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text 2022-06-02 07:19
4 Benefits of Modern Office Design

The definition of an office has changed now. Earlier it was a place with cubicles and partitions. Now it is a place where you can feel at home. Modern architects and interior designers are designing offices like second homes for employees. Modern office design is very similar to a café, where people visit to have a hot mug of coffee and do their work in a relaxed environment. S3T Concept is a company that provides office fit out solution in Dubai and focus on coming up with modern office designs that look great and comfortable.


Modern Office Design Benefits

Modern office design is the need of the present office environment. After the COVID-19 crisis, employees prefer working from home and are looking for jobs that offer them this perk. A modern office design can motivate an employee to attend the office as they feel at home there. It always feels great when you work in an organization where the premise is nice. Most interior fit out companies in Dubai are coming up with ideas that can make people love their offices more than anything.



  • Boost Productivity


When we work at a good place, our productivity boosts exponentially. Modern office design focuses on providing a co-working environment blended with enough private space. Open spaces with colourful crafts around them, glass doors, and greenery in the office are what help in achieving that. Modern office designs also include private spaces where a person can work separately. 


  • Motivated Employees


Modern Office designs use a lot of sunlight or natural light. The reason behind that is not to save electricity bills, but to make the office appear more relaxed. There’s a thing with natural lighting that provides a homely feel. A study shows that employees who were working in natural lights were more motivated and performed better. Modern office design is thus helpful in making the workforce more resourceful.


  • Looks Appealing to Candidates


Modern office design has become a popular trend, and companies are adopting it at a very fast phase. The reason why modern office design is so popular is that the new generation of candidates (Gen-Z) do not want to work in a typical office-like environment. They want to work with organizations that can provide them with a work-life balance and a premise where they can feel motivated. 


  • Reduce Stress


Work stress is very common in corporates and organizations. It is because of stress that employees do not want to indulge in anything and do not talk to each other politely. The stress of employees stops the organization from growing, and that’s where a modern office design can help. A good office design creates a calm mood, which helps employees cope with stress and each other. 



If you are the owner of an organization and struggling with managing office space, then consulting interior fit out companies in Dubai can help you. S3T Koncept is one of the best companies that can provide you with modern amenities for the office. A modern office design will solve the problem of space and motivate employees to perform better.

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text 2019-03-26 09:36
3 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Office Interiors

Studies conducted by many experts have shown that office interiors have a direct correlation with the performance of employees. But more often than not, employers show blatant disregard to such studies, ending up with low to no rise in employees’ productivity. According to experts at top fit out companies in Dubai, there are many employers who do acknowledge such relationship but still end up with the same results as employers who do nothing. And that’s all because of some trivial mistakes which they commit unknowingly.


Though interior designing is not for everyone, you can certainly make sure that some interior designing mistakes are avoided that could hamper the output you wish to achieve with your workplace’s designing or redesigning. So let us have a look at top 3 mistakes, as advised by top office fit out solutions in Dubai, that offices often do, and you should avoid if you wish to make your employees happy.


1. Not Paying Enough Attention to Colors

Colors have their meaning and impact. No two colors have the same effect on the mind of an observer, and can affect them in both positive or negative ways. For example, Green rooms have green because they help performers and artists relax. The mistake that most make when choosing a color for office is that they simply choose to stick with whites or blacks. That might work with many of the conventional workspaces, but for a workplace which deals in creativity certainly needs to be painted with more playful and light colors.


2. positioning of Lights

In today’s world of IT, employees have to work on their PCs for an extended period of time, ranging anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day. And that’s being modest. Top fit out companies in Dubai say that a poorly designed lighting plan could result in eye strains, which could lead to the muscular degeneration. The biggest mistake that many make here is that they just fill their workspace with a number of CFLs and LEDs, which, when powered up together, could lead to a quarrel among employees. That’s because the cumulative effect produced is good for neither of employees, leaving them with red eyes and headaches at the end. That’s why it’s better to first assess the impact of each light individually, and then by performing a “glow” test by taking them in multiple combinations.


3. Not Designing for Sounds

It is not easy to work in a noisy workplace. No one can pull that off unless they are stocked in a personal cabin of their own that’s soundproof. You need to give your employees an environment in which they could listen to their thoughts freely. Top office fit out solutions in Dubai advise that though a quiet workplace is important, the discipline or design to achieve “Pin drop silence” should definitely be avoided. Studies have shown that a little noise (think of coffee house) could prove to be of help when trying to get the best out of your employees.


For more info, Visit: S3tkoncepts

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