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url 2016-07-14 07:38
I've interviewed Tiffany McDaniel 'The Summer That Melted Everything'

Click the link to check the interview :) Book will be released 25th July


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review 2016-07-04 21:27
Forbidden Love In Timbuktu: Woman From Another Land
Forbidden Love in Timbuktu - Brenda Smith

Title: Forbidden Love In Timbuktu: Woman From Another Land
Author: Brenda Smith
Publisher: Xlibris U. S.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Forbidden Love In Timbuktu: Woman From Another Land" by Brenda Smith

My Thoughts.....

"Forbidden Love In Timbuktu: Woman From Another Land" will keep your attention till the very end and will leave you wanting to know more. This author did a excellent job at giving the reader one good story of Kieta Toura, a native from Timbuktu. Ms Toura did not have the greatest life but after her father took her from her home to the Soyinka's to live with them under the watchful eye of Wakesa maybe life would not be so bad for her. Becoming friends to the Soyinka daughter Marissa life was going good and even greater meeting a certain person. But would her life be the same after something horrible happens to her though the dealings with the 'new rules of citizens to follow?' The characters in this read were all very well developed, portrayed and so believable that you find yourself feeling you are right there in the mist of what all is happening. The story really picks up as we find Kieta being taken from one country to another and to some good people. Now how did that come about for Kieta? It looked like finally Kieta was going well with her new family, in school and even having found a good friend. However, there was always the desire for Kieta to know what had happen to her friend in Timbuktu and how did she get to where she was now in Florida. As life goes on for Kieta she is now in law school in New York having been blessed to do so by her new family but still Kieta wanted to know how she had gotten to America from Timbuktu and what had happened to her dear fellow whom she had loved so very much. The way this author brings this out to the reader was very well done and with saying that I don't want to tell to much more because believe me there is another part of this story that centers around what Kieta's friend Charlotte brings to the table. Who would have ever thought this would happen for Kieta but I started to get the idea of something was happening with Kieta's girlfriend Charlotte boyfriend [Jason]...who was a detective. Now, I really will really stop here and say this is definitely one of those story that you will not be able to put down and in the end well, you will see for yourself what I am talking about. Would I recommend this novel? YES for it will have you turning the pages rapidly to the end to find out how this will all come out!

Thank you to the author for the gift of a signed copy "Forbidden Love in Timbuktu" for my giving my honest opinion of the read. I enjoyed it so well I brought a Kindle copy so I could listen to it too!


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review 2016-06-25 20:36
Sweet Breath of Memory
Sweet Breath of Memory - Ariella Cohen

Title: Sweet Breath of Memory
Author: Ariella Cohen
Publisher: Kingsington Books
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five


"Sweet Breath of Memory"

My Thoughts....


I will say that this story "Sweet Breath of Memory" was one excellent read that left me saying that was some read that did keep my attention not wanting to put it down until the end. I loved the way this author wrote so well that it seems to draw you into the story as if you are right there. I found that it reads so 'smoothly, lyrical and even poetically' where one can really find themselves caught up in this amazing read where you will find a story of love, friendship and 'the eternal longing for peace.'
This author did a wonderful job with sharing with the readers about how Cate Saunders made changes in her life due to being alone after the death of her husband John and moving to the town of Amberly, Massachusetts. Never would Cate have know that wandering into Sheila's Grocery store, being offered a place to stay, finding a old journal that had belong to a survivor of the Holocaust and meeting new friends would help her start to heal.
I loved how this author works her story so well around 'Miriam's Journal' as it seemed to give a heart warming inspiration that Cate so desperately needed in her life. What a story that starts in Amberly, MA. to the Lodz Ghetto, London and then to Jerusalem.
Now, all the characters in this novel were truly wonderful where Cate meets Gaby, Sheila, Marylou, Zelda, Helen, Beatrice along with other wonderful charming people where she found a place where everyone seems to know everyone and each one had their own story to tell. As you read this novel you will be drawn into each of their lives as they are 'brimming with depth, compassion, warmth, resiliency and definitely smarts.' Who knew at this point that Cate would come involved in her writing 'about women who were touched by the vicissitudes of war.'
All that is left to say is that this was one of the best reads with such wonderful women with different lives and definitely with wonderful friendships.

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review 2016-06-19 03:52
Intrusion: A Novel - Mary McCluskey


Title: Intrusion
Author: Mary McCluskey
Publisher: Little A
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Intrusion: A Novel" by Mary McCluskey

My Thoughts...

I found "Intrusion" quite some read. What does it feel like to lose a child? The two main characters Kat and Scott really were given something that so many people have had to go through losing a child. For Kat we find her wanting to with draw from life and for Scott we find him throwing himself into his work. Now, with all of this going on in their life a childhood friend of Kat shows up but is she really a friend? With Kat not listening to her own sister Maggie about this person will she get caught up in Sarah's agenda after all that had happened to them so many years ago during their childhood?
With Kat being so caught up in her grief would this cloud her judgment making her vulnerable?
At this point in the read I was kept wondering what was this mysterious Sarah really up to. Well, I will stop here and say you must pick up this read to find out. This author really keeps the reader in suspense/thriller ride in how that part will be revealed to us however, somewhat abruptly done.

If you like a fast paced read that deals with death, depression, isolation, with suicidal thoughts, tragedy and sadness then you have one read that will keep your attention till the end.

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url 2016-06-05 07:38
What Makes Fiction Literary: Scenes Versus Postcards - Writer Unboxed

Flickr Creative Commons: funnyshian


The question comes up during Q&A at almost every writers’ conference: What makes fiction literary?  I’ve frequently been on that panel.  I’ve listened as smart and experienced editors and agents try to pin it down.  Literary?  It’s…well, it’s…


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