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review 2020-04-26 23:30
Abduction (Killer Instinct) - Cynthia Eden

Jill was abducted when she was 13. Hayden, the town bad boy, was the one who rescued her. It turns out Hayden was colored by his father's action. His father was a horrible person (so the son must be too). After Jill's rescue, the town see him in a new light. They become best friends and then lovers. As teenagers do, they break up so Hayden can prove himself worthy of Jill and Jill can go to college and then the FBI.
Fast forward 10 years and Hayden is retired from the Seals, Jill is an FBI agent specializing in child abduction. After a case goes wrong, she comes back to her hometown. She plans on using the time to look into the cold case of the abduction/murder of a girl her age after her escape/rescue.
Both Hayden and Jill are likable, competent characters. They talk and reconnect. They worked well and I liked them together. There is a decent amount of suspense and mystery.
I read this for Romance-opoly Emergency Services Moon track

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review 2019-12-29 23:00
One Hot Holiday - Cynthia Eden

Very cool Christmas story full of action, passion, good characters and an interesting plot. I liked it, not my favorite in the Wilde series, but definitely not dull or boring. This one focuses on Spencer, who we met in other books. This time the setting is his small town where he is the sheriff. Haley is running from a very bad guy and Spencer has an interest in being her hero. We have twisted FBI agents, hired thugs, Wilde agents to assist in the capture of a crime lord from NYC, and a sweet and romantic holiday tale all rolled up into a good story. Definitely a good story to read during the Holidays.

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review 2019-12-05 01:04
Confessions (Harlequin IntrigueThe Battling McGuire) - Cynthia Eden

Not CE's best (by far). I rolled my eyes so much they got stuck in the back of my head. Multiple brothers who are all current/former military and alphas (check and check). Eh.

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review 2019-11-24 02:33
5 Star Hot Holiday
One Hot Holiday - Cynthia Eden


She never expected to have to hide out for the holiday season in the heart of the south, but then again, Haley Quick never expected her ex to want her dead either. But life is full of surprises and she’s in Point Hope, Alabama where her Grinch-self is sticking out like a sore thumb among a town one extra crazy for the holidays. Sheriff Spencer Lane can’t believe his luck as the most beautiful, fascinating woman he’s ever seen has just dropped into this life like a gift from the big guy in red. But as an ex Navy Seal, he knows that Haley’s hiding something and he knows how to be very, very naughty.


Be prepared to get very warm indeed with One Hot Holiday…or should I say one sexy sheriff? Haley and Spencer are two strong, captivating with some fiery chemistry right from the start but with Haley running from her past so there’s plenty of resistance as well. The sheriff is protective and ready to be naughty in several different ways (LOL) but Haley isn’t really a push over and she could be just as feisty and protective.


The plot is fast paced, full of holiday cheer and shenanigans as well as excitement and suspense as the bad guys come to town in search of Haley. So along with a few laughs and lots of red hot passion, there is some twists and turns to keeps readers on their toes and ensures that this romance is one spicy read that makes their toes curl in delight.


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review 2019-10-26 00:41
5 Slay All Day Stars
Slay All Day - Cynthia Eden


He was created to fight monsters. Taking out vamps, shifters, demons…it’s all in a night’s work for Harrison Key. There’s nothing else in this world for him until he meets her. He saved her and he intended to walk away, but Elise Aine had other plans. She desperately needs his protection and she’ll pay any price. But what Harrison doesn’t know…could just kill him. Elise isn’t human and she’s got big plans for Harrison. He just needs to let his wild side out to play.


‘Slay All Day’ is a bit of a twisted fairy tale full of suspense, rockin’ emotions, betrayals, secrets and a rip roarin’ romance that shouts “MINE!” to the rafters! The chemistry between Harrison and Elise is fully charged and ready to rock their worlds but this spirited relationship has a bit of an issue – monster hunters don’t have relationships… Lots of heated passion, emotional turmoil and some chuckle worthy, arguments flow throughout this relationship building and readers can’t help but enjoy the ride.


The plot is fast paced with suspense, action and excitement building throughout which keeps readers on an adrenaline high but add in some ‘really?’ twists, some ‘OMG’ twists, some ‘heck yea!’ twists and ‘no way’ twists and you get non-stop, nerve racking action with a side of fun and a courtship that defies everything that readers thought they knew because no one is who or what they seem in this energetic read.


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