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review 2016-08-19 13:07
Book Review: The Forest Savage by Claire Davis and Al Stewart

I don't have words to review, to do justice to this book. Cal and Troy broke my heart as their pasts and their struggles were revealed. Two broken men who've been used and abused, but who find in each other exactly what they need.

That's all I got. It isn't enough.

All I can do is beg you to read it. It's free, you know.

Read it. Please.




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review 2015-09-13 02:02
Love Is An Open Road: Divine Intervention by JC Wallace
Divine Intervention - J.C. Wallace

This was a free read from the M/M Romance group's Love Is An Open Road event.

JC Wallace sure can write the angst. This story has it in droves.

After a terrible car accident, Paul is scarred inside and out. Kept under the thumb of his assholish father for most of his life, conditioned to win at all cost, believing that asking for help is weakness, Paul has pushed away everyone but his younger sister Wendy by the time we meet him.

He is dealing with episodes of PTSD, and he feels that he cannot let his broken body win.

Jacob is a physical therapist and EMT, hired by Wendy to help Paul become stronger. And he won't be pushed away. There's history between the two from back in highschool, and we see how Paul slowly begins to open up.

I adored Wendy and Jacob both. They clearly loved Paul, and did everything they could to help him. Paul's overbearing, cold-hearted and just plain awful father still has a strong hold on him, but with Wendy's and Jacob's help, Paul finds the courage he needs to break the cycle.

I liked this quite a bit, and while I wanted to smack Paul over the head a few times, it was clear that he was growing throughout this book, two steps forward, one step back.

At the end, I felt hopeful that Paul could be the man Jacob deserved.

The writing is heavy on angst, showing Paul's inner thoughts, and it fit with the overall theme of this novel. Paul and Jacob's relationship grows in droves, even if I felt that Jacob on occasion was a bit too forgiving. He sure didn't let Paul walk all over him, and gave back almost as good as he got.


My thanks to the author for participating in the event. I enjoyed this book.

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review 2015-08-06 15:48
Love Is An Open Road: Unexpected Homecoming by AJ Henderson
Unexpected Homecoming - James A. Henderson

Super cute and fluffylicious short from the M/M Romance group's Love Is An Open Road event.

Poor Ben got a raw deal - not only did he lose his boyfriend and his home, but because his BF is also his boss, his job is gone too. Going home to small town CA with his tail between his legs wasn't the plan, so Ben is a bit mopey. And afraid of putting himself back out there due to fear of getting hurt again.

His high school crush Matt is the new town veterinarian, and Ben's grandma and her Bingo friends waste no time to start machinations to get the two together.

Except Ben is afraid, and doesn't see a good thing even when it hits him over the head, repeatedly, so it takes him a bit of time to get to the point where he's open again for a new relationship.

Matt is gung-ho at first, gets shot down, and thinks he doesn't have a chance. When he and Ben did communicate, it was honestly, which helped, even if Ben can't see the forest for the trees. Thankfully, the two of them seem to have the whole town behind them working for them to get their HEA.

Not a whole lot of character development, but this is a short, slice-of-life kind of story, and I enjoyed reading it.

My thanks to the author for participating in this event!

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text 2015-08-04 15:19
Love Is An Open Road: Back To Eden by Marc Green
Back to Eden - Marc Green

I'm not going to rate this, because it wouldn't be pretty.

First off, the name-dropping of various M/M authors and their books was irritating. I didn't realize this was a commercial.

Secondly, WTF - cliffhanger? This event is not meant to be used that way. Stories, no matter how short, should be at least somewhat complete. Am I supposed to buy the book that will continue this short story? Is it meant to be a teaser?

Thirdly, disparaging remarks about girl parts from a gay man. Seriously, that's just ridiculously cliched. And offensive to some. Possibly not the best way to appeal to female readers, who comprise a rather large chunk of your audience.

Fourthly, vampires, wolf shifters, and angels, oh my. Five men, excluding the narrator, living on a ranch, all of them supernatural in some way. Too much going on, with too little explanation, in less than 10k words. I guess if you're going for a cliffhanger, hoping to entice readers to buy the full book, that may seem logical. 

While I appreciate the author donating his time to this event, this story didn't work for me at all.

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review 2015-07-31 00:55
Love Is An Open Road: Full Exposure by Amy Jo Cousins
Full Exposure - Amy Jo Cousins

A photoshoot turns into a sexed up weekend between rockstar Riley and "coffee boy" Evan. Then months of texts and then nothing, until Evan gets his head out of his ass and begs for another chance.

I liked the exploration of insecurities here, how the author gave both men their own set of those, and how the one who seemed larger than life really isn't, and the one on the sidelines is actually the one who sees beyond the facade of the rock star. Both of them showed vulnerability, and both of them showed inner strength. Theirs is an immediate connection that Evan doesn't fully believe in until he gets a wake-up call. 

Exquisite writing, with humor and snark, and ultra emotional moments; this was sheer beauty. Gorgeous images painted with words. Loved it. 

Free as part of the Love Is An Open Road event from the M/M Romance group. My gratitude to the author.

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