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photo 2017-05-15 01:29
The Devil's Star - Jo Nesbo,Jo Nesbø
Hector and the Search for Happiness - François Lelord
The Leopard: A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequence 6) - Jo Nesbø,Don Bartlett
NOS4R2 by Joe Hill (6-Nov-2014) Paperback - Joe Hill
How to Catch a Star (10th Anniversary edition) - Oliver Jeffers
Die Trying - Lee Child
The Wrong Side of Goodbye (A Harry Bosch Novel) - Michael Connelly
1st roll : ?8
2nd roll - Main street 14
Paradise Pier 30
Tomorrow land 36
Main Street 10
Cars Land 16

Started on 15 April already. So I am a few days late. 

See details here. 




Rolled dice 1st on 17 April and got 8 .  Landed at Question 8 on the board. 

So a mystery novel. Started with Jo Nesbo "The Devil's Stars" 


Collected $20 at Start. 


See how it goes. 


Update: 24 April.  Finished reading The Devil's Star. 522 pages. Collected $5.


New Total = $25


2nd roll dice of 7.



Get me to Main Street 14. Read a book that involves oversea travel or has a suitcase on the cover. 


Hector and the Search for Happiness 192 pages. 


30 April 2017. Read the book. Collected $2. 


New Total = $27. 


3rd roll of dice. A 10. 


Landed me at Water Works. "Read a book with water on the cover, or where someone turns on the waterworks (i.e., cries) because of an emotional event." 




Rain is water. Picked "The Leopard" by Jo Nesbo. 740 pages. 


Finished the book on 4 May. Collected $5. 


4th Roll the dice on 4 May.: 8


Landed in Paradise 30 Suspense book over 555 pages.  


Picked NOS4R2 by Joe Hill. Supernatural suspense story 692 pages. 


New total: $32


Read the book on 9 May. Collected $5.


New total: $37


5th roll on 10 May: 6 


Get me to Tomorrow land 36 


Read a book with space in the cover. 


Picked How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. 32 pages. 


Read this book. Collected $1. Roll again. 


New Total: $38. 


6th roll 12: Landed Main street 10. Collect $20 at Start. 


Select Die Trying by Lee Child happened in small town USA. 557 pages. 


New Total: $58


15 May. Finished Die Trying. Collect $5.


New total:$63. 


7th roll: 6

Land at Cars Land 16 


Picked Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly, story happened in LA California. 400 pages. 








Started with $20


1st roll 17 April -8
Landed at ?8
Read "The Devil's Stars" by Jo Nesbo 522 pages.
Finished on 24 April and collected $5.
New total $25


2nd roll 24 April - 7
Landed on Main street 14.
Read "Hector and the Search for Happiness" 192 pages.
Finished 30 April. Collected $2.
New total $27


3rd roll 30 April - 10
Landed at Water Work.
Read "The Leopard" by Jo Nesbo 740 pages.
Finshed on 4 May. Collected $5.
New total $32


4th roll 4 May -8
Landed at Paradise 30.
Read "NOS4R2" by Jo Hill 692 pages.
Finished 9 May. Collected $5.
New Total $37


5th roll 10 May -6
Landed at Tomorrow Land 36.
Read "How to Catch a Star" by Oliver Jeffers. 32 pages.
Read it and collected "$1".
New total $38


6th roll 11 May - 12
Landed Main street 10.

Collect $20 at Start. 
Read "Die Trying" by Lee Child 557 pages.
Read on 14 May. Collected $5.

New total $63


7th roll 15 May -6
Landed at Cars Land 16.
Read "Wrong Side of Goodbye" by Michael Connelly 400 pages.




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review 2017-05-04 19:49
Best Bosch Ever
The Wrong Side of Goodbye (A Harry Bosch Novel) - Michael Connelly

Wow. I thought this one was really good. Everything clicked. Since I was meh to oh heck no on the last couple of books, it was nice to finally read a really great Bosch book.


In "The Wrong Side of Goodbye" we have Bosch now working as a volunteer for the San Fernando Police Department. Bosch threw a lawsuit at the LAPD when the forcibly retired him and prevented him from getting his full benefits when he came back under DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan). Due to the lawsuit (and the subsequent win) Bosch more than ever is not seen as a favorable person by his former LAPD colleagues. However, he is content more than he has been in years (or like all the books I have read to date) since he is focusing on cold cases, rapes, and murders.  When Bosch is approached by a former member of the LAPD to meet with a dying billionaire (yeah that's a thing now), Bosch is intrigued enough to go due to the $10,000 he is paid just for going to say hello.


The book focuses on Bosch juggling a serial rapist case for Sen Fernando and then working out if the dying billionaire has left a heir behind. Thankfully Connelly does not tie to the two cases together. That would have been a bridge too far for me. Instead, we get to see Bosch's leg work (and old fashioned at that) and why it still works. He has a new sort of partner that he likes though once again, Bosch doesn't have a clue about her personal life until almost the very end of the book. I was more intrigued with the serial rapist case than the missing heir case since we find out pretty soon the results of the heir case. It turns into something else that really had me thinking though which is why I enjoyed both cases.

We have Bosch being Bosch. He still tries to buck authority. But thank goodness for once we didn't have Bosch trying to square off against a supervisor. I hate it when Connelly tries to justify Bosch's attitude. He was being a petty ass toward someone in this book and it was great that for once that Connelly showed Bosch being in the wrong, and yeah no consequences though Bosch deserved them.

We get appearances by Bosch's half-brother, Mickey Haller. It always cracks me up that he seems way more sleazy in the books than he did in the movie (The Lincoln Lawyer). But in this appearance, he is not wandering around half drunk. He is sharp, on point, and really really savvy. I loved seeing him and Bosch team up again. 


We also have Bosch's college age daughter in this one. Still annoying in places, but not out and out aggravating.

I also laughed a bit because Bosch's current age is kind of a joke at this point. He remarks at one point he is the same age of a woman in her 60s he is meeting and I had to wonder what age we had for him in the last book and then just gave up trying to figure it out.


No love interest at all for Bosch in this one and now that I think on it, I don't think he has had a serious one in the last few books.


We just have Bosch, his house in the hills, and his love for his daughter and for the job.


The writing was much crisper in this one too. There is a bit of then Bosch read this and thought that and read this again, but Connelly cut on that way back. I remember the one book where we are reading about how Bosch reads murder books and what certain words mean to him as he reads it. I still want to go and bang my head about that.


There are a few comments here and there that makes me think that Connelly had a crystal ball into the current state of our political affairs and has Bosch make a comment about how terrible it is that this serial rapist seems to be targeting Hispanic women, since many of them are scared to go to the police to report their rapes since they are scared of being deported. Yeah. I maybe took a deep breath and pinched my nose at that point. There is another comment about people building walls that are not going to do a blessed thing too. 


The flow was really good and the pressure doesn't let up until the end when you get a resolution about both cases that Bosch is working. 

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text 2017-05-04 16:22
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
The Wrong Side of Goodbye (A Harry Bosch Novel) - Michael Connelly

I finished this last night, or I guess this morning (around 1 am). This is the best Bosch book I have read in some time. Everything for once worked really well and the secondary characters added a lot. I also guessed wrong on who was behind one murder and who was behind the rapes (that was a good thing) and for once Bosch didn't get in freaking trouble for being an ass to his superiors. 

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text 2017-05-04 03:34
Reading progress update: I've read 34%.
The Wrong Side of Goodbye (A Harry Bosch Novel) - Michael Connelly

Well this is better than the last one. Harry is retired again, but pretty much working for free for the San Fernando Police Department. He sued the LAPD and won so has money's ND is only thinking of getting his daughter through college. Harry is asked to take a private case with a very wealthy man trying to find out what happened to a young woman he got pregnant back in the 1950s. And Harry is also working a serial rapist case. 

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review 2017-05-02 00:12
Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner
Goodbye Days - Jeff Zentner

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I thought that this was a very moving book. As soon as I read the summary, I knew that this would be a book that I would need to read. Just imagine sending a text to a friend and then finding out that at the same time you were texting them they die in an automobile accident. Now imagine that that car was carrying not just one of your friends but all 3 of your best friends. Can you even imagine that level of grief and the guilt from knowing that your text may have been the cause of the crash? I don't think I could handle that know much less as a teenager. This was a book that I felt that I needed to read and I am glad that I did.

Carver is the teenager that sent that text. As the book opens, his friends are dead and he is at one of their funerals. His parents are out of the country and haven't been able to make it back to support him. He feels completely alone and responsible for everything that has happened. He does have a bit of support from, Jesmyn, the girlfriend of one of his friends that died in the accident.

This book not only deals with grief and overwhelming guilt but it also asks whether Carver should be held criminally responsible for his decision to text his friend. So while Carver is trying to deal with the death of 3 friends, he is worried that he may have to go to jail because of the accident. It is really not surprising when Carver has a panic attack when you think of how much he is going through. He eventually goes to therapy and I think that it is a really important part of the novel that is handled very well.

Carver and his friends, Mars, Eli, and Blake, called themselves the Sauce Crew. Carver and the family members of his friends get together to remember those that they love in what they call a Goodbye Day. It is a day to also get to know facets of that person that they didn't get to see. Each person shares different parts of themselves with different people and by coming together they can learn a little bit more about who the person was that they lost. These were my favorite parts of the book.

I loved the writing. I thought that Carver's memories of his friends really helped the reader get to know how important their friendship was and how big of a loss it really was for him. The pacing was very well done with some funny or light hearted moments showing up at just the right times. I think that this book really deals with some tough issues and does it remarkably well. This was the kind of book that I really didn't want to put down.

I would highly recommend this book to others. It was very emotional at times and I may have even shed a tear or two. I am very glad that I made the decision to read this book and look forward to reading more from this talented author soon.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Crown Books for Young Readers via Blogging for Books.

Initial Thoughts
Moving story that really made me think about a few things. A really good look at grief and guilt. I may have even shed a tear.

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