets and navigate through matters of the heart.  Samanthe Beck is at her best when she exposes a little romance to sweeten up the naughty. Ms. Beck shines her brightest with her Compromise Me series novels.

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