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text 2016-10-05 12:06
This weeks featured Author is Kyra Halland



Twelve noblebright fantasy novels of beauty and wonder! Noblebright fantasy characters have the courage to risk kindness, honesty, integrity, and love; to fight against their own flaws and the darkness of the world around them; and to find hope in a grim world. This boxed set includes novels by C. J. Brightley - The King's Sword: A disillusioned soldier. A spoiled, untried prince. And a coup that threatens the country they both love. Lindsay Buroker - The Emperor’s Edge — A law enforcer being hunted for a crime she didn’t commit must work with a cold-hearted assassin to save the only person who can clear her name. Sabrina Chase - The Last Mage Guardian: Most thought the Mage Guardians simply a myth, but their old enemy knows better--and of their number only one remains to thwart his plan of magical domination and revenge. Francesca Forrest - Pen Pal: It starts with a message in a bottle and ends with revolution. Kyra Halland - Beneath the Canyons: A bounty-hunting wizard and a rancher's daughter with untrained powers must stop a renegade wizard who is tampering with dangerous magic. Angela Holder - Into the Storm: A massive hurricane will destroy Elathir unless Larine and her fellow wizards sacrifice everything to stop it. Ronald Long - On the Shores of Irradan: Ealrin Belouve and his friends travel to a new land and face new dangers in search of a tree that may restore magic to one of their own. Mike Reeves McMillan - Hope and the Patient Man: A talented young mage must overcome a curse to be with the wounded hero who loves her. T. A. Miles - Six Celestial Swords: The dragon Chaos threatens the magical world of Dryth. Xu Liang sets out on a quest to unite the only six magical blades that can save it. Christina Ochs - Rise of the Storm: When a renegade priest prophesies an imminent apocalypse, a conflict is sparked which will tip a continent into war. Sherwood Smith - Lhind the Thief: Lhind enjoys life on the run, taking what she wants, until her secrets are uncovered one by one. Emily Martha Sorensen - The Keeper and the Rulership: In a world where mathematics and magic are forbidden, Raneh's growing magic and can't figure out how to stop. Most books in this set are appropriate for ages 13+, but Hope and the Patient Man is appropriate for ages 16+. 






 Beginning with the Prydain books by Lloyd Alexander and the Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula K. Leguin, Kyra Halland has always loved fantasy. She has also always loved a good love story. In 1990, as a new stay-at-home mom with a young baby, she finally decided to combine those two loves - like chocolate and peanut butter! - by writing the kinds of romantic fantasy novels she wanted to read. Complicated, honorable heroes; heroines who are strong, smart, and all woman; magic, romance, and adventure; and excursions into the dark corners of life and human nature mixed with a dash of offbeat humor - all of these make up Kyra Halland's worlds. She is excited to share those worlds with readers, who she hopes will enjoy her stories and characters as much as she does. Kyra Halland lives in southern Arizona. She has a very patient husband, two less-patient cats, and two young adult sons. Besides writing, she enjoys scrapbooking and anime, and she wants to be a crazy cat lady when she grows up.

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review 2016-05-02 03:57
Love in the Light
Love in the Light (Hearts in Darkness Duet Book 2) - Laura Kaye

I read "Hearts in Darkness" and enjoyed it.  I thought of it many timesa after having read it.  I wasn't sure what to expect with a follow-up.  I did enjoy revisiting Caden and Makenna.  So much of this story was mired in Caden's depression, though.  It wasn't a very happy story.  It did have a happy ending, but I don't feel confident about what will happen the next time Caden has an episode.

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text 2016-01-18 17:55
The Light in the Darkness › Ellen Fisher 99 cents
The Light in the Darkness - Ellen Fisher

Edward Greyson is one of the most eligible bachelors in the New World—and he couldn’t care less. Haunted by the death of his wife, scornful of female wiles, and completely contemptuous of any attempt to bring happiness into his life, the brooding rogue known as Grey hardly considers himself a catch. And yet, if only to put an end to his sister’s incessant nagging, Grey chooses a new bride after all, albeit one who confounds the expectations of polite society: an ignorant, unkempt, timid young tavern wench.
No one knows better than Jennifer Wilton that she isn’t a suitable match for an aristocrat like Grey. And though she can’t begin to explain Grey’s stormy temperament, one thing is sure: Whatever his intentions, the astonishingly handsome stranger saved her from a life of drudgery and cruelty. To repay his kindness, Jenny vows to transform herself into a ravishing, accomplished beauty, the kind of wife who would make him proud—and the kind of woman with whom he might just fall in love.

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review 2016-01-12 00:00
Love in the Light (Hearts in Darkness Duet Book 2)
Love in the Light (Hearts in Darkness Duet Book 2) - Laura Kaye This story picks up about 2 months after [b:Hearts in Darkness|17948528|Hearts in Darkness (Hearts in Darkness, #1)|Laura Kaye|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1369114722s/17948528.jpg|16101664] leaves off. It details the difficulties that Caden and Makenna have dealing with their relationship outside the confines of the elevator. It also takes a frank and detailed look at clinical depression and PTSD and how those conditions can affect the people surrounding the patient. Everything about this story felt realistic, and I really admired Makenna for standing by Caden, because it isn't easy to love someone with a mental illness. Leaving them in their personal hells is taking the easy way out. This book had me in tears by the end of it! It was a very engaging story!
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review 2013-03-27 00:00
Light in the Darkness: A Story about How Slaves Learned in Secret
Light in the Darkness: A Story about How Slaves Learned in Secret - Lesa Cline-Ransome,James E. Ransome Powerful story about slaves risking their lives to secretly learn reading and writing in a pit school.
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