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review 2017-06-16 19:47
This was book was fun. Just don't take it too seriously,
Just Say When - Kaylee Ryan

This was cute, it was a bit angsty, and a whole lot cheesy, but I enjoyed it.  I needed a bit of a break from real life and it was a perfect distraction. Nate and Eva May were cute together even if a bit over the top.  I also liked their crew.  I was put off by Eva's brother's reaction when he had been absent the entire book but oh well.

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review 2017-06-15 17:20
Emphatic by Kaylee Ryan
Emphatic - Kaylee Ryan,Jillian Macie,Nelson Hobbs

3 1/2 Stars

Emphatic is a sweet romance about a rock star and a beautiful girl next door type who fall madly deeply, emphatically in love but don’t truly get together until the book is almost finished. Their romance starts out hot and heavy but then turns into one of the slowest of slow burns I think I’ve ever read in this genre.

Logan has just graduated college and has wisely dumped her cheating loser of a boyfriend and is ready to start a new life and a brand new job. But first she heads to Hawaii with her best friend to celebrate and maybe have a well-deserved fling. There she meets a gorgeous hunk of friendly tatted up man who calls himself Michael (but is really named Kacen). A hot and heavy sexy time ensues. She leaves sated and ready to begin life as an adult but you’ll never, ever in a zillion years guess who her new boss turns out to be . . . Yep, that dusty old-school romance trope is shined up and put to use here. Things like this make me feel like I’ve read entirely too many books. If you can’t guess, you probably haven’t read enough romances yet so get going on that!

What follows is a very sweetly developed romance between Logan and the rock star who loves her to pieces from the first moment he meets her. Even though he can have anyone he chooses he thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world and loves that she isn’t after him for the fame. He falls hard and fast and he never sways. She, however, has been emotionally wounded by her ex and fears the pain of getting entangled with anyone, never mind a gorgeous rock star so he must wait ‘til she comes around.

Do you think there is such a thing as a hero who is too emphatically in love? I didn’t think so until I read about this guy. He lavishes Logan with sweet (and often sappy) words, stolen butterfly kisses and he always seems to be hovering around with his undying devotion. Some girls love this kind of thing but I’m not that kind of girl and to me it was almost smothering. Maybe I’m just too old to appreciate that kind of touchy feely kind of loving especially when it’s one-sided for so long.

Narration Notes: The story is told in first person, alternating between Logan and Kacen’s POV and each have their own narrator. Logan’s narrator has a lovely voice which gets sultry when it needs to. She does justice to the male characters too. Kacen’s narrator has a soft southern accent which, at first, didn’t seem to fit and then I remembered/realized they were in Nashville so I went with it. Honestly though, I preferred the female narrator but I can see why they went with one for each POV because it would’ve been very confusing otherwise.

I liked the writing despite all of my complaints about the story. The author has an easy, down to earth style and though nothing truly exciting happens despite the fact that this book features rock stars (no drugs, no debauchery!), it was never boring – if that makes any sense. The characters were all decent people just falling in love and hanging around. If you want a sweet, slow-burn and like this kind of hero give it a go!


I received a copy of this unabridged audiobook from Tantor Media. Thank you Tantor, I hope you don't regret it!

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review 2017-04-14 14:12
Pretty good read...
Levitate - Kaylee Ryan

Levitate - Kaylee Ryan 


*3.5 STARS*


This was a pretty good read.  It was very angsty with both Max and Kensington's backgrounds but it lent importance to the story.  I thought it unrealistic with Max going off with some chick after getting rejected by Kensi that Kensi would fall for his charms so easily, but it is fiction.


I also had a hard time believing the scene between Max, Kensi and Justin (JT) at the bar at the end of the book.  Too simple.


I was glad to see that Max's mom never made an actual appearance in the book.  There were a few scenes in the book that made me roll my eyes, but it certainly didn't take away from the story. 


I listened to this one on audio and I find that audio really highlights the fact that some authors write dialogue in a way that people don't actually speak.  Like when authors don't use contractions in their dialogue. It sounds odd.  There weren't (see I used a contraction there) a ton of parts where that happened but when it did, I really is highlighted with the audio.


This is my first book by this author and I'd definitely try another one of her books.  I liked the characters and the story.  So, I look forward to trying more of her work soon.

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review 2017-01-09 00:00
Southern Desire
Southern Desire - Kaylee Ryan Southern Desire - Kaylee Ryan description


Unfortunately, this one ended up being just OK for me. There was a definite lack of chemistry between the hero and heroine IMO. For the first 30-40% of the book, Aaron came across SO indifferent towards Whitney. Oh sure he thought she was gorgeous and enjoyed hanging out with her, but where were the sparks? The chemistry? The lust? She pretty much could have been a cocker spaniel for as much interest he showed in her. As the book progressed he starts to show more interest, but I still never felt like this was some GREAT romance. Like she was his ONE. More like she was "the one AVAILABLE" if that makes sense?


Now, Whitney, I liked from the beginning and was looking forward to reading more about her. Alas, as Aaron got better Whitney got worse. I got pretty tired of her constantly whining and crying because her mother died of cancer a YEAR earlier. Yes Yes, that makes me a cold-hearted bitch. I know people just don't get over that death of a loved one overnight, but honestly, it just got on my nerves. On top of that, she started acting stupid. Like claiming Aaron wasn't her "boyfriend" they were just hanging out. I don't know about y'all, but I generally, as a rule, don't let people I am just hanging out with finger my vagina. Plus the whole "mamogram" fiasco...sigh. Really??

On a positive note. It was well written. The pace moved along fairly well. The little girl from the first book was ADORABLE. So really this was more of an "it's me" than the book being bad.


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review 2015-07-15 05:30
Heartbreaking. Sexy. Courageous.
Wrath: Fire and Steel Motorcycle Club Romance (Fire and Steel MC Book 2) - Kaylee Song,Laura Burns

This is my review of Wrath by Kaylee Song. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.

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