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text 2022-06-02 07:19
4 Benefits of Modern Office Design

The definition of an office has changed now. Earlier it was a place with cubicles and partitions. Now it is a place where you can feel at home. Modern architects and interior designers are designing offices like second homes for employees. Modern office design is very similar to a café, where people visit to have a hot mug of coffee and do their work in a relaxed environment. S3T Concept is a company that provides office fit out solution in Dubai and focus on coming up with modern office designs that look great and comfortable.


Modern Office Design Benefits

Modern office design is the need of the present office environment. After the COVID-19 crisis, employees prefer working from home and are looking for jobs that offer them this perk. A modern office design can motivate an employee to attend the office as they feel at home there. It always feels great when you work in an organization where the premise is nice. Most interior fit out companies in Dubai are coming up with ideas that can make people love their offices more than anything.



  • Boost Productivity


When we work at a good place, our productivity boosts exponentially. Modern office design focuses on providing a co-working environment blended with enough private space. Open spaces with colourful crafts around them, glass doors, and greenery in the office are what help in achieving that. Modern office designs also include private spaces where a person can work separately. 


  • Motivated Employees


Modern Office designs use a lot of sunlight or natural light. The reason behind that is not to save electricity bills, but to make the office appear more relaxed. There’s a thing with natural lighting that provides a homely feel. A study shows that employees who were working in natural lights were more motivated and performed better. Modern office design is thus helpful in making the workforce more resourceful.


  • Looks Appealing to Candidates


Modern office design has become a popular trend, and companies are adopting it at a very fast phase. The reason why modern office design is so popular is that the new generation of candidates (Gen-Z) do not want to work in a typical office-like environment. They want to work with organizations that can provide them with a work-life balance and a premise where they can feel motivated. 


  • Reduce Stress


Work stress is very common in corporates and organizations. It is because of stress that employees do not want to indulge in anything and do not talk to each other politely. The stress of employees stops the organization from growing, and that’s where a modern office design can help. A good office design creates a calm mood, which helps employees cope with stress and each other. 



If you are the owner of an organization and struggling with managing office space, then consulting interior fit out companies in Dubai can help you. S3T Koncept is one of the best companies that can provide you with modern amenities for the office. A modern office design will solve the problem of space and motivate employees to perform better.

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text 2022-03-16 13:42
Post-COVID Office Design Essentials (2022)

Worldwide COVID crises forced us to collectively experiment with a “work from home” culture. Although companies weren’t ready for this shift (no one was ready for the pandemic either), every decision has been drastic during the last 2 years. Well, gone are the days of drastic changes or spontaneous decisions. Now the time is to peacefully think about upgrading your office interiors as per the "new normal". Expertise from only the best Office Fit Out Dubai is with you. It is imperative to set a shield against any misfortune. 


With the workforce going back to their office, here are some essentials that office management needs to take care of. It is integral to take these norms of the new normal seriously. 


Post-COVID Office Design Essentials  


Encourage Social Distancing At Work

Paying heed to one of the biggest challenges at the workplace is maintaining social distancing protocols. Let’s face it no one wants to live the last two years again. So it automatically becomes important to ensure 6-feet space in between the employees working on open floors. The least you can do is to ensure each desk sits separately through glass partitions (talking about open floors too).  


Open-floor Plans Are Here To Remain

Open floors are here to remain. It is one of the best ways to optimistically use a workplace, plus make it scalable for more in-house employees or people returning office from prolonged WFH. Still, doorknobs, fingerprint scanners, cubical openings, etc are highly used areas and it may be unsafe from germ spreading perspectives. Talk to your interior designing expert regarding HVAC system installation.  


Focus On Functionality

More than appeal, office is about increased functionality. Office functionality can be enhanced through smart floor plans, furniture and joinery arrangements. Highly affluent Fit Out Companies in Dubai provide you with a golden piece of advice in terms of fit-out arrangements that will exponentially increase the functionality of office space.  


Cutting Down Sqfts

Within the limited sqfts you dedicated to your office, it is still possible to make your office look and feel spacious. Bring the idea into effect by cutting down some sqfts from the conference area, interview room and reducing insignificant partitions. Instead, invest the space in open-floors.   


Reminders For Employees 

Everyone knows the importance of social distancing, it's that employees need to be reminded. So, it has now become customary to mark the roadmaps and signs even inside the office just to remind people to stay cautious of social distancing norms. Reminders like using an installed sanitiser, wearing a mask, “keep distance” marks on the floor, etc are important.  


Unique Floor Plans 

Companies are returning 'back with a bang'. With 'out of the box' office design ideas and colours that support your branding, companies are trying to motivate their employees as well as attract their clientele towards a strong brand identity.   



To implement cautious and enthusiastic post-COVID office design ideas, you need one of the experienced Fit Out Companies in Dubai to have your back. S3T Konepts with years of expertise in designing dreams is all set to support you in your endeavour of bringing back your workforce to the office and giving them an enthusiastic environment through complete office fit-out solutions. 

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text 2021-12-23 13:47
How To Foster Positivity In The Office through Fit-Out Solutions?

Office is the place to channelize the talent and bring out as much as possible on the table. But how is it possible in an uncomfortable and unoptimistic environment? Office Fit Out Dubai is enormously about the employees working within the premises, how they feel about the premise and how it caters them to be productive in the field they are expert at?

Dubai is a fast forward country in terms of tourism and business, with immense opportunities to grab. The only way to make the best out of this opportunity is to create a positive work environment, through culture, ethics and above all interiors. Here is something you need to know beforehand about composing your office for employees.

PositivityThrough Fit-Out Solutions

Fit-out companies in Dubai confirm that a fair number of office owners in Dubai focus on professionalism and creating a positive aura that paves the way for productivity.

Comfort Is The Priority

Employees spend more than 9 hours in the office, technically, it is their second home. Shouldn't that home be comfortable? Although, the office is office and home is home, still, being within the portfolio we can come up with small changes like comfortable chairs and desks, leisure area, no overcrowding, proper partitions, etc. Above everything, an office should be well planned and equipped against hazards like fire, earthquake, etc.

Conduct Regular Check-Ins

Check-in is one of the things that makes employees enthusiastic about a fresh morning that has just started. While planning the fit-out solution the most crucial spot is the frontline (reception). It has to be appealing and lively to create a positive aura for employees as well as the visitors/clients who come to fix their deals. Creating a positive yet energetic frontline with just the appropriate furniture is a must.

Emphasize On Collaboration And Communication

Employees should not feel isolated because of the partitions. Although the recent COVId-19 crisis says otherwise, the best Fit Out Companies in Dubai suggest that the interiors and compositions must support proper interaction and communication. Yeah, do not mistake that with insufficiency of partitions.

Decorate The Office As Per The Culture

Employees are filled with energy early in the morning, make sure you have an environment that successfully converts their energies into productivity. Decorate the walls with optimistic colors (but not too vibrant) and frame some motivational/energetic corporate quotes. Adorn the prime corners of the office with some greenery.

At Last

The office is the place to be productive, brainstorm ideas for innovation and be optimistic in the tasks assigned. The best Office Fit Out Dubai is the crucial way to naturally create a positive aura boosting productivity. So you do not need to micromanage your team.

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text 2020-04-30 19:41
Questions that are often asked Related to Australia 457, ENS, RSMS Visas



As we referenced in our past blog, there are numerous progressions that the Australian Government has acquainted with the Visa Rules. This has significant impact on the Visa Subclasses 457, 186 (Employer Nomination Scheme), and 187 (Regional Scheme Migration Sponsor). We wrote down the progressions that were reported in April, July this year and those that are relied upon to be declared in December, 2017 and March, 2018.


Shouldn't something be said about the new SOL for 2017-18 for 189 Visa? Have they discharged? Shouldn't something be said about bookkeepers, will they expel this occupation?


Truly, the new SOL for 2017-18 for 189 Visa has been discharged and Accounting is in MLTSSL.


On the off chance that I hold 457 Visa, what occurs after the time of stay gets over?


In the event that you complete 2 years before March 2018, at that point you can at present apply for the Australian PR. For current 457 holders who will finish their 2 years after March 2018, the Immigration Department of Australia has not refreshed the data with respect to the standards.


What befalls the candidates who have held up their 457 visas not long before the progressions have been presented?


As of now it takes around 4-6 months for 457 visa application process. You can get the 457 allowed for a long time if your occupation falls in the talented rundown yet on the off chance that it is on the STSOL, at that point it doesn't prompt PR.


For additional help and guidance you can contact the Best Immigration Lawyers In UAE from some reputed law firm like Devisers Consultancy to offer wings to your fantasies!!!

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text 2020-04-30 19:37
Hobart- Australia


Hobart is the capital of Tasmania - Australia's island state.


Larger part of understudies in Tasmania, concentrate from Hobart.


It observes cool and mild atmosphere, with infrequently observed snowfall and profound ices.


Great settlement and transport administrations make this city very understudy benevolent.


With a great deal of cafés, and bistros, understudies have various choices to meet or hang out.


The majority of the houses here are on the slopes, with eminent perspective on the harbor – it makes Hobart one wonderful city to live in.


We call a city ideal for its understudies, due to its outstanding training framework, safe condition, astounding individuals, and exceptional recreational exercises. Also, in light of these parameters, Australia is unquestionably a rich nation with a ton of urban communities setting a bar for being in a perfect world understudy driven.


With such a large number of choices to strainer through, we trust we could assist you with pinpointing your preferred city. Next, you can look at our other blog entry giving a diagram of the Australian colleges that include among the best the world over.


Further, in the event that you are hoping to tap the chance to Settle in Australia, at that point the Registered Immigration Lawyers In Dubai at Devisers Immigration Law Firm can furnish you with proper help. You can contact us accessible if the need arises, email or visit.


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