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text 2018-08-01 16:25
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review 2018-03-26 13:49
Death of a Movie Star
Death of a Movie Star - Timothy Patrick Kirby

I was contacted by the author requesting that I review his book, sending me a free copy. After reading the story, I am pleased to state that the book is a good read. 


The story starts with the comment that if you are over 80 years old, you can commit a murder, just one murder, and get away with it because it would be too much money to try you and put you in jail. Because at 80 you are knocking on death's door and it would be wasted money. I didn't really like the thought of that as we are seeing more people live to their 90's and 100's. But I wasn't willing to leave the book at that point, I wanted to see how this would progress. 


Lenora is an aging film actress who hunts up another has-been actress and asks her who she would love to get rid of forever. The name that jumps to her lips is Cassandra aka Casmo. A young actress who has become a thorn in the sides of both women. Lenora has a plan. She wants to get rid of Casmo and wants someone else to take the blame. 


She runs a television show with her business manager, Micah Bailey. Micah is the host of "Starbash 2020" and he hates Hollywood and all the trappings. So much so that he states that he never watches tv or movies. He hides in the garage at Lenora's and works on cars and trashes the Hollywood elite. 


16 actors and actresses with known problems with temper, alcohol or drugs come on the show to go from the top to the bottom and show that they can become human. Along the way, you see the changes in Casmo and you see that she has an ax of her own to grind. One that goes back to when Lenora and her own mother were sharing an apartment and competing for acting jobs. It seems that Lenora is suspected of turning Cassandra's mother into the FBI during the 1950's witchhunt for Socialists. 


This did have a definite story and you could see people emerging from the face that they present to the world. I do recommend this story. 

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review 2017-09-04 15:24
Treacherous Beauties by Cheryl B. Dale
Treacherous Beauties: Featuring Major TV Movie Stars - Cheryl Emerson

Annabelle's dead brother haunts her dreams, pleading with her to help him, and the only way she knows how, is to go to where Alan died and try to find his killer...

The mystery was intriguing, the slightly paranormal angle satisfying without descending into the bizarre, the suspense intense...It would've made for a pretty awesome suspense/thriller if it weren't for:

  1. the premise itself—the heroine goes to the town where her brother was murdered determined to find his killer; she's not law enforcement, she's not a detective, she's just a widow posing as an accountant
  2. and the idiotic heroine—read above and add the fact every single decision she makes when she's there proves just what a naïve idiot she really is (you can't say you love someone while lying to them and believing them a murderer; you can't take the word of the only woman the hero dislikes as judge of his character while having proof of his amiability in his interactions with pretty much everybody else in town).

The fact it was written in the first person POV of the heroine didn't help matters at all, merely compounding her bad traits.

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review 2017-08-19 05:07
Protecting the Movie Star (The Protectors) by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams
Protecting the Movie Star (The Protectors Book 4) - Samantha Chase,Noelle Adams


If experience makes the man, Cole is a force to be reckoned with.  From an early age he's fought battles that no person should have to face and done acts that have left him in despair.  Criminal, fighter and best friend are monikers he can't escape, but the one title that changes the man from fighter to warrior is protector.  He wears that title like a badge of honor and will let nothing stop him from shielding the woman he loves.  Not even guilt. Protecting the Movie Star is darker and bolder than the previous three novels in the Protectors series. Not only does Cole and Evangeline tempt readers with their page turner romance, but authors Chase and Adams close out the series by tying up loose ends. An emotional tale of redemption, faith and hope that inspires the heart and heals the soul.

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review 2016-12-26 22:41
#CBR8 Book 124: Where Am I Now? True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame by Mara Wilson
Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame - Mara Wilson

I wasn't initially going to get this book. While I've seen Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda, possibly the two films that Mara Wilson is most famous for, I haven't really watched any of the others she was a child star in, nor do I follow her Twitter or writing career as an adult. It just didn't seem like this would be all that interesting to me. Nonetheless, this book got a lot of positive write-ups from people with good taste, including Patrick Rothfuss and Wil Wheaton (himself a child star once upon a time) and several of my Goodreads friends. I do like an entertaining audio book, so I changed my mind and used a credit on it. Now I'm glad I did. 


As with a lot of celebrity autobiographies, Ms. Wilson reads the book herself, and she has a very wry and self-deprecating way of telling the stories about herself. As she reveals later in the book that one of the things she does for a living now is storytelling, it should come as no surprise that this is a well-told book. The book is an anthology of observations, many dealing with Ms. Wilson's childhood, not just as a child actress, but also dealing with her anxiety and OCD, the death of her mother and how and why she made the choice to give up acting when she became a teenager. There's an open letter to Matilda, the character she is most famous for, and there are stories about her college years and her writing as an adult. The chapter dealing with her mother's death and how it feels growing up without a mother, even though she seems to have a lovely stepmother; the one where she talks about determining the fairly severe levels of her OCD, not to mention the one where she talks about Robin Williams and learning about his death were probably the ones that affected me the most.


The reason this book doesn't quite get one of my highest rating is that it really is quite short. I was surprised at how quickly it was finished, and some of the stories are just not all that interesting and felt a bit like filler. This book was written before Ms. Wilson came out openly as bisexual, and as others have already pointed out in their reviews, I suspect some of the chapters would may have been written a bit differently if this was public knowledge. It's a good book, and Wilson is a witty story teller. While not on the same level as Craig Ferguson's or Amy Poehler's books, it was stil a good read.


Judging a book by its cover: It's a fairly simple cover, and shows Mara Wilson as she is probably most well-known and recognised. As a little girl, from her role as Matilda. I suspect most people don't know what Wilson looks like as an adult (I had to do a Google image search), so putting one of her most iconic images on the cover of a book that deals with her life as a child star, and has several chapters dealing with Matilda, it seems like good marketing strategy. I know she says in the book that she hates being called cute, but she really was.

Source: kingmagu.blogspot.no/2016/12/cbr8-book-124-where-am-i-now-true.html
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