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review 2017-06-18 16:23
Ghost Box
Ghost Box: Voices from Spirits, ETs, Shadow People & Other Astral Beings - Paulette Moon,Chris Moon

by Paulette Moon,Chris Moon




This is the authors' relation of their experiments with a 'ghost box', literally a box that works like a radio transmitter to pick up the voices of ghosts. Spooky! But that's what attracted me to the book.


It requires a big leap of faith. Apparently much of the activity happens on a psychic level so you're basically taking the word of the author that anything was heard at all, although some recordings apparently produced voices. Putting belief aside, I found the book interesting. The incidents mentioned in relation to a few high profile historic deaths made for good reading, scepticism or not.


I did find the suggestion that the box picks up alien voices as well a stretch. It started ticking too many woowoo boxes at that point and I found it more difficult to suspend disbelief. I keep an open mind about spiritual activity, but this pushed it a little too far for me and I found myself reading with more scepticism after that part.


Despite this, some of the stories related towards the end appeared to be corroborated by real world evidence, if you take the author's word for it. I decided that belief is subjective and on the bottom line, I enjoyed reading the book. It was well written and provided some interesting food for thought. Would I try the spirit box if given a chance? Definitely. Like some of the other sceptical people who came into contact with the authors, I would ask questions that only the person I was contacting would know, but I would not hesitate to give it a go and see what happened.


The only thing missing was any information whatsoever about how it supposedly works. Maybe the authors will include that in their next book.

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review 2017-06-13 23:49
Really enjoyed these stories in general
X-23: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 - Nuno Sotero Alves Da Silva,Filipe Andrade,David Lafuente,Mike Choi,Sana Takeda,Jay Faerber,Will Conrad,Billy Tan,Francis Portela,Christopher Yost,Craig Kyle,Marjorie M. Liu,Simon Spurrier

There were a couple issues - single issues that were part of a longer run - that were almost nonsensical out of context.   Since the other parts of those series didn't have X-23, or didn't revolve around her, they weren't used in this collection.   All of that makes sense, although I would have preferred a note about what wasn't in here if they were going in chronological order of publication - and it seems that they were - instead of adding things that didn't really involve X-23.   Not only that, but I think it would fit even with the 'complete' in the tittle; having additional issues is nice, true, but 'the complete X-23' implies complete runs of the X-23 series.   Additional issues optional - and also easier for Laura Kinney who has a small number of appearances as compared to, say, Vision and his decades upon decades of guest appearances. 


X-23 and X-23: Target are both about Laura Kinney before she's found by the X-Men, and Wolverine in particular.  There's no way Logan could find out about her, and not feel responsible.   Because they used his DNA to create her, and more importantly, because he knows what it's like to be used as a killer and then have to live with that fact.   Guilt isn't logical, either.   Logic dictates that his DNA was stolen, that Laura was created, and turned into a killer without his knowledge.   Guilt would still gnaw at Logan because fuck logic, guilt doesn't truck with that shit.   And that guilt, that need to help Laura - going as far as mentioning adopting her - is why I love Logan.   He's far from perfect, but damn, did he ever try to the right thing. 


There's a whole bunch of single issues, some that made sense, some that really didn't.   Especially when there was exposition about a huge chunk of Laura's life.   (Clearly this isn't the complete, ever story told about her in chronological order, either, I guess?   I think this refers to NYX, though, and that isn't all about her at all.)


Then the first three issues in a newer X-23 series, all about her - and Logan.   Except Logan's been taking over a demon, and damn, does Marvel get weird about Judeo-Christian mythology.   I mean, damn that shit gets weird.   It's also kinda great: the themes of Laura trying to live her own life, and struggling with feeling used at Utopia, even, are some of the more poignant moments in this collection. 


And, yeah, I was gonna splurge on collection two and it doesn't exist.   Sadness!

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review 2017-06-04 05:06
Not that ghostly....
Lost Boy Lost Girl - Peter Straub


When a single tree fills your lens, the rest of the forest takes on a degree of abstraction.

- Chapter 15


This book was just ok. The ghost story was a bit weak and not that scary. In the first sentence, we find out that Mark's mother is dead. She killed herself, apparently over guilt for not helping someone when she could have. But, how could she? I mean, she left her son alone to face the ghosts she knew existed. I know it happnes, but I just don't get it. And Mark's father was just annoying; he didn't seem to care about his son at all.


The story is told through third person and occasional journal entries written by Mark's uncle Tim. It was a bit creepy and suspenseful, but nothing special. It ended so quickly that I didn't even realize it was the end of the book. I don't mind endings that leave you guessing, but this one just seemed rushed. It was like the author didn't know what else to write, so he just ended it.


I read this book for the Booklikes-opoly New Orleans 19 square - Ghost Story. The book is 340 pages, so it's worth $3.00.


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review 2017-06-02 05:46
good story and characters
Positively Pippa (The Ghost Falls Series) - Sarah Hegger

Pippa boards a plane from LA going to Ghost Falls, Utah. where her eccentric grandmother Phi/ Philomena is. Grandma Phi had been a world famous opera singer known for her quirkiness and love of life. Pippa is the woman America loves to hate. Her tv show was quickly taken off the air and she no longer had a job. Pipa’s supposed boyfriend/producer Ray - You Tubes latest sensation- had edited the tape of Pippa’s show before airing it. The tape showed Pippa calling her grey haired guest fat, ugly, and unwanted. Pippa was suppose to making the guest over as Pippa hosted a makeover show. After the show Ray was sure pippa’s popularity would nose dive and make his tv ratings quickly go up. No one in in Hollywood stood up for Pippa and tell the truth.  Ironically enough Pippa had felt safe with Ray. Matt does not believe Pippa said those exact words. As they were portrayed to Pippa’s guest. Matt has known Pippa since they were kids. Whenever Pippa came home for a visit they would circle around their attraction but didn’t do anything about it. Matt and Pippa have a steamy affair as she tries to resurrect her career on Twitter. When Pippa left Ghost Falls right after HS at eighteen Matt didn’t go instead he stayed behind to take care of his family after a tragedy. Matt gave up his own personal happiness to take care of his family. Matt is now a contractor and Grandma Phi’s friend. Then Pippa is offered the chance to go back to LA and continue her career.

I basically loved this book. I only had one problem with it as I felt there was just too many side stories. This didn’t make me stop reading the story but it did steal a bit of my enjoyment. I loved Grandma Phi and felt she added a lot to this book.  I also loved Matt and the way he willingly took care of his family. I loved Matt and Pippa together and was rooting for them. This was an easy read and made me chuckle at times. This story kept my interest all through it. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

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