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review 2017-10-08 14:10
Legend of Love: Muse of Epic Poetry - Callie - Lisa Kessler

*Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book from Netgalley and Lisa Kessler in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my rating or the content of my review in any way.


I'm completely in love with this series, and I'm waiting anxiously for each and every book in this series. The second book in this series takes the story further, by introducing a new Guardian, Hunter, but also by making the villains more evil and scarier, maybe even a little bit deranged.


Hunter is an interesting choice for a Guardian. I like how his military career was portrayed and how it played into his role as a Guardian. I also liked the fact that he didn't have the same gift as Nate, so I'm assuming each Guardian will have different gifts. I'm also assuming that their gifts are somehow tied to what the Muse they're protecting.


Callie was a great heroine. I like how she dedicates herself to working with military men and women, to help them heal from traumas from being in war zones. The thing I liked most about her is that she's not perfect, she has a little bit of a wildness in her, due to her Muse, that she tries a lot to keep under control.


I liked Callie and Hunter together, they make a great team, and I liked the little glimpse into Mel and Nate's future. The pacing was great, and there were a few developments in the overall story, that of some really deranged people trying to keep the Muses from opening up the Theater of the Muses, that I'm very curious to see how it will play out in the future books.


All in all, a great book and one that any urban fantasy lover should add to their TBR piles.

Source: rubys-books.blogspot.com
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review 2017-08-26 14:26
Legend of Love: Muse of Epic Poetry - Callie - Lisa Kessler

Legend of Love by Lisa Kessler is the second book in the Muse Chronicles series. If I were to make a comparison with the previous book. I would have to say this my favourite.

What the story is about.

Legend of Love is Callie O’Connor’s story. Callie is a woman of adventure, but when the muse epic poetry came alive within her, her life was never the same. To escape the effects of what her muse does to her she moved across the country and took a job as a civilian psychologist for the Navy while leading her sister muses in their quest to reopen the Theatre of the Muses. She is determined to stay single and made a pact to remain dateless and single until the theatre was completed. However, she never counted on meeting Hunter Armstrong, a Navy Seal, who is determined to break down her barriers and do his best to protect her from the evil at hand.

The Story

The story picked up from where book one left off. The threat to the muses is not over. Instead of weakening, it intensified. The Order of the Titans are determined to put an end the inspiration of this generation, that means killing the muses, and Callie is on their radar.

The story began on a strong note and maintained that pace to the end. We learn more about The Order of the Titans. Based on their actions, I would say they are fanatics, which makes them deadly. However, I found them to be inefficient in their quest to kill the muses.

The theme that intrigued me most about this series was how Greek mythology was incorporated with present day events. The intensity of the action scenes kept me glued to the pages. My eagerness to discover how the events would unfold kept me turning the pages.

I loved how the romance unfolded. Callie and Hunters’ connection was instantaneous, which I expected due to the legend surrounding the guardian and his muse. However, the romance developed at a pace that was befitting the characters. I appreciated their attempts at getting to know each other before rushing into the carnal aspect of their relationship.

There was a particular scene which I found emotional. Reading that scene made me feel sad but placed a smile on my face.

The Characters
Character development was well executed. Callie’s past is riddled with secrets and as a result, she is scared to get close to Hunter. She believes she would cause heartbreak for any man she gets close to and so getting involved with Hunter was out of the question.

Hunter is a troubled soul. He joined the military to help his family. However, his duty to his country prevented him from sharing in important events in their lives. Added to that, he is struggling with the guilt of leaving behind a team member during his last deployment. Meeting Callie would bring changes to his life in ways he never anticipated.

I loved Callie and Hunter together. He helped her to move past her fears and seize her destiny. With Hunter, she learnt she need not fear who she had become. She helped him to see that he need not feel guilty about his family or his friend.

I thought this was a great addition to the series. I can’t wait to see what next the author has in store for this series.

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review 2016-04-06 00:00
Before I Wake: Two Epic Love Stories. Two Earth Shattering Twist
Before I Wake: Two Epic Love Stories. Tw... Before I Wake: Two Epic Love Stories. Two Earth Shattering Twist - Seven Steps,Isabella Santiago ***** Rebecca's 5 Star Review ***** 5 Dreams and Screams

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.

These we're very short but interesting and enjoyable stories. Plaything was like reading an episode of the twilight zone. You could really feel the characters confusion and frustration. It gives you a crazy twist and just when you think you know where it is going... Nope got you again...

The Cottage was a sweet mysterious love story gone horribly wrong. The characters are very likeable. Just when you think its like all the others you get smacked with reality and then another twist.

Both stories are very well written their only downfall is they feel unfinished. Like Chapter one of two amazing novels. I really hope the author picks these stories up and runs with them. I bet they could easily be five star stand alone novels. The reason for only three stars is I want more please keep it coming. Serious cliffhangers

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review 2015-06-19 00:00
epic love stories (1) Shakuntala & Dushyanta
epic love stories (1) Shakuntala & Dushy... epic love stories (1) Shakuntala & Dushyanta - Ashok K. Banker Always have a thing for Shakuntala & Dushyanta story, forbidden fruit always tastes better. But this story has a cruel intent and a painful flow of myth, truth in appropriate proportion of story crafting skills. I like the words chosen by [a:Ashok K. Banker|3387850|Ashok K. Banker|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1328279715p2/3387850.jpg]. He portrayed Shakuntala has a strong willed lady with the patient attire.
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review 2014-08-10 00:00
The Epic Love Story of Wolf and Twister
The Epic Love Story of Wolf and Twister - KeriArentikai Cute, fluffy goodness!
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