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review 2018-08-05 15:31
Ein Buch was mich echt berührt hat
Die Blumenschwestern: Roman - Gabriele Weber-Jaric,Cathy Hopkins

Erstmal geht mein Dank an den Goldmann Verlag für das kostenlose Rezensionexemplar :)
Als ich das Buch angefangen habe, dachte ich nur das wird sicher langweilig, aber das gegenteil war der Fall.
Wir lernen hier drei Schwestern kennen, unterschiedlich wie Tag und Nacht und die treffen sich zur Testamentveröffentlichung der Mama wieder. Sie haben bis da kaum noch Kontakt gehabt, aber ihre Mutter will das Unmögliche. Die 3 sollen sich wieder annähern und das Erbe tritt erst in Kraft wenn sie bestimmte Wochenenden zusammen verbringen, eins der Tage wird nicht Wahrgenommen geht das Erbe nicht an die Frauen. Also reißen sie sich zusammen und treten die Aufgabe an , die Mutter hat die Wochenende komplett durch geplant und langsam finden sie wieder zusammen, aber ein Schatten sieht über die Frauen und trifft sie erneut schwer.

Das Buch bringt ein zu lachen und zum Nachdenken. Mich hat es echt gepackt , Ich habe mit Daisy,Rose und Fleur mitgelitten, jede hat ihr Päckchen zu tragen und nur langsam kommen sie ans Licht.
Die Idee mit der Mama und ihren Videos finde ich persönlich zu genial, auf diese Idee muß man erstmal kommen.
Die Charakter sind auch alle gut ausgearbeitet und nicht so hingeklatscht.

Mein Fazit:
Wer Familienstorys mag wird das Buch lieben :)

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review 2018-02-19 07:56
Leave this one to the young people it's meant for
Impulse - Ellen Hopkins

Less than two months into 2018, I've hit my first hard DNF/had to abandon at a bit less than 50%.

I was very excited to read this. I love poetry and psych hospital settings when done well. The hyper-emotional style of much sick-lit fits well with teenagers, so all of this sounded worth a chance to me. I showed up early at the library on Saturday February 3rd to get the copy they'd set aside.

I've tried ever since to read this book. I just can't get through it. I realize I'm in the minority here, but I got nothing from it. Verse, which I normally love, may have stopped connection to any of the characters. It's not strict or tight scheme. It's just enough to elude communication either from the characters or author herself. The characters seemed flat and absurdly unrealistic at times. While I could follow the story, I was getting nothing from it.

I feel almost sure that as a young teenager, I might have liked this, so clearly it wasn't written for me, and my review is really only for the older folks who often read younger lit -- you may want to sit this one out. Let the kids enjoy this one on their own. (But then make sure they know the truth about some of the many many issues in this volume.)

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review 2018-02-14 00:00
Bound by a Dragon
Bound by a Dragon - Linda K. Hopkins I didn't finish this book, mostly because I found it to be bland and pretty boring. The big reveal happens in an instant, not to mention the insta-love thing. I pretty much couldn't bring myself to care about what happens to the characters. Also, I really disliked how one-dimensional the characters are. The mother doesn't care, doesn't believe her daughter, it's comical how she's written. I didn't feel like the characters behaved like actual people because there wasn't really any character development or if there was, it was like a line or two. I guess the village's hate was understandable but her family? I would expect her mother to be more realistic somehow. Still, it was simplistic the way it was written. Maybe it could have been shown better? I don't know. Most of the book focused mainly on the romance- it would have been better if we got to see how the world works a bit more or even if the romance was written better.

As for the romance, it was the typical stuff I'm starting to shun. The whole instantly falling in love with someone you only get to glance at a few times and maybe talk to for a few times. I don't understand how they fell in love. She was the only one who wasn't afraid? That's it? It was boring, I couldn't care less about what happens.
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text 2018-01-26 07:10
Cover Reveal - Down & Dirty

Romance Rebels Publishing....



Down & Dirty


Get in, get down...and get filthy with these sexy, hardworking, blue-collar heroes who don't mind when things get a little dirty while at work or at play. This collection of 22 brand new stories from USA Today and International Best-Selling authors is full of scorching hot romance tales that will be sure to leave you breathless for more. These men work hard, and play even harder. From cops to mechanics, and miners to brewmasters, they aren't afraid to go all in. At the end of the day, when they find the woman who completes them, they learn that love and life can be just as messy as their day job...and they wouldn't have it any other way. Featuring stories from: Lori King, Maia Dylan, Sarah Marsh, Elena Kincaid, Cecile Tellier, London Saint James, Bella Settara, Rose Nickol, RL Merrill, Ashley Malkin, Lucy Felthouse, Scarlett J. Rose, Sydney Lea, CR Moss, Samantha A. Cole, Danielle James, Ava Campbell, Eva Moore, Kimberlie L. Faye, Sabrina Sol, Nikki Prince, and Mia Hopkins!


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Down & Dirty Boxset Cover.jpg




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review 2018-01-14 02:13
Audio Book Review: Hyperborea
Fantasy Online Hyperborea: A LitRPG Saga... Fantasy Online Hyperborea: A LitRPG Saga - Harmon Cooper,George C. Hopkins,Jeff Hays

*I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Ryuk and Tamana have gamed together for years. At Tamana's request, they restart with new avatars in Titania. When they logout, Tamana is attacked and Ryuk watches her jump to her death in a train station. Then Ryuk is attacked by a Thulian warrior from the game. He knows it can't be real but seeing it makes it hard to believe. With the help of his human droid bodyguard Ryuk realizes it's not real. There are posts in gaming forums that people have been experiencing this, and dying. Someone's hacking their iNet. Ryuk is determined to warn others he once knew, and spend time with his lost friend in the world of Titania.

Jeff is always a treat for me to listen to. I have high standards going into one of his narrations, and he delivers! I expect to the characters to each have their own voice and life to come through as he acts them. I expect to have the characters easily differentiated in their voices and personalities. I expect to be entertained with the enthusiasm of the narrator. Jeff hits all these points and more with clear audio.

Harmon takes the world we last visited with Quantum and creates it's own series with it. Titania is the perfect world to play with as a spin-off. There are three layers to the world which you can only get to by reaching different levels in your character.

But! We also have a new trouble for the players several years after Quantum and his battles. Their iNet, a program in their eye, is hacked and they are seeing the evils from the world they just logged out of. It's getting them killed! Ryuk is a character that is not going to take this, especially after the girl he's known for years and asked out is now dead because of it.

It's neat how the game world is connected to the real person. See, if the person dies in the real world they will be reborn in their game - RPC (reborn player character).

There are mentions of Quantum and the characters from the original series. This book takes place years after Quantum has been through the game. We hear the name of the guild that Quantum started, Ryuk had been part of that guild before he reset to start over in the game. Then he goes in search of them, leveling up, to tell them what is happening in the world now. Ryuk is determined to help his friend in RPC form as it's the closest thing to her he can get, and wants. Ryuk's wants seem to go against what he should be doing in Titania. But this is his inner conflict with what has happened to his dearest friend. This is something he'll have to work through in order to move on to what the next step is.

We are introduced to Ryuk and his friends and family here. The new problems in the gaming world of Titania is strongly influencing the real world. We learn there is more going on and in the end we are anxious to get to the next book. It felt a bit like a cliffhanger with the leads on Kodai. I want to find out who he's working with and what the next phase is. There is something bigger than Kodai knows going on here, and I want to know what!

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