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text 2017-06-16 15:19
Wonder Woman novelization
Wonder Woman: The Official Movie Novelization - Nancy Holder

I had to do a quick stop at Walmart last night. I spotted this and couldn't resist getting it. A movie novelization that isn't a Junior novel, yay!


I'm not planning on reading it just yet, but I did take a look at a few of my favorite scenes from the movie. I have a feeling this won't get above a 3-star rating from me. The scenes I read weren't bad, but there was very little extra for those who've seen the movie (like character thoughts, info that couldn't be shown on-screen, etc.), and the action was better on-screen. Oh well, maybe other scenes will be better.

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review 2016-12-30 03:24
Interstellar by Greg Keyes
Interstellar: The Official Movie Novelization - Greg Keyes








From acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Triology, Inception), this is the chronicle of a group of explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage. At stake are the fate of a planet... Earth... and the future of the human race.






This book was very underwhelming in comparison to the movie which I really loved.

While I usually like reading books based on films / film adaptions to see the difference between the movie and the book it just can't compare this time around.

The book doesn't compare to the greatness of the film, the book doesn't depict Coopers personality as well as Matthew portrayed it. Which is expected but still I favor the film to the book this time around.


Greg Keyes








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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews purchased a print copy for personal collection.



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text 2016-08-29 00:50
Reading progress update: I've read 209 out of 379 pages.
Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization - Marv Wolfman

it's not high art, it was obviously written in haste, but it sure is a blast watching my Squad take over a novel.

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text 2016-08-28 17:39
Reading progress update: I've read 102 out of 379 pages.
Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization - Marv Wolfman

pretty much what I was expecting so far...a lot of fun, and making a better job of the awkward main plot of the movie. all that crazy, zigzag, herky-jerky, "keep filling in the blanks with a million ill-placed flashbacks" crapola has been erased, and we have a clean narrative. of a main storyline I don't think was the best choice in the whole wide world. regardless, Marv Wolfman has done novels before, so I know he's never Shakespeare, but he can handle himself well (when he isn't being an insensitive dick with phrases like "beat-up beautiful", which understandably set off Grimlock just when things had been going alright...). Marv Wolfman is actually my favorite comic-book writer ever; he gave me Nova, Blade, Vigilante, The New Teen Titans, my all-time favorite Spider-Man run (Amazing Spider-Man #s 182-202ish, especially #s 193-200), an underrated run on Fantastic Four (attempted a grand crossover with Nova just as they canceled that series, but what got published was certainly worthwhile--Human Torch fans take note). what else?...oh Marv co-created Bullseye ("co-created" means the artist was in on any character creation and should at least be acknowledged in that manner), Night Force (reunited with Gene Colan, from their classic days on Tomb OF Dracula), then there's Deathstroke, The Omega Men, wrote some Werewolf By Night, there was Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), I think he was in on the original Ms. Marvel launch, wrote some Batman tales including Batman: Year 3...you get the picture.


if you're thinking "okay, that's everything BUT Suicide Squad", well, you're right! that's what's so cool--I get to see Marv Wolfman handling Deadshot, finally. in a way I would not have predicted, say 5 years ago. so I'll read this out of adoration for both my favorite team, and my favorite comic-book guy doing the novel. (I...I just wish they'd filmed the "Dragon's Hoard" storyline, or something).

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review 2016-08-28 13:17
Yes, more, please!
Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization - Marv Wolfman

If anything, this makes me want more Suicide Squad prose.   I realized I love half the characters in this novel: I care about Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc.  I may even care more about Croc for his vague backstory: I can make it be what I want to be, as tragic, or not, as I see fit.   There are implications that it's pretty horrific, but nothing concrete, which led to me reading about his comics origins.  I see his backstory fitting in right here, as at least one article pointed out, because of what Waller says in the beginning of the movie/book. 


Furthermore, Croc intrigues me because of the conflicting aspects I see, at least in this continuity.   He's at turns heroic and monstrous.   He seems to be social and also shy away from any social interaction.   No surprise: what Waller does say is that he basically turned into a monster because people saw him as one and treated him as one. 



Also, getting the internal thoughts here was helpful, especially from a writer so familiar with comics in general and DC in particular.   Croc was slightly more fleshed out, and it was easier to see a potentially social being beneath that exterior antisocial behavior, that seems more than ever like a defense mechanism.   If no one's going to invite him in, why try?


That being said, there's a lot of tension here - wanting to have at least some friends, no one viewing him as human, much less friend material - and it's internal tension.  In other words, perfect for character development.   Also, some of my favorite kind of fictional tension.   It's also largely ignored in favor of Deadshot and Harley Quinn, both of whom scored excellent, and well known, actors.   Then again, no one starring in this is an unknown, and Croc's actor was Mr. Eko on Lost.   I've read a bit on how he approached this character and he put a lot of work into Croc.   In other words, while I understand why Deadshot and Harley were the main attractions - Harley has a huge fandom, Will Smith is arguably one of the best known actors in this film, and Deadshot's daughter makes him more relatable and more of a villain/anti-hero that an audience can sympathize with - I wish I'd had more Croc.    Then again, this movie had its flaws, one of them being that there were a lot of characters, and a lot of focus on solo character scenes, and it was hard to balance them all.   That shows in this, too, even as Deadshot, Harley and even Diablo - again, one of the villains it's more easy to sympathize with - take center stage.   After all, even with the horrific shit he's pulled, it was out of his control in a lot of ways, and he's come to peace with his past and is truly trying to make amends.   He's refusing to raise his fist, or flames, in violence.   He's the only one who was trying to make amends before Waller approached him, and who was not in the Suicide Squad for his own benefit.   


Again, a lot of this becomes more clear in the internal thoughts, and the read explanations.   Not that it wasn't clear in the movie, but it hits a little harder reading it, having the experience expanded into a four day reading extravaganza rather than a two hour movie.   That being said, I appreciated this for that reason as well as others. 


For one, there are scenes that were cut out and changed.   This turned out, as usual, to be a mixed blessing.  It was nice having new content, especially since the Joker/Harley relationship is a little more standard for them.   It's still too much of him falling hard for her, which seems weird, but it felt a little less icky.  There's also a Killer Croc and Deadshot scene that was not in the movie - and that made me incredibly happy.   It also gave me more to appreciate about these characters.  I'd been looking forward to one interaction in particular, and it wasn't in the original script, or at least this novelization of what seems to be an earlier if not the original script. 


Overall, this was a far superior script.   And I'm grateful for that, despite the 'beat-up beautiful' line.   It was a fun read, and I can see myself picking this up again when the DVD comes out and I rewatch this movie.   (Which I will pick up if there are deleted scenes, and possibly even if there aren't.  Otherwise, I'll Netflix it or something.)


Fun, fun, fun.   Yes, I did knock half a star off for that one line.   Beat-up beautiful.    The misogyny in that one line is staggering.   I stopped, I ranted here, and it completely took me out of the story.   


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