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review 2017-09-18 18:38
The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie
The Moving Finger - Agatha Christie

I read this one for Terror in a Small Town. It would also work for: Amateur Sleuth, Country House Mystery, Murder Most Foul and, also, Cozy Mystery.


Someone is terrorizing the village of Lymstock with poison pen letters, and everyone has received one! The letters are threatening, and accuse the inhabitants of things that they have most definitely not done.


Ostensibly a Miss Marple mystery, Miss Marple doesn't appear until approximately the last quarter of the book. This particular book is told from the perspective of Jerry Burton, a young pilot recovering from an injury he sustained in a plane crash. Jerry and his sister Joanna move there for his recuperation, having been told by his doctor that he needs to get out of town for peace and quiet. It's a first person narration.


I'm simultaneously listening to the Stephen Fry narration of the Sherlock Holmes canon, and something occurred to me while I was reading this particular book and listening to "A Case of Identity," which is one of the stories contained in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (an irritating story, by the way). Readers of Agatha Christie often identify Hercule Poirot (and his sidekick, Hastings) as a Sherlock Holmes analogue, with his focus on details and his cogitation skills (not to mention the fact that Hastings is none-to-bright, similar to Watson).


But Miss Marple is also a Holmes analogue - she just exemplifies his OTHER detecting skill, which is his vast, encyclopedic knowledge of other crimes and his ability to correlate those old crimes to what is happening in the case he has been asked to investigate. It's almost as though Christie split Holmes into separate personalities, and then created a detective for each of them.


Anyway, the absence of Miss Marple from most of the narrative means that we, the readers, are left without her observation on the personalities/quirks of the Lymstock inhabitants and we muddle along as best we can, largely getting hold of the wrong end of the stick.


Jerry isn't entirely likeable, with a rather strong sense of male entitlement that, at times, made me want to smack him. Joanna is seen only from his perspective, and I didn't get the sense that he really understood his sister very well, seeing her primarily as a foil for himself. Megan is probably the most interesting character of the book, a largely unwanted, Cinderella-esque figure (with Jerry playing the part of the fairy godmother) whose father has remarried and who has been frozen out of family life in the most subtle, English way possible, with everyone agreeing that she is a troubled girl.


She isn't a troubled girl. She's a lonely girl, because, it seems, the entire town has aligned with her father.


Anyway, I still prefer Poirot. But I enjoyed this one!

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text 2017-09-17 14:01
Halloween Bingo - Terror in a Small Town
The Moving Finger - Agatha Christie

I am not sure how much time I will have in the coming week for updating my reading or posting - there is a lot going at and out of work, a work dinner on Tuesday, and general trying to get organised for my holiday trip the following week. So. I'll try and at least organise my bingo reading to dip in and out of this week.


First off, I have just started listening to Richard E. Grant's fine narration of The Moving Finger. This is a re-read as part of my Christie project, am so far I think I am enjoying this even more than the first time.


The story is set in a village where brother and sister Joanna and Jerry have come to aid Jerry's recuperation from an accident.


I am reading this for the Terror in a Small Town square. 


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text 2017-07-30 14:13
Three Services To Look Out For When Finding The Best Moving Home Quote


At present, it's easy to obtain a quotation from various removal businesses on the Internet if you want to move to a new home. But, you should ensure that the quote you acquired covers all of the services that you'll need for a hassle-free removal. Luckily, you can find websites that offer a simpler method to obtain the appropriate moving house quotes through comparison services. These dependable websites are partners with moving firms that provide competitive removal quotations. With just a couple of clicks, you can discover many removers near you.

Maybe you are comparing several home moving quotes from different removals business on the Internet. Be certain that you pick the most reputable firms by looking for these services:

1. Do they have packing and unpacking services?

Among the services you’ll see when obtaining cheap house removals London is packing. This service is essential so that your delicate things like silverware and floral vases would be secured during the trip. Reliable removers would individually wrap your belongings and pack them in sturdy cardboard boxes to ensure their safety. Several moving companies also offer unpacking services so that you can settle in your new house at once. In case you own a lot of delicate things, then you should think about packing and unpacking services when you're comparing quotes from removal businesses.

2. Do they provide dismantling and reassembly services?

When you compare moving homes quotes, you must consider removers that provide assistance in dismantling if you have loads of furniture pieces. This will make the transport of your large furniture like beds and tables a lot easier especially if they haven’t been moved for many years. Your furnishings will also be protected throughout the relocation as their individual parts would be appropriately packed.

Furthermore, removers can reassemble your furnishings when they're shipped to your new house. Several moving firms will not charge additional costs on your moving home quote for reassembly as they can combine this in the disassembly service fee. Reassembly is very helpful because you won’t need to put the furnishings back on your own which can be a strenuous job.

3. Do they have storage space?

There are circumstances where you cannot quickly move your items to your new property. For instance, you may be relocating to a place with a little bedroom that doesn't have sufficient space for your furniture. If you're in this dilemma, then you must find moving firms that offer temporary storage space so your items will be kept in a secure location until you can transfer them. When getting moving homes quotes, you need to verify if the removers have flexible choices such as storage space size and duration. These options should enable you to customise the service according to your certain requirements.

Without a doubt, there are many of points to consider when getting a moving home quote on the Internet. Simply look for the services discussed above so you can locate the most outstanding removers who would cater to your moving requirements. Do not forget to utilise reputable comparison websites in order to make your search less difficult.

Source: www.removals-index.com/quotes-on-moving-house
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text 2017-07-27 08:16
Wringo Ink. Short Story for the Genre Romance: Bogged Down



She didn’t like it when they just wouldn’t stay dead. Granted, all she had do to was concentrate on someone to make them keel over. Sometimes, however, the condition didn’t take and she had to work harder to focus. From the backyard, Blue had been watching her mother hug the picture frame tightly to her chest and cry, thinking, “Why does she cry over someone who left her?” The wind had picked up then, alerting Blue that something was up. Scrunching her tiny eight-year old nose, she had sniffed the air and there it had been. The tell-tale earthy scent that the dead brought with them.

Blue looked around and found the man shambling towards their house. His left foot scraped over the backyard soil, making a loud khrrrrrich every time. Swiveling her head to check if it was loud enough for her mother to hear it, Blue found her dozing in and out of a fitful sleep. “Mom can’t hear you!” she said to the corpse, cheerfully. As was usual, the cadaver didn’t display any signs that it had even heard Blue. It just kept on coming… khrrrrrich…khrrrrrich…Blue jumped off the mango tree branch that she had been ensconced in. “This won’t do,” she said, shaking her head at him.


She knew she looked a little bit cross-eyed right now. “But focus I must or this thing could mean trouble for Mom.” She glared at the body who had dared to defy her and told it to “Be dead!” Three be deads and it fell over, as if it had suddenly forgotten how to walk. Blue dusted off her hands, pleased with the results, and walked over to it. Bending to grasp a foot with two tiny hands, she saw the ankle was broken. “Oh, is that why you were making so much noise? Must have happened when you fell off the terrace. Well, can’t do anything about it now, can we?” She kept the conversation up as she began to drag him back to the bog.


By the time they arrived, Blue was a little out of breath. Huffing, she looked down at who she had been dragging and found him covered with all kinds of things…nettle, twigs, thorns and even a piece or fifteen of eggshells. “Well, you could have just stayed put. But noooooo, Mr. Unfinished Business had to come back.” Thinking she must not be late for dinner, Blue bent down, and pushed the erstwhile person into the swampy part right in front of her. Then, she raised her hands to her hair and smoothed it down. She sniffed the air for a few minutes but all she could smell were decaying, rotting, and boggy smells. Satisfied, she skipped all the way back.

Blue climbed and settled back onto her perch, watching her mother have dinner in front of the TV. She looked down at her hands and began the tally. “There was the landlord who didn’t want just the rent…the guy who had followed her home after work…and this man who had come to rob the place. That makes three…ughhhh, Mom will definitely have to move. I’m sorry, Mom! But what else could I have done?” She apologized to her mother who would never hear her. Not expecting any response, Blue almost fell out of the tree when someone answered, “How about trusting your mother to take care of herself?”


In the end, she did roll off the branch and plummeted towards the ground. Leaning forward to look at the newcomer, Blue’s eyes met the softest, kindest, and bluest eyes she had ever seen. She had been named after those eyes when she had inherited them. Understandably, she had fallen. Her father caught her in his arms easily and set her down gently. “Hi!” he said with a smile that she would never forget. She countered with, “You left us…you let go.” The smile became sad with edges sharp enough to draw blood. “I’m so sorry, sweetie. I thought being heavier, I was dragging you down with me. But you are just a little girl and the swamp too deep. I’m so sorry…”, he hugged her to himself.

Blue screamed, her little fists hitting her father’s chest as she tried to free herself from his hug. “Where have you been? I have been keeping Mom safe all this time. Where were you?” Looking as heartbroken as she felt, he said, “Looking for you. When I…woke up again…after uh dying, I didn’t remember anything. All I knew was that I was looking for something or someone. It took a while before it all started coming back to me. I came here as soon as I realized that it was you I had lost.” His arms freed Blue and she moved away from him. “You didn’t just lose me, you know. She lost you too.” Blue pointed in the direction of their home, meaning her mother.


“I know, Blue, but your mother is still alive and we…are not. That is why I have come here and that’s why I have been looking for you. You have to let her go now.” Blue scoffed at him. “Leave Mom? Do you know she cries herself to sleep every night? That she hugs our picture when she does that?” she was yelling again. Her father gave her one of his sad smiles. “Your mom is strong; she never needed us to take care of her. And, if we stick around, she will keep being sad. She won’t be able to move on, even if she can’t see us. We need to go, so she can learn how to be happy again.” Blue knew Dad was right…in her heart of hearts, she knew. She also knew what they had to do. “Do you promise you won’t let go this time?” she asked him, as they walked towards the swamp. He pinky-promised.


The End



Want to know more about Wringo Ink.? Click here!



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