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review 2017-06-07 16:54
Act One, Scene One—Murder - R. H. Richardson

This one is definitely for classic British murder mystery fans. A successful playwright invites his actors for dinner on his country estate ( a dark, medieval building)All the usual characters are there:a morose housekeeper, the older, charismatic actor,a highly strung director, a married "ladies man"and his actress wife and many more. And of course, on this cold, rainy november night,murder happens .In order to solve this crime all the guests are asked (ordered)to remain in this gloomy house.

Sometimes it feels so good to read a murder mystery that shouts "Golden Age ",especially if it is a good story.

Highly recommended for Ngaio Marsh fans (and Agatha Christie fans,and...)Just very,very "nice".

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review 2017-05-09 07:34
Sorcerer's House (Simon Gale Series Book 2) - Gerald Verner

Written in 1956, it has all the elements of a classic British mystery. A village  ( Ferncross),an eccentric amateur sleuth, upper middle class villagers and a mysterious derelict manor house where death happens rather to often whenever a light appears in one of the rooms. 

This village definitely has some murky secrets....I must say that the end was somewhat of a suprise  ( but a good one! )

Especially recommended for fans of British murder mysteries. 

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review 2017-04-14 14:45
The Body in the Ice - Alfred A. Knopf Publishing Company

From the blurb:1796,Kent, a killer at large, a family feud and a house with a secret. Doesn't it sound good? 

The year is 1796,the United States have gained their independence some 20 years previously, the British took part of Canada from the French and the French fleet is ready (or so it seems) to invade Britain. The relationship between the British, the Americans  ( republicans) and the French( revolutionary) is slightly troubled,to say the least. Against this background a small coastal community, and more specifically Reverend Hardcastle  (who is also a Justice of Peace) is confronted with murder  ( and smugglers, French spies and an adorable Irish wolfhound who is not particularly brave  (a rabbit frightened the hell out of him)).The historical setting is marvellous, it is very atmospheric and the main characters are endearing. 

But strangely enough, the last chapters are perhaps a bit long-winded with too much gunpowder, spies and cloak and dagger and somehow it kills all that atmospheric tension. 

Still, all in all, a very good read. 

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review 2017-03-19 13:16
To Kill a Wife - J.M. Gregson

The storyline is good, it is a classic whodunit, in a very British style. Most of the characters are elaborated and believable. So far, so good...Unfortunately the investigating inspector and his  ( female) sidekick are particularly unattractive. He keeps referring to the victim as a drawer dropper  (not once but about 30 times or so) and she feels compelled to say " even so..."!!!

Now if this were written in the dark ages, well, a sign of the times and all that nonsense, but it is written in the late nineties, so frankly, a drawer dropper  (and many more funny  (?)remarks) are more than bizarre and definitely outdated. 

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review 2017-03-06 19:13
The Ghost of Robert Brown: A Mystery Novel - P. Wish

There is so much wrong with this book that I hardly know where to start.....It is full of inconsistencies,not to say mistakes(a grand chandelier,sparkling like diamonds,all that from the glow of 1 bulb,marvelous....;green eyes that mysteriously change into blue eyes and fifty pages further ,lo behold,they are chocolate brown;characters who seem to forget what they said,or asked,4 sentences earlier and so many more unbelievable errors (and I mean many more!))

As for the writing,their is virtually no description of any surrounding(the school is supposed to be gothic,well your guess is as good as mine...),the dialogues are static,there are strange time-lapses and none of the characters feel real(and are definitely not well defined),certain sentences are not finished and there are a load of silly mistakes(for example:it would help easy my conscience...)

The worst read this year...it is a pity,because there is a good storyline hidden somewhere but unfortunately.....

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