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text 2022-03-16 13:42
Post-COVID Office Design Essentials (2022)

Worldwide COVID crises forced us to collectively experiment with a “work from home” culture. Although companies weren’t ready for this shift (no one was ready for the pandemic either), every decision has been drastic during the last 2 years. Well, gone are the days of drastic changes or spontaneous decisions. Now the time is to peacefully think about upgrading your office interiors as per the "new normal". Expertise from only the best Office Fit Out Dubai is with you. It is imperative to set a shield against any misfortune. 


With the workforce going back to their office, here are some essentials that office management needs to take care of. It is integral to take these norms of the new normal seriously. 


Post-COVID Office Design Essentials  


Encourage Social Distancing At Work

Paying heed to one of the biggest challenges at the workplace is maintaining social distancing protocols. Let’s face it no one wants to live the last two years again. So it automatically becomes important to ensure 6-feet space in between the employees working on open floors. The least you can do is to ensure each desk sits separately through glass partitions (talking about open floors too).  


Open-floor Plans Are Here To Remain

Open floors are here to remain. It is one of the best ways to optimistically use a workplace, plus make it scalable for more in-house employees or people returning office from prolonged WFH. Still, doorknobs, fingerprint scanners, cubical openings, etc are highly used areas and it may be unsafe from germ spreading perspectives. Talk to your interior designing expert regarding HVAC system installation.  


Focus On Functionality

More than appeal, office is about increased functionality. Office functionality can be enhanced through smart floor plans, furniture and joinery arrangements. Highly affluent Fit Out Companies in Dubai provide you with a golden piece of advice in terms of fit-out arrangements that will exponentially increase the functionality of office space.  


Cutting Down Sqfts

Within the limited sqfts you dedicated to your office, it is still possible to make your office look and feel spacious. Bring the idea into effect by cutting down some sqfts from the conference area, interview room and reducing insignificant partitions. Instead, invest the space in open-floors.   


Reminders For Employees 

Everyone knows the importance of social distancing, it's that employees need to be reminded. So, it has now become customary to mark the roadmaps and signs even inside the office just to remind people to stay cautious of social distancing norms. Reminders like using an installed sanitiser, wearing a mask, “keep distance” marks on the floor, etc are important.  


Unique Floor Plans 

Companies are returning 'back with a bang'. With 'out of the box' office design ideas and colours that support your branding, companies are trying to motivate their employees as well as attract their clientele towards a strong brand identity.   



To implement cautious and enthusiastic post-COVID office design ideas, you need one of the experienced Fit Out Companies in Dubai to have your back. S3T Konepts with years of expertise in designing dreams is all set to support you in your endeavour of bringing back your workforce to the office and giving them an enthusiastic environment through complete office fit-out solutions. 

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review 2019-11-01 10:38

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review 2019-11-01 10:34

RAK INTERIORS Brand New Showroom in Bangalore Sense the feeling of being in your Dream Home!!!

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text 2019-06-20 07:35
Seven Tips to Design a Small Office Interiors

The environment makes a vast difference in the performance of employees. Even a home office can be decorated using corporate elements to abandon the homely feel. It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup or a well-established business, the space should align with the brand values. If the client’s visit your workplace, interiors become more than important. Hiring a designer from the top-rated office interiors Delhi will save both your time and effort. For those who have the time to plan their workspace on their own below are some tips -

1. Quality Lightning - Though only the executive have the luxury to have an entire cabin with the window view, fresh light is appreciated by every person. Staring at the screen for long hours without proper lights increase the strain on the eyes of the employee. Even if your business doesn’t involve any screen inadequate amount of light makes them feel sugglish. Take the maximum advantage of natural lighting.In case your office area is enclosed, try overhead lightning. They scattered an equal amount of lights across a small section. Lensed indirect lightning will reduce the shadows and glares.

When the employees are scattered around the corners, overhead lights wouldn’t be enough. A task light can be placed on their desk to provide extra brightness. Choose LEDs, they emulate natural lights smoothing your senses. For offices which receive ample of sunlight, ambient lights are the right option. They are low intensity lights giving calming effect to the room. Excessive glare can be reduced by installing corrective lights.

2. Entryway - It gives the first impression to both the employees and visitors. You must focus on creating a doorway which is welcoming for the entrants. If your reception is too small don’t fancy large furnishings that take up the whole space. A reception counters and a few contemporary waiting chair is the right combination.


3. Greenery -  Plants serve both aesthetic purpose and add freshness to premises. Potted plants spread over the entire office uniform in shape and size will improve the quality of air. Office interiors Gurgaon incorporate ornamental plants to improve the look of the space.

4. Neutral Shades - Bright colours aren’t suitable for every business. Light colour makes the rooms look larger. Though white and blue are the prime  choice of office interiors Delhi for walls, pale shades of pink, green and yellow boosts happiness and vigour.

5. Rugs - If you want to divide an area within a room, use rugs. They are cheaper way to segment an areas into small session without creating a mess.

6. Put up some art - It is common for offices to decorate the walls with brand logos, images of the staff members and quotes. However, sometimes employees want an escape from their work for a while. Office interiors Gurgaon suggest adding a vivid masterpiece from the greatest artist can make the space less impersonal.

7. Accent Wall -  Although bright colour like red, purple, black aren’t included in designs,a hint of accent colours can boost the productivity of the employees.

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