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url 2019-10-30 09:36
Goddess Axen and Athena
Ama Dios: 9 AoL Consciousness Books Combined - Nataša Pantović Nuit


Belief in one God in ancient Egypt and 400 Amarnu Letters 1350 BC

European Neolithic Advanced Civilizations about X and SH of JeShu and Serbian NiSh

Sounds of Neolithic Medditeranean

Ancient Scripts De-Coding Research into Symbols by Nataša Pantović

Ancient Greek Canaan Tablets or Ancient Egyptian Amarna Letters 1,350 BC

When you get such an important archaeological findings, as the first ever stone letters written in 1,350 BC, found in Ancient Egypt called Ancient Greek, you start to wonder... The lingua franca used during the Late Bronze Age in the area was Akkadian. In 1887, a local Egyptian woman has uncovered a cache of over 300 cuneiform tablets now known as Amarna Letters.

Research and excavations of Amarna Letters

The letters are written in cuneiform and from 382 tablets: 350 are letters from the Pharaoh to his Rulers in Babylonia, Assyria, Mittani, Arzawa, Alashia and Hatti. You can explore them following your own research in the places all over the world:

  • 203 in Berlin (Vorderasiatisches Museum)

  • 49 or 50 in the Cairo Museum

  • 95 in the British Museum

  • 22 in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford (found by Petrie)

  • 7 in the Louvre

  • 9 in private collections

  • 2 in the Metropolitan Museum New York (acquired by M. Chassinat)

Pharaohs of Canaan and Babylon

Currently known as Canaan (that within its name hid all the important God's sounds “aa”) was in Ancient Egypt and it is most famous for its Amarna Letters from the time of the Babylon Kingdom sent by the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh AKHeNaTeM during his reign 1,350 BC to 1,330 BC, to his Rulers around the country. Canaan is also known as Phoenicia or present day Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Israel.amarna letters


Source: www.artof4elements.com/entry/261/goddess-axen-and-athena
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review 2019-10-09 02:18
Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane Buxton
Hollow Kingdom - Kira Jane Buxton

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I really liked this book. I am always on the lookout for something different, something original, something I haven't read one hundred times before. I have also been reading a lot of zombie books lately so I kind of think that this book was written for me. This was a different kind of zombie story and one that I won't forget any time soon. I am so glad that I took a chance and decided to give Hollow Kingdom a try.

This story is told almost entirely from S.T.'s point of view. There are a few other characters that get a quick point of view, but this is really S.T.'s story. S.T. is a bird. A pet crow to be precise. He has been dependant on his human, Big Jim, and likes his life. He knows that it is time to venture out on his own when Big Jim loses an eye and goes a little crazy. S.T. and Dennis, Big Jim's hound, leave the house and begin an adventure more intense than they could have ever imagined.

I loved S.T. from the start of this story. I thought that the author did a fabulous job of bringing this bird to life. I felt his uncertainty, his loyalty, and his desire to make things as right in the world as he could. S.T. is a smart little bird with a very large heart. He takes his quest seriously and puts himself at risk in order to save the lives of others. S.T. isn't the only great character in this book. We get to know Dennis through S.T.'s eyes and I couldn't help but fall in love with that dog. There really is a nice cast of characters that help to bring this story together.

I loved the way that this story was told. I was surprised by the level of humor throughout the story. S.T. knew how humans operated based solely on his experiences with Big Jim so his knowledge was a bit skewed. This story was also an emotional one. There were times that I got choked up but the turn the story took. I also appreciated the underlying message of the story. The reason behind the demise of humans is something that I would have to say has had a negative impact on our world in a lot of ways. I also liked the fact that we got to see how the animals fared without our interference and it was quite clear how much better the world can work when we work together.

I would definitely recommend this book to others. This funny, touching, and insightful story was unlike anything that I have read before. I will definitely be reading more from this talented author in the future.

I received a review copy of this book from Grand Central Publishing.

Initial Thoughts
I really liked this book. A lot. I have been trying to decide if I should give it 4 or 5 stars. I am going with 4 for now but that might change. This book was funny, touching, and insightful. I thought that the whole concept was very well done and I really liked the underlying message. ST, Dennis, and all of the other animals were all great characters and I had a wonderful time going on this journey with them.

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text 2019-09-24 11:30
Keto Pro Plus United Kingdom | Where to Buy?

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Source: dragonsdenketo.com/keto-pro-plus
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text 2019-08-31 09:00
Krygen XL - Natural Male Enhancement Supplement

Krygen XL Male-enhancement Review


Sex isn't only enjoyable and gratifying. It's likewise important for just about any lasting relationship. Accomplices do not remain with people which do not meet them. That's the main reason a slew of folks choose a enhancement which gives them both the driveway, lift and energy they must continue to keep their accomplices coming and requesting many the longer repeatedly! They truly are called Krygen XL penile enhancement pills! In the event you are looking for a border within the place, keep perusing since we're extremely impolite that we're sure you're going to be excited about! This equation was designed to allow every man to do care of the business. In what capacity could a dietary augmentation accomplish that? We've all of the data you need within our Krygen XL audit!


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In general, we've declared this enhancement should create your sensual co existence progressively gratifying and lively, but what exactly does this mean by ? For why do individuals simply take penile enhancement enhancements such as Krygen XL recipe? The right answer is a slew of explanations. Listed below are Just a Few things that people Will Need to determine if they choose a product such as that:



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Essentially, each one of those things that your accomplice is searching for during intercourse, better believe it, that's the main reason folks simply take an enhancement similar to that . It ought not surprise anybody a slew of folks simply take a thing like this one.


This manufacturer did not give a run down of fixings for the merchandise. That's actually type of ordinary. A couple of businesses do not look after supplying the components of their prohibitive mixtures. They don't really require adversary improvements springing up. Fortunate for you personally which we have taken a gander in a Large Amount of virtually identical improvements before, therefore it is not Hard for us to create some educated suppositions in What the Krygen XL formula comprises:


  • Boron


  • L Citrulline


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  • Saw Palmetto Berry


We can not affirm any of these have been at the recipe, but it'd astound us whether there were not greater than just two of these inside



Step-by-step directions to use KrygenXL Supplement


Taking this merchandise is as straightforward as carrying daily by day multi vitamin. Whatever you do is choose the prescribe percentage of Krygen XL occasions day daily. Whenever you choose it's all up for you, nevertheless many folks need to bring it throughout the day because of the consequences you ought to see instantly.


There ought to be a few very long term effects that you notice when choosing this particular enhancement. Those effects will probably need additional hours and energy to windup familiar. Make sure that you offer the thing time for you to do its own work. Stick using it to get if monthly.


Krygen XL Negative Effects


All improvements accompany a few threat of responses happening, but it does not signify you will strike them. Each man or woman is exceptional, therefore every individual will respond contrastingly into the merchandise. Some normal affects which can be linked to improvements similar to this are gingivitis, upset gut, queasiness, and dry mouth.


At the case you have to make certain you are being sheltered about any of this, we suggest that you consult to an expert before you commence accepting Krygen XL pills. An medicinal expert will dependably be probably the very educated individual to converse about these kinds of concerns.


To find the latest estimating data, examine their website. This enhancement is on the web discerning until farther notice. That implies that the fee could vary instantly determined by interest. We'd rather never to ensure you cost and also have you find an alternative Krygen XL UK cost whenever you ask that the pills. The state site will probably dependably function as probably the most forward-thinking!


KrygenXL Penis Enhancement Overview


In the event you are looking to be greater and better from the space, then you've gone into the spot. The product is habit worked into in wrinkle enjoyment for both you and also the average person you are having to maintain them returning. In the event you are thinking the best way to get Krygen XL pills, then the right answer is your state website. Head over yonder and devote your petition now! Sometimes provides are comprehensible!


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Source: supplementblend.com
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review 2019-08-29 19:23
The Kingdom
The Kingdom - Jess Rothenberg

[I received a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]

Not as good as I had hoped it would be from the blurb, but still an entertaining and interesting read.

(I’ve seen it compared to/inspired by “Westworld”, but not having seen it, I honestly can’t tell, so that won’t play a part in my review.)

I definitely liked the premise: “the Kingdom”, an amusement park of the Disney World variety, with seven princesses, a.k.a the Fantasists (Ana and her sisters), and various themed areas, such as Mermaid Land, where customers can spend the day, have fun and live mini-adventures, far away from their bleak everyday life (the world outside seems in a constant financial, housing and environmental crisis). Moreover, the visitors can interact with the perfect-Disney-like princesses—always smiling, kind, helpful and aiming to please—and see “hybrids”, animals that used to be extinct, but have been re-created through a combination of genengeering and cybernetics (yes, including dinosaurs).

Of course, this immediately raised controversial questions as to the nature and role of the hybrids, whether the princesses or the animals, and the way they were seen and treated by people in general, and by their creators more specifically. The veneer of a dream-like life for the princesses is very early shattered when Ana describes how they are tied in their beds for the night, how firewalls prevent them from accessing the whole of Internet and communicate with the outside world, and how sometimes, some of them seem to lose their memories of the previous day or evening.

The story is seen through Ana’s eyes, as well as through snippets of interviews and articles, most of which are related to a trial following Owen’s death at Ana’s hands. I usually tend to like this kind of format, for several reasons (varied points of views that are easy to separate from each other, short “chapters” that are really convenient when I can’t read for long stints…), but some of those weren’t too relevant, or at least, only became relevant long after, which gave me enough time to dismiss them. These different narratives offer more and more information as to the “dark fairy tale” that unfolds throughout the novel, with Ana and her sisters developing more and more of a personality and feelings of their own, in spite of their creators claiming they cannot do more than what their programming allows them to. While we don’t get to see through her sisters’ eyes, Ana’s recounting of the story lets us see what a slippery slope it is, when AIs in human-looking bodies are meant to act like human beings, but at the same time constricted into prisoners’ roles that deny them any claim at even a scrap of humanity.

Why I didn’t give more than 3-3.5 stars to this book was, first, how the romance itself unfurled. I get what happened, I get what the characters did, but I never really got a strong feeling for their relationship, nor did I feel strong chemistry between them that would justify, well, an actual romance. I also found Ana’s narrative style somewhat dry and bland, which in a way fits well with her nature as an artificial intelligence, but didn’t do much in terms of gripping writing. And the last third of the book lacked coherence at times, as if everything collided together at the same time without tight reasons in the background—so in the end, it felt rushed, and poised on the edge of unfinished (“was that a standalone or will there be a sequel?”).

Conclusion: Not as gripping as I had hoped, although it does lend itself to interesting discussions about AI, artificially created beings that are nevertheless sentient, and how they should be treated.

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