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review 2018-12-01 13:57
Another reread that was even better than the first time around!!!!
Illuminae - Jay Kristoff,Amie Kaufman

Just like Scythe, illuminae is another book I wanted to reread before the New year begins. 

I just love the character of Kady what a badass she turns out to be in this book, I loved that she wasn't winne and she did thinks for herself and didn't need a man to save her. 

I really also loved Ezra as well, but I wish we got actually scenes with them together but I still loved the banter between them. And I loved the parts we get with Ezra.

Since this is a reread, I won't go really into review mood for this review here today. 

I will say I am definitely going to reread the other two books in the series, but unless I can find the time, than it will be sometime in the upcoming months. 



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review 2017-12-31 23:55
WOW this Audio for the Book is just WOW!!!!!!
Illuminae - Jay Kristoff,Amie Kaufman

I have to say I am not a huge audible fan, but if all audios were as fantastic as this one, I would listen to them a whole lot more. 

I really loved Ezra, and Kady so freaking much, and how cute were they, when they communicated with one another. I really thought the story and some characters were really pretty awesome. I got chills going up my arms whenever the voice of Aiden came into play. I still can't decide if I liked Aiden or not. I could understand its logic but not how it went about it. I don't want to say to much about the story, because I am afraid I would give a lot of spoilers out. The ending was just super WoW, I would actually say the whole second half was just freaking creepy and Nuts. And it took you on a Freaking Awesome, fantastic, and one hell of a ride. I would definitely recommend this book, especially as an audible book if you could afford it. Also if you have the book, get the audible and following along with the audible with the book. Because the book in regards to how it's set-up is not to be missed. I only have the e-book for this one, but for book two, I have the e-book, audible book, and hardback, as well.

I can't wait until I have time for the second book, and for the last one in the series to come out.

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text 2017-12-28 05:02
Reading progress update: I've read 51%.
Illuminae - Jay Kristoff,Amie Kaufman

I really am enjoying this audio book a lot. I really like no surprise here, but of course I am going to say Ezra, sorry if I might have spelled his name wrong. I also really love the main character of Kady, she's a total bad-ass. And this audio is just making the book come alive.

The creepiest character is the AI is that what its call it? Which is called Aiden ( not sure how they spell its name?)

More to come once I finish the audio-book. Can't wait to see how this one ends!!!!!!

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review 2017-11-18 06:18
Cute little book.
The Bone Thief - Alyson Noel The Bone Thief - Alyson Noel

I really want to thank the author, publisher, and netgalley, for granting my request to read and review this book for my reading pleasure.

I thought the book was a cute little read, I only gave it three stars, just because it took me until almost the half way point to really get into it. I don't think it was the book or author's fault. I think it's really just because I am definitely not the attended target, or I should say age group for this book. 

I did like the main character of Grimsly, what a name unique name for the main hero of the story. I love that in a world of magic, that he was so normal, or maybe he really wasn't as normal as he thinks, or other people thought. The book started really picking up when Grimsly had to go to a world that had no magic. So he could find out why his world was losing their magic abilities. It was interesting in regards to why there world was losing their magic, and to see if Grimsly could save their world of magic.

I liked Grimsly's friends that had magic abilities which were, Ming, Ollie, and Penelope. And another friend Frankie whom he meets in the normal world. I thought she was a very interesting individual, and I loved that she had some spunk in her. But also knows when she should back down.

The bad guy and why he wanted  to hurt individuals with Magical abilities was interesting, and how he was able to go about doing this was very gross.

I thought the book ended just the way it should have for it's attendee age group, but for me personally, I would have liked more action. And a better wrap up for the ending of the book, but that's my own personal preference.

I personally wouldn't buy the book for myself but maybe for my nieces and nephew's that are in the targeted audience.



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review 2017-11-11 05:11
Definitely a different type of book, then I usually read lately.
Haven - Mary Lindsey

First off I would like to thank Netgalley, Entangled Publishing, LLC, and they Author Mary Lindsey, for granting my request to read and review this very interesting book.

I really loved the character of Rain, from the very beginning, I loved that he could handle himself. I really also loved that it was only his point of view that we were getting. I am so use to reading books that are mostly from the females point of view. Or a mixture of both the female, and males point of views.

I really wasn't sure if I was going to like Freddie, or if you want to call her by her real name, Friederiike, at first but she started to grow on me, but not until  almost the half way point. And that's just because she wanted to at first protected her secret, and the big reason protect Rain. I figured out her secret way before Rain did. I loved that once Rain found out her secret, it didn't stop him from wanting to be with Freddie. Even when Freddie wanting to push him away. Another character I really loved was Rain's aunt Ruby, who took him in after his mom died. I really felt bad for Ruby when her backstory was revealed to us the readers. I figured something happened in her past, but I wasn't sure exactly what that was. 

The ending I thought was pretty action packed, and I was very happy on how it ended. I would definitely read more books by this Author. 

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