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review 2017-09-22 04:20
Excellent theme collection
El santuario y otros cuentos - H.P. Lovecraft

Two encompassing themes to this collection: primarily, the evil of solitude, or how solitude equates with or drives one to madness; then boundaries, blurring and pushing them (of reality, knowledge, perception, life and death, even geography)

Celephaïs: Gorgeous in spite of the cold reality. From Kuranes dreams to mine... yeah, that's not disturbing at all.

From Beyond: The type of story one expects when one hears "Lovecraft". And it's freaking good.

Hypnos: *blink* Erh... OK. Like this wasn't disturbing, a final twist. I would have said it bore serious homo-erotic tones, but then... Begs for a second read. Or a tenth.

The Temple: That's what I call a bit of Karma for a stubborn nationalist.
Note: for some reason (and what I mean is lazy translation), it's titled as Santuario (sanctuary) in my Spanish copy instead of the closer Templo.

The Tree: Did not take the expected turn. And sent me on a wiki-walk that ended landing me on the seven wonders. Pretty imagery.


Actually, the whole collection, for all the horror elements, is powerful on beautiful and vivid imagery. The kind that plays as a magic-movie on your mind, fills you with wonder as you read and stays with you.



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review 2017-09-22 00:54
To Be Human...
Hellraiser Vol. 1 - Clive Barker,Christopher Monfette,Leonardo Manco

This was so good!

I think you have to watch the movies first otherwise you are going to be left in the dark about who the players are in this graphic novel.


We have Pinhead, the rest of his crew, Kristy Cotton, and of course, the box.


Image result for the box gif hellraiser gif


In this volume 1, we have a Pinhead that is bored with the sights and torture he has seen. He wants something more..he wants to be human.


Image result for pinhead amen gif


We get a gruesome opening scene of a woman torn apart by Pinhead and the Cenobites, and than Pinhead being all, well I have seen all that Hell has to show me. I am ready for something more. It appears he needs someone to take his place, and than we move to Kristy Cotton who it appears is still haunted by Pinhead and what she experienced while institutionalized. 


I liked the writing and the panels a lot. The panels be warned are kind of explicit. So if you have a weak stomach, I suggest skipping over this.



I don't want to get too spoilery, but Kristy seems to be on the hunt for Pinead and his friends and it looks like she has some sidekicks to help her out.

Aside: Who the heck tries to go up against some demons? Are you all crazy? FYI none of the characters doing this are black. I just want to restate that, none of the characters who are all, let's throw down on some demons are black.


Image result for get out gif


I would have been out like a shot.


I will eventually go and get volume 2. Maybe in the month of October to finish off my second card! I really did like this. Gruesome as anything, but I have to say, I really do enjoy Clive Barker. 


Image result for the cenobites gif



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review 2017-09-22 00:49
CABAL Review
Cabal - Clive Barker

The basis for the horror film Nightbreed, Clive Barker's short 1988 novel Cabal is typically Barkian in all the best ways. Off the page drips this author's trademark transcendent prose; poetic and striking and maddeningly puzzling, line for line Barker is one of the most talented writers in the business. I must admit I am sure parts of this story went over my head, but I don't mind — that gives me cause to revisit this dark tale again in a couple of years.


This is the story of a man called Boone, who suffers from an unnamed mental illness. He is the core of the story — all that happens happens because of him. I absolutely loved the semi-fantastical place he ran to (said place being Midian), a place that is not found on any map and is crawling with shape-shifting monsters. I thought the tone and atmosphere of this story was spot-on: it evoked dread and fear without going over the top. It stays cool, and creepy.


Filled with gore and love and lust and regret and death, Cabal is classic Barker. And at only 200 pages in hardcover, this story about what's in between life and death (and what it means to be a true monster) is a quick and rewarding read. I liked it a lot!


Read for Darkest London. Though this story doesn't take place in that city, this authors hails from there and this novella very much resembles London horror. So I'm counting it.


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review 2017-09-22 00:43
Classic Horror-The Willows
The Willows - Algernon Blackwood

Maybe it says something about me, but the older classic horror novels I am always shocked at how quaint they seem in comparison to works like "It." "It" gave me nightmares for weeks on end as a kid, this book, though scary in tone, is more mental than anything, your brain can turn what the unnamed narrator is describing into something worse. 


The main plot of "The Willows" is about two long time friends who are taking a canoe trip down the Danube River. We have the narrator and his friend called "The Swede."


Though both have been out in nature it seems based on previous comments, they come across a place that ends up unnerving them both. They start to fear the wind, the rising river, the willows, and anything else that seems like it is staring and mocking them. 


They eventually come across a man who seems to try to warn them away from where they end up camping, but since the narrator is doing what he can to try to laugh off his increasing fears, they both camp and witness something terrible.


I thought this was quite good and liked the writing. I think the main reason why I couldn't give it five stars though was that I wanted more menace. I thought they got off quite easily in the end (have i mentioned that I am way too blood thirsty?) and that I wanted it pushed a bit more. 


I did like the surprise at the end though when both men realize that what they thought they saw when they first landed (no spoilers) was something else entirely. 


This is only 60 pages, so it won't take a lot of your time to read. I mentioned in my update this would be a perfect story told by flashlight or candle light. You want this read during a thunderstorm or a night you lose the power. I think if I could read it then, I would have be more afraid than what I was. 


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text 2017-09-21 23:53
Reading progress update: I've read 89 out of 384 pages.
All the Missing Girls: A Novel - Ms. Megan Miranda

I'm  enjoying   this  book  

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