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review 2020-06-03 18:45
Review: Fake Out
Fake Out - Eden Finley

Fake Boyfriend is one of my favorite fanfic tropes, so it was fun to see in a novel.  The story follows Maddox whose high school girlfriend refused to accept his repeated attempts at breaking up, so he finally lied and told her he was gay.  She then outed him to his entire town, which, I don't care how upset you are, that's just wrong, so I actually felt no sympathy for her because of the lie. Maddox moved to New York to attend college and then stayed, rarely visiting his small town home in Pennsylvania.  Years later he ran into the ex-sweetheart who was having a bachelorette party.  SHe boo-hoos about how it should have been them getting married and how much she misses him.  She then invited him to the wedding with his boyfriend...his non-existent boyfriend.  And much like she did in high school, she blabbed and told everyone he was coming home.  Everyone including Maddox's parents who make certain he can't politely back out of the wedding because they guilt him into bringing his boyfriend (that he didn't tell them about) home to meet them.  Now he's tasked with finding a fake boyfriend to take home for a weekend.


Enter his best friend, Stacy, who convinces her gay brother to do the job.  Maddox promises to get Damon, an endeavoring sports agent, a meeting with a high profile hockey player in return for the favor.  Of course Damon cannot turn the chance to gain his first (solo) client and agrees.  And shenanigans ensue. I don't want to spoil the good bits.


The characters were likable and flawed like normal humans.  They were not perfect and there were bad choices made and misunderstandings, but not to the point of angst where you wanted to strangle everyone.  It was a fun story where the plot didn't resolve itself immediately, but it didn't drag out overly long either.  There was comedy, drama, angst, sweetness, and sexytimes.  All of which were well written.


The narrators did a good job of capturing the voices and emotions of the characters.  This was the first in a series and I would be interested in checking out more.

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review 2020-05-31 06:08
My Big Fat Fake Engagement (Big, Fat, Fake) by: Lauren Landish
My Big Fat Fake Engagement (Big, Fat, Fake) - Lauren Landish





My Big Fat Fake Engagement by Lauren Landish

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Landish provides the perfect escape. Sometimes we need a smile in our heart to help drown out the screams in our head. Kaede and Courtney lighten up the heartache that seems to surround us. Humor, heart and heat fly right off the page to give us a reason to laugh. My Big Fat Fake Engagement is a charming, welcome addition to any bookshelf.

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review 2020-05-24 21:35
Just One Fake Date - Deborah Cooke

Deborah Cooke decided to re-write the first book of the Flatiron Five Fitness with a new female lead for Tyler, Shannyn Hawke, with a whole new plot. Shannyn is a freelance photogapher who went to college with Tyler and she has a job to cover the alumni who own Flatiron Five Fitness. From the moment she walks into his office, sparks fly and the story vibe was a lot different from the original book.  I liked it a lot. I liked the chemistry between Shannyn and Tyler, I enjoyed watching Tyler fight for a real relationship with her, and the passion was great between the two.  The original book had Tyler playing two characters, him and a BDSM character with Amy and I just didn't like how Amy had difficulty seeing how Tyler is the man for her.  In this one, Shannyn had commitment issues, and I liked that conflict better. Tyler had to fight to prove to her that a relationship could work and that he wasn't going anywhere. There was no need for any subterfuge in this one and I loved how the story flowed and concluded. Overall, so much better start to a series that was awesome! I just want to know what his new buildboard looks like with Shannyn :-)

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review 2020-05-07 03:14
Ian Ludlow, Fake News, and the Return of the Soviet Union?
Fake Truth - Lee Goldberg
“If any of us get caught or killed,” Ian said, “the secretary will disavow any knowledge of our actions.”
“Who is the secretary?” [CIA Director] Healy asked.
“I don’t know,” Ian said. “It’s what the boss on the recording says to Peter Graves on every episode of Mission: Impossible, right before he wishes him luck and the tape explodes.”
“This isn’t a TV show,” Healy said. “This is reality.”
“You say that like there’s still a difference.”

Too often lately, life has been like one of Ian Ludlow's novels come to life. Which is a lot of pressure to work under, so much so that he's in danger of missing a deadline to submit his next book, without even getting it started.


Meanwhile, Wang Mei, the Chinese actress Ludlow recently helped defect, needs a job. And she's decided that seducing him is the way to achieve that. Ludlow's got connections, and he happens to be the only American she knows who trusts her. Ludlow is actually pretty easy to seduce, not only does he help her get a job on a TV show, he helps her with some PR to rehabilitate her image (with CIA guidance).


But back to the main story, Margo gets Ludlow brainstorming like he used to—not only to get a novel working, but she's pretty sure that he'll end up stumbling over an assignment so she can exercise her new-found skills. The official blurb sums up what they stumble upon in 1/3 of the words I'd take, so let's use it:

...the connection between a barbaric drug lord in Mexico, a homicidal rapist in California, a rogue citizens army in Texas, a raging TV pundit in New York, and two dead tourists in Portugal…before the President of the United States makes a catastrophic mistake that could resurrect the Soviet Union.

That sounds utterly ludicrous, but as things unfold it seems utterly plausible—and like something only a guy like Ludlow could uncover. And when it comes time for Ludlow and Margo (with help from Wang Mei and Ronnie Mancuso)* to stop this plot—the brakes come off and things get really ridiculous. I had a blast with it.


* I was really glad to see him again, by the way, he's a fun character


Mark Twain wrote, " Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t." (and others have said similar things, but my rule is quote Twain as often as possible) Fake Truth is another bit of evidence of that. As outlandish as a lot of the plot points and technology in the book seems, Goldberg has talked in interviews about how all of the tech exists, and that he had to keep changing parts of the novel when the parallels between truth and his fiction got a bit too close. This reminds me of the Leverage creators talking about how they had to take real crimes and scale them back to use them in the show because they seemed unbelievable otherwise. Thinking about the events of the book—either mid-read or after—and knowing that there's a very strong possibility that things like this have and are happening? It's truly disturbing. It makes you want to jump into novels.


Anyway, back to this novel—Goldberg once again pulls off this great magic trick by taking a ridiculous plot and goofy humor and somehow creating a solid thriller. I've seen others try this and it doesn't work out quite as well. If he can keep this up, I'll come back as long as he's able to publish these. Laughs and action, characters you can enjoy (even if you don't think you'd want to be anywhere near them in real life)—Fake Truth is a great way to spend some time.

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2020/04/28/fake-truth-by-lee-goldberg-ian-ludlow-fake-news-and-the-return-of-the-soviet-union
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review 2020-04-27 07:06
Not So Fake by: Avery Edwards
Not So Fake - Avery Edwards




Avery Edwards goes all in when it comes to matters of the heart. Not So Fake is a sweet second chance story that proves it can hold it's own when it comes to steamy angst. Love gets a second chance to get it wrong or make it right. Max and Naomi are a reminder why I love reunited lovers so much.

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