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text 2018-12-31 07:10
All You Need To Know About Korean Plastic Surgery Liposuction Price

Are you planning to go under the knife for liposuction surgery? If you want to gain an attractive form, then this surgical procedure is the ideal solution. If you are envious of your friends because of their stunning figure, then you also can attain that contoured look through liposuction. If you are worried about the cost, then you should conduct an in-depth study on the internet to gather news about the pricing structure.


Refinement of your shape


If you are looking at liposuction as a weight loss tool, then you are gravely mistaken. This surgery is all about the removal of excess fat deposits from specific sections of the body. The objective is to give a sculpted look to the body. You can say that liposuction is a fat removal procedure. A patient can use this procedure for the refinement of his or her shape. The cosmetic surgeons can bring about detailed improvements in the body contours. The Korean Plastic Surgery Liposuction Price will differ depending upon which part of the body you want to be treated.


Get rid of the flab


A vast majority of the individuals have flabby arms. Such big sagging upper arms may ruin your appearance. You have tried working out on the upper arms for several hours in the gym but all to no avail. It is challenging to get rid of the flab because no amount of dieting and exercise are effective. The causes for such flabby arms may be age and weight gain over the years. Start hating your flabby arms by going in for Arm Liposuction in Korea.


Perfect physique


In recent times women who are focused about their anatomy go in for surgical procedures for getting slimmer arms. Get in touch with the patient care coordinator to know in details about the pricing package. Get the assistance of a professional surgeon to help you in getting toned arms along with improved shoulders and biceps. This is one of the most effective ways in getting toned arms at cost-effective rates.


Find the best physician


Once you have decided to opt for this procedure an critical step is to find the best surgeon for the task. You may come across many physicians claiming to be skilled at these procedures. The presence of so many options in the market may overwhelm you. Beware of such advertising gimmicks. You should exercise caution in the process of selection of surgeons. You should avail the services of a qualified cosmetic surgeon to get your desired results.


Select with a great deal of care


When you are trying to choose an efficient cosmetic surgeon for your procedure, then you should pay attention to certain factors. The surgeon you select should perform such surgical procedures regularly especially on those areas regarding which you want treatment. You should always ask him about the number of procedures he has performed so far. Do not forget to take a look at the before and after pictures of some of the previous patients. Improve your body shape by seeking the help of a qualified physician.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-10-25 16:24
Review: Please Look After Mom by Kyung-Sook Shin




'Please Look After Mom' by Kyung-sook Shin is an intriguing, if sometimes difficult, book to read. A best-seller in her native Korea, it's the chronicle of the dynamics within a family after their elderly mother goes missing in Seoul. Told in four segments- each from POV- a daughter, an eldest son, her husband, and a conjecture about the missing woman, each person struggles to come to terms with what it meant to be the mother of their family, and what it may have cost her.


The difficulty comes not from the shifting perspectives, but from the narrative. Often slow and ponderous, their memories, emotions and angst are the meat of the story as you'd expect. But without a true sense of urgency to push it forward, it frequently gets bogged down by weight of everyone's personal baggage as they reflect upon their personal moments with her, finally beginning to understand what her life was like and what she gave up for her family's sake. But that's where it often shines- long buried insights and sudden revelations combine to reveal much about the woman they knew so intimately and yet not at all while also providing a vivid picture of the demands of life in a rural Korean community.


There's not much more to add that hasn't already been said, so I'll end with this: W.E.B. Dubois once wrote a book titled 'The Souls of Black Folks'. This one could well be called The Souls of Koreans.

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text 2018-09-27 11:05
Experience the Best Quality Aesthetic and Gangnam Skin treatments in Singapore at “GANGNAM LASER CLINIC”

Have you ever experienced the brilliant effect of aesthetic skin treatment for beautifying skin and remove its flaws, if not, you should get in touch with any trusted skincare clinics in Singapore wisely. For instance, you may approach to the “GANGNAM LASER CLINIC”, which is one of the highly acclaimed skincare and laser treatment clinics in Singapore. At this clinic, you will get the best skin treatments and whole face makeover services that include finest gangnam skin treatments such as gangnam V-face, gangnam skin tightening, gangnam skincare, gangnam HIFU facelift, and many more. These are some sought after skin treatments offered by above clinic in Singapore at reasonable charges. All the treatments are reliable and effective in eliminating dark spots, fine lines, dullness, wrinkles, acne spots, and other skin disorders of human face skin and whole body from scratch. So, if you have any type of skin problem and want to get rid of it completely, you should rush to the above skin treatment centre in Singapore immediately.


If you want to avail the best acne treatment in Singapore at affordable charges, you need to contact to the “GANGNAM LASER CLINIC” in the city. At this stop, you will surely experience highly effective treatment of acne and its scars and dark spots too. To deliver such skin treatment, clinic has team of finest skincare specialists or doctors and laser treatment experts too. They have years of experience in all sorts of skincare treatments and removing its dark spots or acne scars through recommended laser treatments and natural skincare therapies too. Moreover, they have good knowledge of acne removal laser machines possessing new-edge technology and automated functions too. Also, they know how to use such equipment adequately while treating acne scars using laser technique and useful laser equipment. The skincare doctors or surgeons of the clinic can assure you to do the best treatment of acne scars and will finally make your skin spotless and glowing after performing laser treatment for the same. The clinic will also charge you reasonably for laser skin treatments of all kinds and will deliver optimum results in the end.




Similarly, if you want to avail the best HIFU facelift treatment in Singapore, you should rush to the “GANGNAM LASER CLINIC” in the city wisely. At this stop, you will get the best solutions for skin tightening that will be done by the proficient skincare doctors and surgeons only. Under HIFU facelift treatment, you will get tightening of the tissues of face, neck, brows, etc. This type of treatment is done by using ultrasound waves that goes deeper into the skin and boosts collagen level of the skin and enhances its tightness too. Thus, you will get all the best skin treatments in Singapore at above clinic at reasonable charges.

Source: gangnamlaser.com
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-09-08 04:02
A Single Shard - Linda Sue Park

I would suggest this book for upper elementary grades as it deals with death and has violence. This book is about a young homeless orphan named Tree-Ear and how he longs to be a potter. He secretly watches his mentor Min sculpt. Tree- Ear is faced with many decision that weigh heavily on his conscious. He has many people counting on him and must face a long journey to prove himself and his mentor worthy of a royal commission. 

I would use this as a way to explore Korean culture. Students would locate North and South Korea on a map and research fun facts about Korea. Students would write about their findings and make a short power point presentation about their research. 

Lextile Level : 920L


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review 2018-08-20 12:16
For lovers of poetic prose, complex narration and unique voices, a book about faith, guilt, and identity
The Incendiaries - R.O. Kwon

Thanks to NetGalley and to Grace Vincent, on behalf of Virago, Little Brown Book Group UK, for providing me an ARC copy of this book that I freely chose to review. Thanks also for the opportunity to take part in the blog tour for the launch of the novel, the first book published by R.O. Kwon, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

This novel describes the attempts by one of its protagonists, Will Kendall, of making sense and understanding the events that have led to his girlfriend’s, Phoebe Lin, participation in a horrific event. As often happens in novels with a narrator (or several), no matter what the story is about, the book often ends up becoming a search for understanding and meaning, not only of the events that form the plot but also of the actual narrator. Why is s/he telling that particular story? And why is s/he telling that story in that particular way? This novel is no different, although the manner the story is told can, at times, work as a smokescreen, and we don’t know exactly who is telling what, and how accurate he or she might be.

On the surface, the novel is divided into chapters, each one headed by one of three characters, John Leal (this one written in the third person and always quite brief), Phoebe (written in the first person), and Will, also written in the first person. At first, it’s possible to imagine that Phoebe’s chapters have been written by her, but later, we notice intrusions of another narrator, a narrator trying to imagine what she might have said, or to transcribe what she had said, or what she was possibly thinking or feeling at certain times. As we read this book, that is quite short notwithstanding the seriousness of the subjects it deals in, we come to realise that the whole novel is narrated by Will, who, after the fact, is trying to make sense of what happened, by collecting information and remembering things, and also by imagining what might have gone on when he was not present. He acknowledges he might be a pretty unreliable narrator, and that is true, for a variety of reasons, some of which he might be more aware than others.

The novel is about faith, about finding it, losing it, and using it as a way to atone and to find meaning, but also as a way to manipulate others. It is about love, that can be another aspect of faith, and they seem to go hand in hand in Will’s case. He discovered his Christian faith in high school, in part as a refuge from his terrible family life, and lost it when it did not live up to his expectations (God did not give him a sign when he asked for one). He moved out of Bible School and into Edwards, and there he met Phoebe, a girl fighting her own demons, a very private person who did not share her thoughts or guilt with anybody. Will falls in love with her and transfers his faith and obsession onto her. But she is also unknowable, at least to the degree he wishes her to be open and understandable for him, and she becomes involved in something that gives meaning to her life, but he cannot truly become a part of. He abandoned his faith, but he seems less likely and able to do so with his belief in her.

The novel is also about identity. The three main characters, and many others that appear in the book do not seem to fully fit in anywhere, and try different behaviours and identities for size. Will invents a wealthy family who’ve lost it all, to fit into the new college better; Phoebe hides details of her past and her wealth, and is Korean but knows hardly anything about it and John Leal… Well, it’s difficult to know, as we only get Will’s point of view of him, but he might, or might not, have totally invented a truly traumatic past to convince the members of what becomes his cult, to follow him.

The language used varies, depending on what we are reading. The dialogue reflects the different characters and voices, whilst the narrator uses sometimes very beautiful and poetic language that would fit in with the character (somebody who had been proselytizing, who was used to reading the Bible, and who tried to be the best scholar not to be found out). Also, he tends to use that language when remembering what his girlfriend had told him or imagining what John Leal might have said as if he remembered her as more beautiful, more eloquent, and more transcendent than anybody else. This is a book of characters (or of a character and his imaginings and the personas he creates for others he has known) and not a page-turner driven by plot. The story is fascinating and horrifying but we know from early on (if not the details, we have an inkling of the kind of thing that will happen) where we are going, and it’s not so much the where, but the how, that is important. The book describes well —through the different characters— student life, the nature of friendships in college, and some other serious subjects are hinted at but not explored in detail (a girl makes an accusation of rape, and she is not the only victim of such crime, there is prejudice, mental illness, drug use, abortion…).

I read some reviews that felt the description or the blurb were misleading, as it leads them to expect a thriller, and the book is anything but. I am not sure if there must have been an earlier version of the blurb, but just in case, no, this book is not a thriller. It’s a very subjective book where we come to realise we have spent most of the time inside of the head of one single character. Nonetheless, it offers fascinating insights into faith, the nature of obsession, and what can drive people to follow a cult and to become strangers to themselves and to those they love.

The ending is left open (if we accept the narrator’s point of view, although there is an option of closure if we don’t) and I was impressed by one of the longest acknowledgements I’ve ever read. It hints not only of a grateful writer attentive to detail but also of a book which has undergone a long process and many transformations before getting into our hands.

A couple of examples of the poetic language in the book:

Punch-stained red cups split underfoot, opening into plastic petals. Palms open, she levitated both hands.

The nephilim at hand, radiant galaxies pirouetting at God’s command. Faith lifted mountains. Miracles. Healings.

Not a light or easy read, but a book for those eager to find a new voice and to explore issues of faith, love, identity. Oh, and for those who love an unreliable narrator. A first book of what promises to be a long and fascinating literary career.

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