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review 2017-04-21 04:50
Coach helps teen turn his life around...
Ghost (Track) - Jason Reynolds



Like, for me, the best way to describe it is, I got a lot of scream inside.

- Chapter 3


Castle Crenshaw is in the seventh grade and he is always in trouble, mostly fighting. He doesn't take any crap. But, he sees a team running track in the park, proves he can run faster, and the Coach asks him to join. Castle (nicknamed Ghost) runs fast because he needed to. One night his father chased his mother and him out of their apartment. His father had a gun and was shooting at them. So, Ghost doesn't have it easy, and he doesn't always make the right choices, but this team and more importantly, the Coach are his chance for a new direction.


This book is a quick read, written for middle-grade students. The character of Ghost seems real; he is angry, embarrassed by where he lives, and has no father figure. The Coach becomes an important part of his life, not just on the team, but in helping him to make better choices and do the right thing.


I read this book for my Multicultural lit class. 


Recommended to:

Readers in grades 6-8, especially boys.

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review 2017-04-16 16:04
The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer ★★★☆☆
The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer - Krista Davis

I enjoyed this second book in the Paws and Claws series a bit more than the first, but that might be more due to my adjusted expectations than to any real difference in quality. With my vast experience of a single book in the cozy mystery genre, I have a good idea what to expect, and this book met expectations admirably. It’s a cute story, with uncomplicated characters, and not only does this book add on to the DOGGIES(!) from the first book, it has more KITTIES(!). Seriously, who cares why an unlikeable character drowns under mysterious conditions when there are doggies and kitties galore? The solution to the mystery is almost an aside, for me.


Audiobook, borrowed from my public library via Overdrive. Jeanie Kanaley’s narration is just as bad as it was in the first book. I had to laugh aloud every time the main character says or thinks “ugh” (which is lamentably often), because Ms. Kanaley actually pronounces the word, rather than verbalizing that guttural grunt of disgust that it represents. Yes, she actually says, “Ugg,” like she’s referring to trendy footwear.


And yes, I’ve already put the 3rd book in the series, Murder Most Howl, on hold at the library, because in spite of all the flaws, DOGGIES!

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review 2017-04-07 13:34
So this series is getting cancelled - maybe
Ghost Rider (2016-2017) #5 - Felipe Smith,Felipe Smith,Danilo Beyruth

I keep holding out hope that it will get back to the community and things that made the first series interesting, like Robbie's attempts to balance his work life, taking care of Gabe, and his crush on this girl.   Or even just the sweet, brotherly relationship that Robbie and Gabe have, where Robbie knows that Gabe is really dependent on him, and since their parents skipped out on them, he's all Gabe has.   To be fair, this issue does dig into what kind of relationship Robbie has with Eli, who gives him the powers of the Ghost Rider, but it's not nearly enough. 


It's stuffed with guest stars, most of whom I like, but it's still not enough because what I wanted wasn't here: the basic storytelling that told us more about who Robbie was by showing us how he related to Gabe and the general community around him. 


I'm not sorry to see this go.   Loved the original run, and I was hoping it would be more like that - not in a copycat, telling the same exact story way, but just the general feel of the thing. 


PS - I am caught up with reviews, yay!

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review 2017-04-06 05:35
Billy the Ghost and Me - Gery Greer,Bob Ruddick,Roger Roth

Billy the Ghost is a beginning Chapter Book about Sarah, a young cowgirl in the Old West, and a ghost named Billy that only she can see.  When two men rob the bank in town, Sarah wanted to to with the men to help the Sheriff track the robbers down, but he told her that she was too young to go.  After the Sheriff and his men left town, Sarah discovered that the robbers were still in town disguised as women.  So, Sarah and Billy devise a plan and capture the robbers on their own. 


This book can be used for individual guided reading.  


The lexile level for this book is 270L.

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