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review 2018-05-08 00:00
Love, love, love
Transformers: Lost Light #17 - James Roberts,Jack Lawrence

I still love this series, and this universe.  I'm crush that it's all going to be imploded, or exploded, or... well, it's going away.   But I'm especially crushed by this issue. 


They're all what now?  My heart may not be able to take this to the end because of all the feels.   I'm afraid I'll wallow and get spoiler-y, so that's that.

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text 2018-05-04 14:31
One of my favorite authors wrote this on Twitter
Transformers: Lost Light #12 - James Roberts,Jack Lawrence
Transformers: Lost Light #13 - Alex Milne,James Lamar Roberts
Transformers: Lost Light #2 - James Roberts,Jack Lawrence



I shouldn't be laughing so hard, but 'Good luck with Ebola...' cracks me up every time.   

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review 2018-05-01 16:03
So this is how MTMtE was supposed to end
Transformers: Lost Light #16 - James Roberts,Jack Lawrence

At least according to James Roberts; he's been kind, and pleasant and truthful so far so I see no reason for him to lie about this.   I am interested to see how he was going to end the series originally - although it's bittersweet.   


He's leaving the fandom for a bit, and I'm crushed.   Will I follow him as an author?   Probably?   It really depends on if his next writing project really grabs me.   But this issue. 


Let's just talk about this issue.   This issue makes me think I will pick up whatever he writes next.   All the feels.   Is the crew of the Lost Light in the afterlife?   Maybe.   Maybe not, but nothing really makes sense either way, and you have theories from both sides from the crew. 


Not sure where this will go, but I'm eager to find out. 

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review 2018-04-14 00:00
Grey Sister
Grey Sister - Mark Lawrence 3.75 stars

I was really excited to get my hands on Grey Sister, and when I finally had an opportunity to sit down and read it, I had mixed results. Again. I love this story when Nona is not at the Convent of Sweet Mercy. Thankfully, a spiteful novice sends Nona packing about 40% of the way through. Then Nona has to rely on her courage, wits, and abilities to keep herself alive in an exceedingly dangerous world. With the ice ever creeping into the Corridor, the tensions between the people of Abeth are at a fever pitch. Competition over land is fierce and deadly. Nona and the Sisters of Mercy are caught up in a plot to shake up the power base in the Empire, and any wrong move can mean their death.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, because part of the fun was being manipulated by both Glass and Sherzal. Like the reader, Nona is a helpless pawn in the game being played between the two women, and she is buffeted along a treacherous path that she can’t avoid.

After being accused of crimes punishable by death, Nona must flee the convent, the only home she’s ever truly known. Helplessly, she finds herself going back to where everything began: the village of her birth. As she tries to piece together the puzzle that brought her to Sweet Mercy, she finds herself captured by mortal enemies. Her plight looks dire, and I wondered how she would get out of the mess she was in. Nona’s thirst for vengeance is a double-edged sword. It gets her so much trouble. She’s still a teenager, and she’s managed to earn the animosity of a secretive assassin clan, a powerful noble family, and the inquisitors. People skills will never be her strong suit.

The battle scenes are fun and furious, and unquestionably one of my favorite aspects of this series. Glass’s subtle manipulation of everyone around her was also a treat. She may not be a fighter, but she still manages to earn one victory after another over her opponents. I wish Zole hadn’t gone AWOL for part of the story because she is my second favorite character, and if she had been around, the fights would have been even more action-packed. She does reappear right when she’s needed the most, and I have high hopes that she and Nona will wreak some havoc in the next book in the series.
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review 2018-04-08 00:00
Red Sister
Red Sister - Mark Lawrence
I don’t know if words are sufficient to express how much I love this book. It’s just wonderful and I don’t know what to say. Before I get on to the actual review, I just want to say that I’m Catholic, going to a Catholic college and at first I was worried that I wouldn’t like this book because it might feel similar. It kind of does when it comes to describing nuns but it’s a fantasy book. They worship a fantasy god. I got over it quickly. Plus awesome, badass murder nuns.

To start, this book has one of the best prologues I’ve ever read. Short, succinct, and to the point. No infodumping, just beautifully written tension amongst lyrical prose. I loved it and the scenes throughout the book continuing it were some of the best parts, providing some of the best twists in the book.

This book stars Nona Grey, a little girl taken in by the Convent of Sweet Mercy as a novice. It chronicles her as she goes through Red Class and Grey Class. I enjoyed the depiction of her classes because it shows us that Nona isn’t invincible. She isn’t some sort of invulnerable heroine who always wins. Here, she’s depicted constantly training and honing her skills. I think that’s always essential in books featuring characters who fight because it makes more sense that way. In fact, for practically most of her fights, she loses. The moments where she wins were amazing and almost always tied back to her fierce loyalty to her friends.

I love how Nona is so loyal to her friends. She’s had so few of them that you can see how much she really treasures those closest to her. At first, I would ask why she was so secretive, why she would lie to her friends. By the end of the book, I got my answer and it was so satisfying to get there because it all starts making sense.

I mentioned that this book has twists. It has so many of them, some even turning standard fantasy tropes on their head. Many times I would try to predict something only to be wrong. It’s great. I almost never see things coming and it kept me on my toes because I was dying to find out what happens next. Most of that is due to how tense the scenes were and how great the fight scenes were written. They were great and kind of kept things realistic.

I don’t want to say any more and spoil things so I’ll just say I recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t mind something dark and violent and also involves children.

This review is also on The Bookworm Daydreamer
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