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review 2017-03-20 02:18
Harmless (Pier 70 Book 4) - Nicole Edwards

This is book #4, in the Pier 70 series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader enjoyment and understanding, without the spoilers, I recommend reading in order.


Roan has a past with Colton AKA Seg, a past he wants no one to know about.  Aside from the pain and humiliation it brings, it could be detrimental to Colton's career.  Roan knows that nothing short of a miracle would change things.  He also knows he has too much on his plate now to look back.


Colton has never wanted anything the way he wants just a chance of a future with Roan.  One that does not seem to be mutual.  Can he change the man's mind before it's too late?


There is so much to this story.  I was eagerly turning pages.  This book has rich characters with serious heart.  The story also calls for some heat.  Really good read with characters you can enjoy again and again.  This will be one I add to my permanent shelf.  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2017-03-11 20:45
A Bold One for God
A Bold One for God - Charles G. Edwards

Although he did not begin the Reformation in Scotland, John Knox has become its most identifiable proponent not only in the almost 450 years since his death but also during the last 25 years of his life.  In A Bold One for God, Charles G. Edwards writes a brief 160 page biography of “a not-so-well-known reformer” that served not only God but his nation as well.


Edwards’ biography of Knox begins in his early 30s after his conversion to Protestantism and his interactions with martyr George Wishart and how the influential preacher told him to remain a tutor to his pupils until God needed him.  In the reaction after Wishart’s execution, Knox was asked to preach by Wishart’s followers to lead their congregation after they had assassinated the Cardinal of St. Andrews.  His accepts and his powerful preaching began his rise as a man of note in the Reformation movement in Scotland while also resulting in his imprisonment after the movement is crushed for a time.  Over the course of the next 12 years, Knox serves as a galley slave before living in exile in England then Geneva and Frankfurt then back to Geneva with a brief visit to Scotland in-between.  In 1559, Knox returned to Scotland permanently and became a not only the leading Protestant preacher in the nation but also one with significant political power as he contended with the queen regent Mary of Guise then her daughter Mary, Queen of Scots, and then under the regents of the young James VI.


In the synopsis above, I have hardly scratched the surface of John Knox’s life and career.  Unfortunately Charles Edwards did the same in this short biography as well.  Although his intended audience is easy identifiable for young adults through his writing style and larger font, Edwards doesn’t treat his audience with respect by crediting them with any intelligence and made his subject less than what he was.  Through reconstructed conversations and paraphrasing of others, Edwards endeavored to give Knox’s life more depth but only made the man appear simple and artificial to the reader which seemed to indicate a condescending attitude towards his readers.


While Edwards does give an accurate picture of the chronology and historical background of John Knox’s life that does not make up for the lack of depth and unintended sterilization of his subject.  The lack of discussion of Knox’s first 30 years of life and the, most likely unintentional, patronizing attitude towards his readers severely undercuts the worth of A Bold One for God.

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review 2017-03-03 12:54
The University of Corporeal and Ethereal Studies
The University of Corporeal and Ethereal Studies (Students of Madness Book 1) - Wolfgang Edwards

The University of Corporeal and Ethereal Studies deals with all types of science, both natural and supernatural, physical and unseen.  Through eight interwoven yet standalone stories I was able to experience many different aspects of what one might study at the University of Corporeal and Ethereal Studies, the different types of people involved in the college and the very interesting town that is shaped around the college.  With any collection of stories, there were some stories that I liked better than others.  Each story followed a different subject in the science fiction and fantasy genres; my personal preferences were for time travel and lucid dreaming, so there is probably at least one story in here for everyone.  From each of the stories I had a wonderful sense of characterization and there was a diverse cast as well.  In many of the stories I enjoyed that there was a dark element, a warning that these branches of science are both amazing and dangerous.  My only complaint was that some of the stories felt very heavy, some warranting a long break before I picked up the book again and that the eight separate stories made for quite a long read ending at over 600 pages.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review. 

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text 2017-02-03 07:05
Blog Tour - Distraction

Title: Distraction
Series: Club Destiny
Author: Nicole Edwards
Genre: Adult, Erotic Romance
Published: January 31, 2017
Time doesn’t always heal a broken heart. Sometimes the only thing it does is fill the darkness with more shadows, more pain.

Dylan Thomas has spent the past decade living in the shadows, mourning the loss of his wife, his best friend, his very reason for breathing. He long ago accepted that he would never feel again, that he was damned to a world without light, without hope. That was the day the bottle won, and he gave himself over to the darkness.

Until the one night that rocked his brittle, crumbling world on its axis. She told him what they shared was simply a distraction, a way to forget for a little while. It would’ve been, except the tiny glimpse of how it feels to live again, to feel again, gives him the strength he needs to pull himself up by his boot straps. But sobriety comes one day at a time, and three years later may be three years too late.


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review 2016-12-23 02:30
some sweet moments here and there
Operation White Christmas: An Escape to the Country Novella - Nicki Edwards

I LOVED Operation White Christmas so much at the beginning, but then somehow it lost its momentum and the dialogue turned cringe-worthy.  While I realized from the get go that this was a short read at around 90 pages, I still felt like Hollie and Jim got together way too fast. It was unbelievable and unrealistic.


Operation White Christmas really should have been expanded to give the characters more depth and the story more time to develop, then I think it would have been a better read.


There were still sweet moments here and there, and if you're willing to suspend your disbelief, you can enjoy this with a cozy blanket and mug of hot chocolate on a snowy day.

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