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review 2017-10-17 19:37
The Green Eyes of Jealousy: A Short Story - Nicole J Merchant

What do you do when the person you're blood bound to protect is the person you fear the most?


Holy Moly! This story is creepy! This wonderfully written short story was perfect for a Halloween season read. It's only about an hour's read time, and in all honesty, I'm not sure I could've taken much more of the darkness held within these pages. It's rather like a train wreck - I wasn't sure I wanted to see, but couldn't look away. Considering the length of this tale, I won't go into details so as not to give spoilers, but I was amazed at how well the author conveys Katherine's terror, anguish, and utter helplessness as the story progresses. The creep factor always goes up when kids are involved and inside these pages, I found a nightmare to rival the likes of The Omen.

If you enjoy a good, scary tale, but are easily frightened, read this one is daylight! I'm glad I did. 

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review 2017-10-17 05:43
Slow pace
Bad Reputation: A Bad Boys of Sports Novel - Nicole Edwards

Bad Reputation grabs the reader's attention pretty quickly as characters are introduced and we learn about the friendship between Chase and Cassie. The characters are interesting and the dialogue is often witty and fun. While Chase is a bad boy on the ice, I wouldn't necessarily call him that when it comes to romance. A playboy, yes, but that doesn't make him a bad boy. His best friend who, according to the blurb, calls him on his BS, even mentions what a great guy he is and how well he treats women. That aside, the story is engaging at the beginning, but begins to fizzle soon thereafter. The pacing is almost agonizingly slow at times and I found myself wondering if there was actually going to be any romance. Things do start to heat up between Cassie and Chase, but the turnaround in Cassie's behavior seemed a bit much, considering how career driven she is up to that point. 

The writer is certainly talented and the premise is good, but the pacing made it too easy to set aside for something else. 

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review 2017-10-15 03:04
Little Broken Things by Nicole Baart
Little Broken Things: A Novel - Nicole Baart

A special thank you to NetGalley and Atria Books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Past secrets and strained relationships are at the heart of Nicole Baart's newest novel, Little Broken Things.  Nora, estranged from her sister, Quinn, sends a cryptic text before showing up on her doorstep with a six-year-old girl.  Nora abruptly leaves the girl in Quinn's care with the instructions to keep her safe, and not to ask any questions.  Quinn and her mother, Liz, believe that the girl may be Nora's daughter.  


By telling the story through multiple viewpoints—Quinn, Nora, Liz, and Nora's friend, Tiffany—Baart slowly reveals the circumstances that led Nora to leaving the little girl in her sister's care.  Other past indiscretions are also brought to light to help explain why the relationships between the women are so strained.  Not everything is how it appears from the outside; Liz kept up appearances at all costs, no matter how exhausting and this was the trade off to preserve what she envisioned her image to be as a wife, mother, friend, and socialite.    


At times this novel is not an easy read; Baart tackles some pretty big issues.  Even though I wasn't blown away with the ending, I still enjoyed this exploration of familial relationships.  Sometimes the most fragile bonds are with those we love the most.  

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review 2017-10-13 07:20
A Container Full of Naked Vikings, What's Not to Love?
The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.: A Novel - Neal Stephenson,Nicole Galland

After discovering why magic died out in 1951, governments all over the world are trying to bring it back to their own advantage. Not to be left behind, the American government gets together a rag tag bunch of people to work on the problem. They succeed but find out that manipulating time isn't as easy as they thought...


This book was just fun. Yes, it has obvious flaws (in detail as much as in pc) but looking past those it is just a fun romp through history with lots of interesting characters. Not to be taken seriously.

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review 2017-10-03 02:32
Bad Reputation: A Bad Boys of Sports Novel - Nicole Edwards

Chase Barrett and Cassie Desrosiers are best friends and have been since college.  They have NEVER crossed that line because they value their friendship too much, but lately they both have been secretly wondering "what if".

Cassie is an executive VP for an IT company and has been selected to be the keynote speaker at the big Technology conference in Las Vegas, NV to talk about her company's new app she is in charge of launching.  

Chase is the bad boy of hockey and even has the nickname of Sin, both on and off the court!  Of course the only person who can put Chase in his place is Cassie.  After losing their game that would have put them into the playoffs, Chase heads to Cassie's place for some cheering up.  He's not happy when he realizes some guy is already at her place.  Chase lets himself into Cassie's place and that's when the fun begins.  This scene was so LOL funny!  One thing leads to another and all of sudden Chase is going to go with Cassie to Vegas.

While in Las Vegas, Chase and Cassie get completely drunk and have the attitude "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".  As most people know, that is never the case.  Now they both must figure out what is happening and where they should from there.

I loved Chase.  He was so fun and cocky and such a dirty talker!  Cassie is fun and sweet and the responsible one.  The journey these two went on to get to their happy ending was fun, adventurous and emotional.  I laughed, cried and swooned.  I really enjoyed this friends to lovers story.

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