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review 2020-06-02 21:31
You Brought Me the Ocean by Alex Sanchez
You Brought Me the Ocean - Alex Sanchez,Julie Maroh

Jake Hyde is in his junior year of high school and wants to study the ocean. He's never even seen the ocean, living in Truth or Consequences, NM, but he's always felt drawn there. His best friend Maria wants to study closer to home, and Jake's overprotective mother would agree. After his father drowned when he was a baby, his mother has all but forbid him to go near open water. There are other complications, like the weird birth marks Jake has up and down his arms and legs that glow when wet, and his growing crush on Kenny Liu, captain of the swim team. 


The story moves at a nice pace, allowing plenty of time for the characters to show who they are and Julie Maroh ('Blue is the Warmest Color') provides a dreamy landscape that doesn't dilute the sharper aspects of the story. I'd forgotten this was a DC Comics graphic novel when Jake and Maria spot Superman flying high in the sky towards the West coast while hiking. 


This novel succeeds as a coming-of-age story, complete with first romance, tears and drama as well as an origin story for Aqualad. There is an astonishing amount of LGBTQIA books coming out now (yay!), and this one hits all the marks.

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review 2020-05-26 21:23
Legion of Super Heroes, Vol. 9
Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, Vol. 9 - Jim Shooter

This volume collects issues mostly from 1969, which was also the year that the Legion stories were pushed from the lead feature of Adventure comics to a second-stringer in Action comics.


The stories however...a lot seems to have happened in the volume I had to skip due to costs. Action-wise, certainly, but character development is happening and the stories are taking on more stakes. These issues are sharper and (relatively) heavier-hitting. This includes the first "drug" storyline printed in a comic book after the comics code authority banned the subject - writers got around the censors by making the story about "toxic fruit". That story, as well as an earlier one where a criminal apprehends mind drugs that were for United Planets study only featured great psychedelic art. These issues also see the beginning of new costumes, open romantic relationships and dating stories for legionnaires, and other signs that these babies are growing up!


The Legion very easily could have been cancelled after the switch in venue, but they carry on stronger than they ever were before. The only blah note was the constant referring to the women as "doll". The women have always been treated as equals in 'Legion' stories, and it doesn't go away, but I could really do without the late '60s lingo in the 31st century.


Legion of Super-Heroes


Next: 'Volume 10'


Previous: 'Volume 8'

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review 2020-05-24 01:08
Stargazing by Jen Wang
Stargazing - Jen Wang

Audience: Upper Elementary

Format: Hardcover/Library Copy




Jen Wang draws on her childhood to paint a deeply personal yet wholly relatable friendship story that’s at turns joyful, heart-wrenching, and full of hope.


This is a fantastic story of friendship between two girls who couldn't be more different. One of them is carefree and relaxed, the other feels like she has to be perfect for her parents and never feels good enough. Jen Wang does a great job depicting the challenges of teenage friendships. Another one for fans of Raina Telgemeier.

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review 2020-05-23 19:14
Peanut by Ayun Halliday
Peanut - Paul Hoppe,Ayun Halliday

Audience: Grades 6 & up

Format: Hardcover/Library Copy


No one at my old school knew about my peanut allergy...

- first line


Sadie is moving to a new high school. This is a chance to reinvent herself, and perhaps even be popular.  So she decides to pretend to have a peanut allergy, but she doesn't realize how hard it will be to keep up the pretense. By the time Sadie realizes that the popular girls are annoying and shallow, her lie is part of who she is at this school. She wants to tell her friends the truth, but she is scared of losing them.


This is a great graphic novel. I love Sadie's story and how things get away from her because she didn't really think about the consequences of one "little" lie. The drawings are mostly blue/black/gray but Sadie's shirt is a reddish/pink color. This makes Sadie stand out in every frame.


I highly recommend this book to fans of Raina Telgemeier though this book is written for a slightly older audience.


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text 2020-05-20 02:09
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