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text 2018-02-18 22:31
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
Pet Sematary - Stephen King

Probably one of the saddest endings in King's work IMHO. Revival still is the scariest. Pet Semetary doesn't pull any punches. You get the sense something drove this family to it's end, but also you feel frustrated because Louis wouldn't listen. Nice tie ins to Cujo, Salem's Lot, and the other Bangor books. I'm in the mood to reread Needful Things and The Dark Half now. The Dark Half is a book that sticks with you since that character is referred to in two other King works and you find out about his bad end. 

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text 2018-02-18 17:19
Reading progress update: I've read 55%.
Pet Sematary - Stephen King

I forgot how dark this book was. There really is no happy ending here. Just things spiraling from.wlrse to worse things. I do wonder if King will ever have a sequel to this one or refer to the characters in his other books?


We have Louis and Just doing what they can to prevent Ellie from realizing her cat Church has died. Jud tells the story of the other burial ground past the Pet Semetary where burying anything that is not a dead pet seems to bring nothing but terrible things. We also have references to a Wendigo here and it reminds me a bit of "Bag of Bones."

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text 2018-02-18 12:42
Reading progress update: I've read 5%.
Pet Sematary - Stephen King

Wow took way too long to post a update. Be on GR for the day posting updates.


I'm supposed to go to the movies, but feeling under the weather so think I'm going to cancel and stay home in bed til I feel better. I don't think I'll enjoy sitting for a movie if I have to keep running to the bathroom after 20 minutes.


Laying in bed with black out curtains and blinds closed helps set the mood. I only read Pet Semetary once and it scared the crap out of me as a kid. Here we go. 

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review 2018-02-18 02:03
The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy
The Dark Net - Benjamin Percy

I knew nothing about this book when a friend recommended it.  In fact, when I opened to the first page, I expected a story steeped in the technological complexities of the dark web with some subtle social commentary on the value of anonymity on the internet and a cyberpunk vibe.  In fact, based on the synopsis, I first tagged it as a “sci fi” read on Goodreads.


Instead, I found a creepy horror story set in Portland, Oregon that uses technology as a backdrop for demons who want to open a portal to hell.  Not that technology and the dark web don’t play a part in the story because they do, particularly in the final third of the book.  I can’t imagine anything more ominous than demons who are technologically savvy!


Interestingly however, the main character is completely technologically challenged.  A journalist who lives for the story, I found Lela a slightly unlikeable character.  Although I loved her “sidekick” - her dog, Hemingway.  The cast of characters is rounded out with Lela’s blind niece Hannah who is outfitted with a prothesis called “Mirage” that allows her to see in a unique way, a formerly-corrupt televangelist now going by the name of Juniper and a mysterious woman who may (or may not) be immortal.


I really enjoyed the first part of the book as we meet all of the characters and start to get a glimpse of the horror to come.  The epilogue is fantastic - I love where the author took the characters.  I also really enjoyed the setting - I’ve had the pleasure of spending enough time in Portland on business that I recognize many of the landmarks, streets and of course, the truly amazing bookstore, Powell’s.  If I have a criticism, it’s that there are a lot of characters to keep up with in a relatively short book (my edition is 253 pages including epilogue).


If you enjoyed Andrew Pyper’s The Demonologist or Joe Hill’s NOS4R2, you should consider picking this one up.  It has the same creepy flavour and end of the world overtones, but be prepared for a faster pace and less character development.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-02-17 01:47
{ARC} Book Review: The Hollow Girl by Hillary Monahan

Forgive the lateness of this review and I hope that it does not give the impression that it’s because I hate the book. As a matter of fact, the Hollow Girl is the best book that I’ve read in 2017. If you know me, I don’t normally read horror stories because it’s not just my genre and you know, nightmares. But after reading the synopsis, I knew that I had to pick it up and told myself that “Let’s try this for once.” And so I did.


Oh boy, no regrets so far because after page 1, there was no turning back. The story consumed me, the characters captivated me and the twists shook me. Hillary Monahan really took her time in fleshing out the characters and in weaving the story that it wasn’t cumbersome or convoluted but not simple either. The story centers on a Romani Gypsy, Bethan, who’s being groomed by her grandmother to succeed the latter as the tribe’s green healer. Her life is pretty much alright except for one thing: the tribal leader’s son, Silas, is trying his damnedest to harass Bethan. And then, one night, what Drina (Bethan’s grandmother) and Bethan dreaded happened. Bethan got raped and her friend died protecting her.


The incident was the turning point for Bethan. Though she and her grandmother were peace loving individuals, they did not hesitate in deciding that Silas and the boys who played accomplices must pay. So the tale of darkness and revenge began. And it was damn satisfying seeing Bethan and her grandma made corpses out of the boys. Cue evil laugh. Kidding aside, there was more to this book than the killings. Rape is such a delicate subject, even more so the aftermath. The victim traumatized and stigmatized while the suspects go seemingly underpunished. With the Hollow Girl, my heart really cried for Bethan and her grandmother but I literally rejoiced as they sought retribution from Silas and his friends. Happiness that turned into awe and sadness again when the twist was revealed.


This book, essentially, has all the things that I love in a story despite it being horror. There’s heart, darkness, revenge, and nuanced characters that will surely make your reading experience a memorable one. Cheers to you, Hillary Monahan.

Source: waywardkitsune.com/2018/02/arc-book-review-hollow-girl-hillary-monahan
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