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text 2023-12-21 09:28
The 4 Best Yoga Poses To Try for Neck Pain Relieve

Neck pain is very frequent and can be caused by a variety of circumstances. These include recurrent forward movement patterns, poor posture, and the habit of holding your head in one position.


It doesn't take much to produce pain in this area of your body, and that pain can easily spread to your shoulders and back. Headaches and even injuries can result from neck pain.


Yoga is a fantastic method for relieving neck pain. In at least one study, persons who practiced yoga for nine weeks experienced pain reduction and functional benefits. You can learn to release any tension in your body through practice.


Yoga may be beneficial in the treatment of persistent neck pain.


1. Cat cow pose

Tension can be released by flexing and stretching the neck.

  1. Begin on all fours, hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips.
  2. Allow your tummy to fill with air and drop toward the floor as you inhale.
  3. Look up toward the ceiling while allowing your head to fall back slightly.
  4. Keep your head here or gently lower your chin.
  5. Turn to glance over your right shoulder as you exhale.
  6. Return your attention to the center after a few moments.
  7. Look over your left shoulder as you exhale.
  8. Hold that position for a few seconds before returning to the center.
  9. Tuck your chin into your chest and curve your spine from here.
  10. Hold this stance while allowing your head to dangle down.
  11. Shake your head side to side, then forward and backward.
  12. Continue the flowing motion of the cat-cow position for at least 1 minute after these variations.


2. Half lord of the fishes pose

The spine, shoulders, and hips are all stretched by this twist.

  1. Sit on the floor and put your right foot on the outside of your left hip.
  2. Bend your left knee and cross it over your right leg, allowing your left foot to be "rooted" into the floor to the outside of your right thigh.
  3. Stretch your spine and then twist to the left with your upper body.
  4. Place your left hand behind your buttocks on the floor.
  5. Bring your right arm up and around your left leg.
  6. Turn your head to look over either shoulder or make mild forward and backward neck movements.
  7. Hold this stance for one minute.
  8. Then repeat on the other side.


3. Cow face pose

The cow face position stretches and opens the chest and shoulders.

  1. Sit down in a comfortable position.
  2. Raise your left hand and bend the elbow so your palm can reach your back.
  3. Pull your left elbow to the right with your right raised hand.
  4. Hold this stance for 30 seconds.
  5. Then repeat on the opposite side.


4. Extended puppy pose

This pose is excellent for stress relief and stretching your back and shoulders.

  1. Start on all fours, with your wrists directly beneath your shoulders and your knees directly beneath your hips.
  2. Lift your heels and walk your hands forward to rise onto your toes.
  3. Bring your buttocks down toward your heels slowly, pausing halfway.
  4. Keep your arms engaged and your elbows elevated.
  5. Place your brow on the floor or a blanket.
  6. Allow your neck to relax completely.
  7. Maintain a tiny bend in your lower back as you press into your hands, stretch your arms, and drag your hips down into your heels.
  8. For 1 minute, hold.



If those exercises do not relieve your neck pain, you may consider going to a doctor. You may try to find a neck pain specialist by googling or asking friends, who had the same problem. Weather way, check their qualification first.

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photo 2022-07-31 18:39
Down Dog Yoga App Review: Good Yoga App for People with Hectic Schedule

The down dog yoga app illustrates how a well-designed app can appeal to people. There are no distracting pop-ups like other free apps. Read more https://digitalsushma.com/down-dog-yoga-app-review-good-yoga-app-for-people-with-hectic-schedule/

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url 2022-07-31 15:24
Down Dog Yoga App Review: Good Yoga App for People with Hectic Schedule

The down dog yoga app illustrates how a well-designed app can appeal to people. There are no distracting pop-ups like other free apps.

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text 2022-02-18 13:40
Top 9 Weighty Reasons to Practice Yoga Every Day That You Should Know About

Yoga is an ancient practice that combines precise physical postures, deep breathing, and mental focus, dating back over 5,000 years. Today, yoga is still popular since it is available for everyone. You don’t need to be skilled or have some expensive tools to practice yoga. Moreover, it has a lot of health benefits that can help improve your well-being. Here is a list of the top nine weighty reasons to practice yoga every day that you should know about. 


1.  Yoga helps alleviate depression

All kinds of physical exercises can help improve your condition if you suffer from depression and yoga is not an exception. Increased cortisol levels reduce your body's capacity to produce serotonin (the happy hormone dopamine), which is responsible for reward and motivation. Yoga can help lower cortisol levels and positively affect your depression.


2. Yoga increases flexibility

One of the most widely claimed advantages of yoga is increased flexibility. You may notice a difference in your mobility after practicing yoga daily for a few minutes whether you're quite bendy or rigid as a board. Slow movements and deep breathing help to warm up muscles and boost blood flow, while maintaining a position can help you gain strength.


3. Yoga helps lose weight

If you want to lose weight but visiting a gym is not for you, you can start practicing yoga at home. For example, restorative yoga is practiced at a very slow pace with long holds and lots of deep breathing. So you may lose extra pounds and make your muscles stronger without exhausting workouts. 


4.  Yoga helps cope with stress

Yoga can give you peace of mind and help you feel less stressed. It helps you to be present at the moment and to approach life with calmness. You may enhance the way you deal with stressful and worrisome circumstances by training your mind to think more optimistically and calmly.


5. Yoga eases back pain

Do you suffer from lower back pain? If yes, then it’s high time to try yoga. Regular practice can help reduce muscle tension that can make your back hurt. However, if you have some spinal conditions, it is better to consult your doctor beforehand. 


6. Yoga improves posture

Poor posture can have a lot of negative effects on your health like back pain, breathing issues, headaches, problems with digestion, and spinal curvatures. Practicing yoga daily encourages you to walk taller and sit more straight at your work, which helps to improve posture.


7. Yoga helps improve heart health

Yoga is a heart-healthy practice, especially if you do it daily. When paired with dietary adjustments and stress management, yoga has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and even prevent the development of heart disease. It also helps to improve blood circulation and decrease blood pressure.


8. Yoga helps sleep better

Another advantage of regular yoga practices is that they help you fall asleep faster. Including a regular yoga exercise program in your schedule can help you cope with the stress of everyday life. Additionally, any type of physical activity (including yoga) promotes a good night's sleep. This is because exercising boosts endorphin production that promotes the release of a sleep hormone called melatonin.


9. Yoga reduces migraine headaches

A migraine is an episodic headache characterized by acute head pain that can be accompanied by impaired vision, slurred speech, and nausea in severe cases. Episodes can range in length from an hour to many days. As mentioned above, yoga improves blood flow throughout the body. The more oxygen enters the brain, the more it can assist the body in performing at its best.


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text 2021-09-20 08:28
8 Weighty Reasons to Practice Yoga You Should Be Aware Of


Exercising and various activities have a lot of health benefits. Yoga is one of the most popular practices that can help you cope with many issues, both physical and mental. The main thing is that yoga practice doesn't require any special tools (except for a mat) or skills. This means that anyone, regardless of age or gender, can do yoga. In this article, we have gathered eight weighty reasons to practice yoga you should be aware of.


1. Yoga helps cope with the stress

If your life is full of stress and anxiety, it's high time to try yoga. In combination with aromatherapy and meditation, it can do wonders for you. While practicing yoga, you will focus on inner calmness and peace. Additionally, yoga poses (asanas) require concentration that will also help you get rid of annoying thoughts.


2. Yoga helps lose weight

Even though yoga practice doesn't guarantee significant weight loss, it can still help you get rid of a few extra pounds. But you should understand that regularity and mindfulness are essential if you want to have visible changes. Indeed, if you practice yoga a few days a month, you will not receive the desired results. If everyday exercising is too much for you, try to practice yoga at least a few times a week.


3. Yoga relieves headaches

Yoga, as any other physical activity, boosts the production of chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals are responsible for a good mood and cheerfulness. However, they also have pain-relieving properties. So if you suffer from headaches, you may practice yoga instead of taking pain medications. 


4. Yoga eases pain during periods

As mentioned above, yoga increases the production of endorphins. These chemicals can help you ease your pain during periods as well. Additionally, concentration and light self-massage during exercise can reduce cramping. Additionally, there are certain yoga poses that can help relax your pelvic muscles and relieve pain during periods.


5. Yoga helps increase flexibility

If lifting something from the floor or tying shoelaces became difficult for you, yoga can help increase your flexibility. A limited range of motion is a quite common issue for people who maintain a sedentary lifestyle. Daily or at least regular exercise will help improve your flexibility and make you feel less stiff. 


6. Yoga helps improve breathing issues

One of the main principles of yoga is to teach you how to breathe deeply and properly. So if you suffer from shortness of breath or any other breathing issue, you can try to do yoga on a regular basis. However, it is better to consult your healthcare provider beforehand to be aware that there are no contraindications.


7. Yoga helps ease back pain

Back pain is an extremely common issue for many people, especially if they maintain a sedentary lifestyle. The point is that prolonged sitting can make the muscles of your back stiff and tense, and this can result in back pain. Yoga can help relax tense muscles and make them strong. Additionally, yoga can help you treat cervical degenerative disc disease and many other spinal conditions as a part of your treatment plan.


8. Yoga fights depression

There are a lot of researches that have found that yoga can decrease symptoms of depression. In addition to the fact that yoga increases the production of endorphins and serotonin, it can also improve your sleep. The point is that many people with depression have poor sleep. So yoga can help them sleep and feel better. If you feel depressed or your depression treatment is not working well, you can discuss the benefits of yoga practice with your doctor.

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