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review 2017-07-25 22:05
Why is everything on our island sinking?
The Flying Beaver Brothers and the Mud-Slinging Moles - Maxwell Eaton III


Must be the moles.


This is a cute story about two beaver brothers who try figure out why things on the island are sinking into the mud, and then trying to stop it. The illustrations are simple and use orange, gray and white colors. The characters are cute and in the end they learn that they need to work together to succeed.


Kids will enjoy this one.

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review 2017-07-25 21:58
What does the last day of summer look like?
Mr. Pants: It's Go Time! - Scott Mccormick,R. H. Lazzell


For Mr. Pants, the last day of summer means laser-tag, but he hasn't cleaned his room, his sister is going to the Fairy Princess Dream Factory, and his mom needs to take them shopping for school. 


This is a cute story that kids will relate to. Feeling like your siblings get to do what they want, but you never do. Wanting to play with your sister's new toy. And wondering why Fairy Princess dolls don't have anything to defend themselves with. And rushing to make sure they have time for laser-tag - will it be as much fun as Mr. Pants thinks?


Bright, colorful illustrations make this a fun book for kids.

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review 2017-07-25 21:35
Catstronauts, Cosmocats, MEOW, and COOKIE
CatStronauts: Race to Mars - Drew Brockington


With all these different cat space programs to keep track of, this one was a little annoying. I found it hard to remember who was who. Also, they all seemed so angry all the time. I didn't find a lot to redeem this story. In the end, they all realize that cooperation is the best way to succeed, but meh. I know it's for kids, but I've seen a lot better.

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review 2017-07-25 04:54
Cute Graphic Novel for Early Readers
Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea (A Narwhal and Jelly Book) - Ben Clanton



In Unicorn of the Sea, there are three separate stories: 1) Narwhal meets Jelly, 2) Narwhal forms a pod, and 3) Narwhal shows Jelly the best book ever. In between the stories, Clanton provides facts about narwhals and jellyfish. In the third story (my favorite), Narwhal shows Jelly his favorite book, which has blank pages, and he teaches Jelly how to use his imagination. The illustrations are bright and simple, with just a few panels per page or full-page illustrations, making it perfect for young readers on their first journey with sequential art.


This was a very cute story that I really enjoyed. Another good selection for young readers.

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review 2017-07-25 04:43
Owly is just so adorable!
Owly, Vol. 3: Flying Lessons - Andy Runton



In Flying Lessons, Owly learns about acceptance and overcoming fears when he tries to make a new friend. Along with his friend, Wormy, Owly finds a strange new creature. When they try to find it in a book, they realize the creature is a flying squirrel and that its main predator is the owl. Owly is still determined to befriend the flying squirrel and Wormy tries to help.


The artwork is in black & white which allows the focus to be mainly on the character’s faces as they express complex emotions. Younger readers can appreciate the simple pictures and story, and older kids and adults will get the deeper meaning. The wordless stories leave room for children to come up with their own interpretations.


I loved this story, so cute, and so touching. This is a great graphic novel series, that should be part of every elementary school library.

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