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review 2018-03-18 18:45
Pineapple Lies: A Pineapple Port Mystery
Pineapple Lies: Pineapple Port Romantic Comedy / Mystery: Book One (Pineapple Port Mysteries 1) - Amy Vansant

Title: Pineapple Lies: A Pineapple Port Mystery
Author: Amy Vansant
Publisher: A.V.
Series: Pineapple Pot Mysteries Book 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Pineapple Lies: A Pineapple Port Mysteries Book 1" by Amy Vansant

My Thoughts...

This story starts in a retirement community in Florida for 55 and up. What will happen after Charlotte is now living with her grandmother and the grandmother dies? Charlotte who was around twenty will continue living there since he has inherited the home. What will happen when Charlotte decides to have a garden put in the back porch area and a skull is found? Who is this person and just how long has this skull been there? How will this all come together as we have a younger woman living in a older community? Be prepared for quite a mystery where there will be plenty of secrets coming out, romance, also suspense with even some humorous moments. The characters [Charlotte, Mariska, Darla, Bob, Frank, Jackie, Seamus, Henry & Declan] are well developed, portrayed and so very believable giving the readers a good romantic/comedy/murder/ mystery read this will keep you guessing. How will this crew solve this case? Well, you will have to pick up this fun read 'Pineapple Lies' to find out.

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review 2017-09-09 14:30
Murder on Cue (Jocelyn O'Roarke Mystery #1) - Jane Dentinger
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review 2016-06-01 03:11
The Audubon Park Mystery
The Audubon Park Murder (A Sleepy Carter Mystery Book 1) - Brian W. Smith

Title: The Audubon Park Murder
Author: Brian W. Smith
Series: Sleepy Carter Mystery Book 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Audubon Park Murder" by Brian W. Smith

My Thoughts....

I must say I loved this thriller mystery by this author. I read the second novel first and now that I have read this first of the 'Sleepy Carter Series' it makes a lots of sense to what all had gone on earlier in the first novel. I found the read quite entertaining as well as one of those reads that will certainly keep your attention as one finds 'Sleepy Carter quite a unique and mysterious character. This was definitely one of those read that will keep you guessing till the very end. Now, that I have read the first two of these mystery reads I will be looking forward to the third series to see will will become of Sleepy Carter with his well kept secret, Lizzy Silverman and let's not forget that Farrington partner. Well done to the author!

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review 2016-01-14 17:57
Review: Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop
Murder of Crows - Anne Bishop

This book. THIS BOOK. You guys, I seriously can't even. It took a re-read for me to be able to form enough words to write a review about it. And even then, I'm not sure this is going to be coherent.

This book starts with a bang, with things developing in my ship--and then coming to a sudden halt. It physicallyhurt, because my little cinnamon rolls are so confused and baffled and I just want to hug them and spell out to them that they're falling in love. And that it's going to be okay.

Even though, let's be honest, it probably won't be. Not sure how Others are going to take a courtyard leader being mated with a human, but that's a worry for some other day.

We have enough to worry about in this installment as it is. Such as two dangerous drugs wrecking havoc among the humans and Others, starting conflicts that end in bloodshed and death and destruction. Mostly for the human side of things...



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review 2015-09-14 18:26
A Pocket Full of Murder
A Pocket Full of Murder - R.J. Anderson

There are some books you just know you’re going to love as soon as you start reading them. For me, A Pocket Full of Murder was one of these.


Isaveth Breck’s family has been struggling for awhile. She, her father, and her sisters are still grieving for her mother. Without her spell-making abilities, they’re having a hard time making ends meet. Then Isaveth’s father is accused of murder. If Isaveth wants to save him, she’ll have to count on the help of a new friend named Quiz. But Quiz has his own secrets, and Isaveth will have to deal with the fall-out.


I’ve loved all of R.J. Anderson’s books to date, but A Pocket Full of Murder miiiight be my favorite. It’s basically all of my favorite things: great characters, interesting magic and worldbuilding, mysteries, complicated families. While this makes it sound busy, the emotional heart of the story is definitely centered on Isaveth and her quest to save her father and her family. She’s a brave, tenacious heroine, and she makes mistakes and also learns from them and moves past them.


I also liked Quiz quite a bit–although I’m not entirely sure if this is simply due to his snarky charms (definitely possible) or if there’s a bit of reflected glory there. There’s a subtle homage to a Certain Golden Age Mystery woven through this story–one which I am Very Fond of. If the reader doesn’t get the references, the story will certainly stand on its own, but for the reader who’s also a fan, picking out the subtle references is very fun. At any rate, Quiz is definitely his own person, with different emotional beats and backstory.


It’s also worth mentioning that Isaveth and her family are a religious minority–I read them as a minority sect of the major religion in this world–and that this plays an important part in the story. I didn’t feel that this was in any way preachy. The Brecks have different relationships to their faith and this was shown in a natural and organic way. But because they are Moshite, there’s a great deal of prejudice against them, which only hurts Isaveth’s father.


And there are more divisions in this world, particularly between nobles–who have access to a certain kind of magic–and commoners–whose magic is more mundane and less flashy. Isaveth is talented at this kind of magic, taking up her mother’s legacy to keep her family alive and together. I loved the descriptions of the spell tablets she bakes, which are such a unique and interesting way of approaching magic.


In terms of the mystery, I guessed who, but not how or why. Isaveth and Quiz’s attempts to uncover the truth of what happened are well drawn out, and I think would be engaging for a younger reader. Quiz’s secrets play a part in the solution as well, and while I guessed most of them, I think the target audience might not.


At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed this one from start to finish, and my only complaint is that I wanted more!


(Disclaimer: I’ve known RJ online for a number of years now; however, I’m also genuinely a fan of her books in general and this one in particular.)


Book source: bought it as soon as I heard about it

Book information: 2015, Atheneum; middle grade fantasy/mystery


Other reviews:

Source: bysinginglight.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/a-pocket-full-of-murder-by-r-j-anderson
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