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text 2017-01-26 14:07
REVIEW BY AMY - Death and Donuts (Frankie and Josh Mystery #3) by Stan Schatt
Death and Donuts - Stan Schatt
Hollywood stars! Politicians! Betrayal! Murder! And a by-the-book cop just trying to do her job in the middle of it all.

To solve the murder of a movie star just weeks before the Academy Awards, Detective Frankie Ryan has to navigate through a web of Hollywood secrets and political landmines, not to mention the "old boys club" in her own police department. The presence of a new designer drug and the deaths it is tallying up threaten to hinder her investigation and leave her without a suspect—and maybe out of a job. Even with the aid of psychic reporter Josh Harrell, there is more confusion around every corner. Trusted friends will turn on her, leaving her unsure who to believe and who might be in on the murder and conspiracy. 

Can Frankie discover the killer before it is too late?


Source: sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/amy/deathanddonutsfrankieandjoshmystery3bystanschatt
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text 2016-04-23 17:45
Hour 4 of Dewey!

A nap may, or may not, have happened already when a warm cat had me face planting in my Graphic Novel. Still, I have managed to finish my first book by 9am! I took a break to run up the road and snag us some donuts. Now that I'm refueled, I need to pick a new book...now this is the problem.  


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review 2015-10-23 15:54
Kay Walker – By Way of Vegan Donuts
By Way of Vegan Donuts - Kay Walker

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Simon moves to Alberta to help out his widowed sister-in-law at her bookstore. When he is given a welcome gift of a vegan donut, he’s willing to go outside his comfort zone a bit and get to know the baker, an outgoing sweetheart named Benji.

Definitely loved the fact that Simon is a vegan and that Benji is respectful of that. Simon really is sweet, trying to do the right thing for Barbara and his niece, making sure there is no problem with him dating and everything.

This is a fluffy story of two charming men who meet and get to know each other. No angst, no miscommunications. Just sweet. And when Benji surprises Simon at the restaurant, I totally understood how excited he was – I’ve had that experience! The story is just really cute.


Source: heartsonfirereviews.com/review-kay-walker-by-way-of-vegan-donuts
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review 2015-07-27 17:05
ARC Review: By Way Of Vegan Donuts by Kay Walker
By Way of Vegan Donuts - Kay Walker

This was super cute and adorably flufftastic, with two young men who are both a bit on the shy side, but figure things out anyway.

No real conflict, just a super sweet, fluffy, adorable romance. One of the MCs is a vegan booknerd, the other is a baker, a bit more outgoing, who also falls hard and fast. These two really complement each other. Where Simon was socially awkward, Benji made up for it with his personality, and where Benji was a little insecure, Simon made up for it in other ways.


I believed their romance, even if it was compressed into less than 50 pages, and I bought their HFN.

Also, fab SIL for Simon. Great supporting cast.

Just really cute. Good flow, good writing, no insta-love, nicely done.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **

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review 2015-07-22 20:27
By Way of Vegan Donuts (Kay Walker)
By Way of Vegan Donuts - Kay Walker

3.5 stars

Simon moves to the small town of Canmore, Alberta, to help his sister-in-law after his older brother (her husband) passed away. A week after he arrives, he receives a welcome gift from Benji works at a café down the street: the welcome gift is a package of vegan donuts. Apparently Benji hears from Simon’s sister-in-law about him (and him being a vegan) and he wants to try out some vegan recipes. Simon then visits Benji to say thanks and well, there is attraction and friendship soon follows.

I must admit that the word “Vegan Donuts” on the title was what caught my eyes. It was intriguing. Then I thought the blurb promised a sweet story to go along with it. And I totally got what I expected. The tone of this story was laid-back – there wasn’t huge drama looming over it. Both Simon and Benji were likeable characters. Simon was a bit shy; he loved his books and his tea. While Benji was more outgoing (he said that he used to be one of the jocks in school); he loved his adventure and sports. But the two of them clicked and they enjoyed each other's company. We also had secondary characters in form of Simon’s sister-in-law and his niece, which added to the realistic day-to-day feel to it.

I loved reading the backdrop of a Canadian small town. We had the men hiking the mountain and staring out at the beautiful Lake Louise. I could imagine the beautiful scenery – definitely looked like a postcard in my head – and I wish I could be there myself.

Bottom line, I think By Way of Vegan Donuts is a sweet, light-angst, conflict-free, and low-steam story with two likeable characters. Bonus for the vegan character, although it would be nice to see more vegan-related food or menu (*grin*).

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