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text 2018-01-15 00:51
16 Festive Tasks - The Prize (Part 2)

... and following (almost) straight on the heels of MbD's post, here is part 2 of your prize and our donation:


So, not only did you all earn enough points to furnish a mobile library in Africa with almost 30 books, the points you earned also make it possible to teach a child in Africa or Asia for a whole year.  Yey for all of you -- as MbD said, you guys rock!

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text 2017-04-03 13:01
Charity - LIFT 4 Autism 2017

LIFT 4 Autism Online Auction: Monday, April 24 - Friday, April 28

Autism. A mystery to some. A way of life for others.


A cause for all since it is now the fastest growing and most common disability in the US. 1 in every 68 children are diagnosed with Autism. Many of these kids will rely on their parents to some degree, depending on severity, all their lives, with estimated costs between 5 to 7 million dollars in services and care over their lifetime. Many of the services those living with Autism require are not covered by insurance. It is an expensive and difficult lifelong diagnosis to navigate.


Authors Ginger Scott and Kennedy Ryan started LIFT 4 Autism a few years ago as a charitable initiative rallying the romance reading community in April, which is Autism Awareness/Acceptance month.


All proceeds go to this year’s charitable partner Kulture City, who is doing amazing things for Autism families. Discover more about them at kulturecity.org. Specifically, LIFT will benefit Kulture City’s lifeBOKS program, which provides families with free kits to curtail wandering, a common and potentially life threatening challenge. Proceeds will also benefit Kulture City’s tablet program, which provides iPads to improve communication for non and limited verbal children on the spectrum to families who cannot afford them.




  1. Online Auction, featuring many of your favorite romance authors!

Find the full list here: http://lift4autism.com/contact. If you are an author and want to donate, sign up here.


Browse all the amazing items up for bid here: charityauction.bid/lift4autism The auction will be LIVE and open for bidding Monday, April 24 - Friday, April 28.  


  1. 1-Click the YA Fantasy Anthology Ever In the After for 99¢
insta 6 
  *All proceeds go to LIFT 4 Autism!  
  1. Buy LIFT Wear! (t-shirts, mugs, totes, etc...)

https://teespring.com/Lift2017 LFIT 2017 t-shirt

  1. Make a financial donation through the LIFT Campaign.

DONATE here: https://www.kulturecity.org/lovewithoutwords/lift-4-autism/#lwow-donate  

Don’t miss a thing this month!

*Subscribe to the LIFT mailing list at lift4autism.com.
*Follow us on Instagram:
*Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LIFT4Autism
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review 2016-09-19 12:16
My Teacher
My Teacher - James Ransome

This is a wonderful book for K-2nd grade!  The book My Teacher is about a student trying to figure out why her teacher, who could have retired years ago, continues to stay at their school teaching.  Throughout the book, she thinks of all the reasons she might still be there.  This book would be great for Black History Month.  There are mentions of Langston Hughes, Duke Ellington, and the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem.  It would also be good to teach about donating to the needy.  There is a can drive in the classroom and it explains how you never know what a classmate is going through in their personal life.  This book would be a great first day book to read to because it explains why teachers do what they do!

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photo 2016-07-20 01:53
My new 'do

My new short 'do with purple highlights. I wanted to do something fun after my 6th hair donation. I like it. I'm the fun and sassy grandma! :D

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text 2015-10-09 16:37
CHBB New Releases: Introducing Encompass Teen!
Joey's Choice - Piper Kay
Hope and Love Anthology (A Donation Anthology for the Milwaukee LGBTQ Community Center Book 1) - Carlos Milla Soler,Hope Munoz Ryan,David Spicer,Aine P Massie,Jocelyn Sanchez,Piper Kay,Elaine White,Tempeste O'Riley,Victoria Kinnaird,M. LeAnne Phoenix
The Red Sun Rises - Victoria Kinnaird
Dear Adam - Jaclyn Osborn
Cogs in Time Volume Three (The Steamworks Series Book 3) - Catherine Stovall,Lexi Ostrow,Nicole L. Daffurn,Andrea L. Staum,Beth W. Patterson,Samantha Allard,Timothy Black,Michelle Cornwell Jordan,Wayne Carey,Steve Cook
Waiting for No One - Erica Allaire
Stake-Out - Lily Luchesi
Dead and Disorderly (Behind the Blue Line Series Book 2) - Alexis D. Craig
Shadowstorm (The Storm Chronicles Book 4) - Skye Knizley
Whitby After Dark (Lenore Lee Tales Book 1) - Stella Coulson




.99¢ SALE!
‪#‎StarTrek‬ and ‪#‎FinalFantasy‬ collide in this epic YA SciFi Bestseller!
Tiva Boon- http://amzn.to/1N3j8VD



‪#‎Free‬ on ‪#‎KU‬ An Emotional Rollercoaster! ‪#‎Mystery‬ ‪#‎YA‬ ‪#‎Ghosts‬
Don't Forget to Breathe- smarturl.it/dontforgettobreathe



Mature ‪#‎YAfiction‬ ‪#‎Dystopian‬ ‪#‎scifi‬ ‪#‎horror‬
The Tree Makers- http://amzn.to/1KjiteD



My name is Abigail Park. I am a survivor.
#YA #Dystopian ‪#‎Fantasy‬
ARV3- http://amzn.to/1OJqaAZ

Hot Ink Press


.99¢ SALE!
Curiousity is a dangerous thing.
‪#‎Erotic‬ ‪#‎BDSM‬ #KU
The Devil's Gate- smarturl.it/TheDevilsGatebookone



Will they settle their differences?
Book four of the Queen of Kings series releases 10-15
Start with book one- http://amzn.to/1WRfrHm
#Erotic ‪#‎Thriller‬ ‪#‎Suspense‬ #KU 18+



Will he complete the family he always wanted?
Book three of the Kings of Chaos series releases 10-27
Start with book one- http://amzn.to/1N3nNa0
#Erotic #Thriller #Suspense #KU 18+



Sometimes we just need to be saved . . .
#Erotic ‪#‎ShortStory‬ #KU 18+

Encompass Ink


We'd never even spoken and I couldn't get her out of my head.
‪#‎Lesbian‬ ‪#‎Romance‬ #KindleUnlimited



Does love have a cost?
#MM #Erotic #Romance #KU
18+ http://amzn.to/1P3mbAz



One moment…that’s all it takes for life as you once knew it to change irrevocably.
#MM #Romance #KindleUnlimited
18+ http://amzn.to/1WRggzO



Two hearts long separated find each other again.
#MM #BDSM #Erotic #Romance #KU
18+ http://amzn.to/1RxX5rP



Her dreams may hold the key to her survival...
#DarkFiction #Paranormal #Fantasy #KU



Raven steps into the darkness, determined to catch the killer before another woman dies.
#Paranormal #Mystery #Thriller #Suspense #KU



The living have the right to remain silent, the dead, not so much…
#Paranormal #Mystery #Thriller #Suspense #KU



In a city overrun with the undead, an ex-cop is given a chance to get revenge...
#Paranormal #Mystery #Thriller #Suspense #KU

Steamworks Ink


Grace must navigate both the perils of the colonies and the dangers to her own heart.
#Steampunk #Historical #Romance #KU



Another turn of the cogs brings you the third installment in the Cogs in Time Anthology collection.
#Steampunk #Anthologies #CogsInTime #KU



Is there a future where personal privacy is protected over corporate power?
#Steampunk #Cyberpunk #Fantasy #KU

Encompass Teen


I didn't mean to cause anyone pain. I just wanted to end my own.
#YA #MM #Romance #Depression #KU



Eren Anderson is a freak among freaks.
#Paranormal #MM #Romance #KU



Joey wakes every morning dreading what the day ahead may have in store for him
#YA #MM #Romance #Depression #KU



It starts with hope.
#LGBTQ #Teen #Support
#KU http://amzn.to/1N3pLYb

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