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review 2017-12-06 00:17
She Said Yes
She Said Yes (Falling For A Rose Book 6) - Stephanie Nicole Norris Title: She Said Yes 'A Holiday Edition' Author: Stephanie Nicole Norris Publisher: S.N.N. Series: Falling For A Rose Book 6 Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: Five Review: "She Said Yes" by Stephanie Nicole Norris My Thoughts..... What a beautiful series this "Falling For A Rose Book 6...She Said Yes" was that will keep you turning the pages to see who said Yes! You will definitely get caught up with this entire family of Roses and let's not leave out the mess that Martha and Adeline presented. It was quite a delight seeing who Christopher Rose finally ending up with after all was said and done. This story definitely ended very enjoyable and now we will be looking forward to the next series that is about another Rose family member..... Phoebe Alexandria Rose and Quentin.
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review 2017-11-29 05:52
A Lifetime With You
A Lifetime With You (Falling For A Rose Book 5) - Stephanie Nicole Norris

Title: A Lifetime With You
Author: Stephanie Nicole Norris
Publisher: S.N.N.
Series: Falling For A Rose Book 5
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"A Lifetime With You" by Stephanie Nicole Norris

My Thoughts....

This was another well told story in this Book 5 of the Falling For A Rose series in 'A Lifetime With you' dealing with another one of the famous Rose brothers...Jonathan. I really liked how this story was of friends that become more than friends as it was for Jonathan and Octavia. Be ready for a story with some drama as Octavia seems to have a lots on her mind due to what had happened to her some sixteen years ago that still comes to her in her dreams. Will these two best friends be able to become more than friends even though there will be some hurdles to overcome? Well, if you haven't picked up the first four series I would definitely suggest you do so along with this one book five "A Lifetime With You" to get another well written story that leave you with a smile on your face.

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review 2017-11-22 15:02
Little Broken Things: A Novel - Nicole Baart

Duinn had got a text from her older sister Nora with a cryptic message of “ I have something for you”. This immediately frightens Quinn. Quinn’s family is successful and lives in a quiet neighborhood. Quinn lives near her mother and with her husband walker who is an artist. Quinn wonders where Nora has been for so long. Nora was the older sister and the wild child of the two. Nora took off right after HS graduation. Liz was Nora and Quinn’s mother and she had tried so hard to be the perfect wife and mother to Nora and Quinn that neither daughter could really connect with or trust their mother. Quinn and Nora had never been close. Quinn never in her wildest dreams thought Nora’s summons would involve Nora dropping off a six year old little girl she called Lucy but who was in fact Everlee. Everlee’s mother was Nora’s best friend- Tiffany’s daughter and Nora is determined to protect Lucy from Tiffany's nasty husband. Nora comes and drops off Lucy and tells Quinn not to tell anyone especially Liz with no explanations why. Quinn is to hide Lucy. Nora does promise to come back and get Lucy then Nora disappears. .   But it isn’t easy to hide Lucy. But everything Nora cares about is being threatened. Secrets are revealed as time goes on and tells about the damage to the family.

I had mixed feelings about this book. I loved how Quinn did step up to take care of Lucy especially since she really didn’t have much of a choice. I felt this book was filled with emotion, suspense, secrets. Hurt. family drama, tension, and so much more. I did like the different POVs shown. I really enjoyed the twists and turns of the book. But I did have problems connecting with some of the characters most of them really. It did drag for me at times. This was also fairly predictable. Also at times I had problems keeping my attention to the story and to want to finish the book. As i said I had mixed feelings but I am sure others got more from this book than I did.

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review 2017-11-18 21:29
One Man's Princess (Royal Scandals) by Nicole Burnham, Narrated by: Hollis McCarthy
One Man's Princess (Royal Scandals Book 6) - Nicole Burnham


One Man's Princess (Royal Scandals) by Nicole Burnham

Narrated by: Hollis McCarthy

I enjoy a good fairy tale and Ms. Burnham has yet to disappoint. Those scandalous Sarcaccians are at it again, only this time, more is at stake. Secrets can topple a dynasty and wreck a heart. Lina is caught in the middle of an international mess that involves a king and her late mother. The woman she thought she knew is a woman she now wishes she could forget. Betrayal, heartache and notoriety are weighing her down. Can the man who broke her heart, set about healing her soul? I had the pleasure of experiencing Ivo and Lina through the words of Nicole Burnham and the vocal stylings of Hollis McCarthy. Together these women are a perfect match. Burnham paints a picture and McCarthy brings it to life.

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review 2017-11-18 09:30
Little Broken Things
Little Broken Things: A Novel - Nicole Baart

By:  Nichole Baart

ISBN: 1501133608

Publisher:  Atria 

Publication Date:  11/21/2017 

Format: Paperback  

My Rating:  5 Stars (ARC)


A compelling multi-layered story of family, LITTLE BROKEN THINGS by talented Nichole Baart —a beautifully written story of secrets of the past, motherhood, and sacrifices. Those desperately trying to protect those secrets. 

Triumph over tragedy. Loss, hope, and forgiveness. 

Set in Minnesota the Sanford family. Two estranged sisters, Quinn and Nora. They have never been close and Quinn is shocked when she receives a cryptic text message from her older sister Nora.

Nora shows up with a six-year-old girl. Her name is Lucy. (Everlee) She instructs her sister to keep her safe and not mention the child to anyone. Particularly their overbearing mother, Liz.

Quinn is married to an artist. Nora always thought her sister was the perfect one. Quinn was the beauty of the family and JJ was the brains – where did Nora fit in? 

Turns out Nora was the whole package: whip-smart and lovely, bighearted and wise. She is hiding a secret. Who is she protecting?

Quinn does not understand where this child came from and why is Nora leaving her in her care? Everyone wants answers. 

They must protect the child. Slowly the family mystery is unraveled and the parentage of Lucy. 

Told from three POV with highly charged topics. When nothing is as it appears. A family hiding behind a façade.

Haunting and heartbreaking, the painful past is revealed. A tragedy turns into something beautiful, bonding a family from the sins of the past. 

Powerful, emotional, and suspenseful. Love and friendship. An inside look at a family. A relationship between a mother and two sisters. The lengths one sister will go to protect the ones she loves. 


“Broken things are the loveliest.” —Sara Teasdale

For fans of domestic suspense and authors Amy Hatvany, Karma Brown, Joshilyn Jackson, and Heather Gudenkauf.

“We are all broken—that’s how the light gets in.”― Ernest

My first book by the author and looking forward to reading more. Would encourage you to read more about the author on her website! 

Impressive. Truly, her stories celebrate the triumph of the human spirit and beauty in the midst of brokenness. 

A special thank you to Atria and NetGalley for an advanced reading copy. 



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