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text 2018-10-06 10:29
Career of Evil Book Review

When a mysterious package is delivered to Robin Ellacott, she is horrified to discover that it contains a woman’s severed leg.

Her boss, private detective Cormoran Strike, is less surprised but no less alarmed. There are four people from his past who he thinks could be responsible – and Strike knows that any one of them is capable of sustained and unspeakable brutality.

With the police focusing on the one suspect Strike is increasingly sure is not the perpetrator, he and Robin take matters into their own hands, and delve into the dark and twisted worlds of the other three men. But as more horrendous acts occur, time is running out for the two of them…


I usually buy my books from local shops but recently I have been buying them online because I am lazy haha. My goto online bookstore is now Bonpaper after having the worst ever experience from Liberty bookstore.


Career of Evil Review

I felt the last book was really building to some relationship drama between Strike and Robin and this book did not disappoint! The killer involved was a great mystery as well. I was guessing the whole time who the guy could be and I was even questioning men like Wardle because I knew it would be someone we’d already met and I wanted to be ahead of Strike for once. I’d written the real killer off a long time before for similar reasons to Robin, but I really enjoyed figuring out what was going on.

The one thing that confuses me in the whole book is Robin and Matthew’s relationship. I don’t get why she keeps going back to him. Honestly, I don’t know if I could if my husband was as terrible as Matthew. Other than that, I loved the characters even more than in the last book and I can’t wait to see what Galbraith does with them from here. It’s going to be a very different dynamic in their relationship now.

I adore Robin. I love her even more now that she’s talked about his history a little more. She’s a very strong character and I feel like she’s finally learning how to be strong on her own because of her job with Strike. Again, if she hadn’t stuck with Matthew, I think I’d like her more, but I can see how she’d want to continue with the relationship. In all honesty, it was the easier decision. I hope that’s not why she did it, though.

I related to Robin more than I’d like to admit, but in a way that I think most married people can. I got cold feet for a bit during my engagement. There, I said it! I was 23 and getting married to someone I’d known since I was 14. I don’t think it’s unusual to second guess a life-changing decision for a minute before you make it and I know my husband and I had a few conversations that helped me feel reassured we were making the right decision. Though we had nothing as big as Robin and Matthew’s trust issues to deal with, yikes!


The investigation of the three men was great, but I really enjoyed the chapters from the killer’s point of view. It helped me guess along which was fun. One of the complaints I’ve had with this series is that you can’t try to figure out the murderer along with Strike because some things are kept from the reader. Having the chapters from his view helped me feel closer to the answer and once it was revealed, I felt like I should have figured it out! Not from Strike’s evidence but from something in one of those chapters. I thought this was a good addition to the book structure.

I’m repeating this a lot, but Robin staying with Matthew kind of bothered me. She’s strong and gutsy in work, but it doesn’t carry over into her personal life and it frustrates me. I wonder if this will start to develop going forward in the series. She seems a bit committed at this point, though!

The audiobook I listened to was narrated by Robert Glenister, the same man who narrated the first two books in the series. I think he does a great job with the books. He easily slips into an American accent when needed and I think (though I’m no expert) he does different accents for the British characters depending on where they’re from. None of it seems oddly forced and I really enjoyed listening to him read this book!

Robin’s revelation about her past was a big part of her character development in this book. I liked what Galbraith was saying about Robin being seen as more than the victim of her circumstances. Knowing that Rowling is a feminist and rather outspoken, this was a consistent message with what I know of her. Robin didn’t talk about what happened to her because she was seen as a victim and some saw her as inviting what happened to her. I think that happens a lot with rape victims and I think Rowling addressed what Robin went through well.

Writer’s Takeaway: I can’t get over how much I liked the chapters from the killer’s point of view! It added just enough dramatic irony that I stayed more engaged than I otherwise would have. For these hard-to-solve mysteries, it was great. Especially because the clue that gave it all away was something I, as an American, would never have picked up on.

I enjoyed this story a lot and I’m now eagerly anticipating the fourth installment. Five out of Five stars.

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review 2017-05-28 11:25
Review Overdue Series– Whimsy Moon Bookmarks, Online Book Outlet Giveaways, Paperback Emporium, & Desi Writer Lounge’s Literary Open Mic Night




Whimsy Moon

Who doesn’t like a touch of whimsy in their lives? Click on the link and look at the designs on their page and you will end up ordering something or the other. The designs are quirky and just plain, whimsical. They delivered on time and the product arrived in perfect condition. I found the price a tad high but I abso-loved the bookmark. The quote on the bookmark is from the Malazan series. If you haven’t read any of it, then there’s something wrong with you!




Online Books Outlet Giveaway

I came across this post on the page and was the first one to share it. Five minutes later and the bookstore PM’d me, asking me for my address. I had the book within several days of that message. I had recently gifted my own copy to a friend and I won this one in the giveaway. How awesome is that! Here’s a look at the booty won:




Paperback Emporium




When I need a book delivered that I can’t find anywhere, these are the guys I go to. They are extremely responsive on Facebook and always deliver. If they don’t have the book, then they will have it imported for you, like the one pictured above. I found about them via Instagram when I saw these lovelies featured on their feed:




As you can see, I was already drooling and promptly ordered both books, impatiently waiting for them to arrive. Oh, they arrived!


As it stands now, I am slowly buying the remaining books from them in this series so as not to break the bank. Give PE a chance; they won’t disappoint!


Desi Writer’s Lounge Literary Open Mic Night


DWL is always active and always doing something to promote reading and writing in different areas of Pakistan! Since I’d love it if they had more events in my city (Karachi), when I saw the post for Open Mic, I knew I wasn’t going to miss it.


A simple registration process through email later and I had signed up as one of the people who would be sharing their work at the event. I was to pay Rs. 350 at the venue. Besides that, they had only one other rule: the work shared must be original. Mine was.

I read something that I had written for Wringo Ink. You can find it here.



The recital was well received because I was reading in a supportive environment. Whether it was poetry or prose and in English or Urdu, that was being shared, everybody was appreciative.


We were seated comfortably and munched on delicious bun-kebabs provided by Sattar Bakhsh while sipping Pepsi. In short, a good was had by all! DWL has promised to share videos and pictures of the event here, so be on the lookout.



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review 2017-03-06 16:18
Review: "The Visit: Fast Connection Bonus Scene" (Cyberlove, #2.5) by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell
The Visit: Fast Connection Bonus Scene - Megan Erickson,Santino Hassell

"I twisted to look at him, squinting."So you knew a Rawlings Handie would get me out of my feelings about no one liking me?"


"So you're like a bisexual Dr. Phil."

Luke shook his head. "You're an idiot."


  • 4 super likable characters/POVs
  • 3 hundred Kindle locations
  • 2 scorching hot sex scenes
  • 1 preview for the next couple in this series ("The surfer looking one, and the tattooed scowly guy." - BE STILL MY HEART!)
  • 0 bucks because this was an online freebie


-> Great bonus short story is great. The doctor approves.


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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-08-24 14:48
I Slowly Dig into my Online Books Outlet Loot: This Time, it is Icarus by Russell Andrews


I finished it rather quickly and was surprised at how fast I read this book, considering that I did most of the reading while commuting to work. It was fun to read a thriller after a long time. Maybe, that is the secret, I like what the genre has to offer but only if I take it in small, infrequent doses. Most of the time, I need some fantasy mixed with my mystery.


Some minor quibbles that I had with the book:


Jack started sounding like his mentor, Dom, as he started to get old. I think the author caught on to that early in the story and made the similarity go away.


Unnecessary details, such as when Jackie was taken to the hospital and had multiple surgeries. I know that it was important for us to know that happened. I just don't know why it was equally important to know how it happened. Needless to say, I skimmed some of those pages.


The murderer's identity was a big letdown. I figured why Kid moved away in the first place right when it happened even though it took until the end of the book to be revealed. That is why I was surprised why the murdered would be who-they-were.


No idea why when it took Jack all his life to stop blaming himself for not being able to save his mom, he found it relatively easy to not feel guilty over the deaths of his wife and almost-adopted son.


What I Liked:


Dom was my favorite character and I would have liked to read more about him. I checked but no spin-offs/prequels etc. I guess UF has me spoiled when it comes to characters' backstories and such.


I loved how Jackie dealt with his fear of heights and how it was always present in his life.


A few images of the mythological Icarus on whom the title of this book is based:





I bought my copy of this book from Online Books Outlet. It was in sufficiently good condition, considering it was a used book. Go here to see the rest of my book haul!

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-08-17 19:00
My Edition is Prettier Thanks to Online Books Outlet and a Review!
Department 19 - Will Hill


So the amazing part about having read this book has nothing to do with the book itself. It was a personal achievement of finishing a 500-page long book in a day like I used to in the good old days. I thought I had lost that talent but it was just me being over-dramatic In short:



About the Book:


I liked it! It took me by surprise. Granted, I was sitting and waiting to get my documents attested by HEC at that moment and anything, even a Chinese food menu would have sounded good. (For those of you who do not how agonizing and aggravating this visit can be, it is akin to a day wasted at the DMV or so it seems on tv).


The book may have been written for a YA audience in mind but it kept me entertained even when I returned home (unsuccessful, I'd like to mention).


I really dug the level of violence that was included in the book because it only reinforced the idea that Stoker tried to get across to his readers. Vampires are unnatural and completely other-than-human.



The author went the extra mile when they included how the majority of the bloodsucking population was kept docile by pumping them full of drugs. The practicality of the situation hits home when we discover that the source of that drug is a vamp who gets all his supply from the very organization that is supposed to be hunting him and his kind!


Another part that I really loved was how natural it felt that the original vampire hunters would be the foundation of a vampire hunting organization. They had promised to stay vigilant, after all. Only now they could do it with the government's resources on their side.


Now for the nitpicking


The inner monologues of all the characters sounded quite similar, which took away from how much I had been enjoying the book. Maybe the author could have just shown us the actions when it came to the others and only left the monologues for the MC?


I found the inclusion of some parts to be unnecessary. This includes the appearance of the werewolves. Why throw a couple of werewolves in a story that was completely about vampires? Why do it close to the end as an afterthought or a gimmick? 


The biggest issue of them all was why were the vampire generals after Jamie in the first place. Just as in those cartoons where a villain wants to destroy the world, there was no clue behind their leechy motivations. 





A minor turn off happened as I read the vampire ball scene. It was too reminiscent of the one from the movie, Van Helsing, and completely unsurprising.A fun book that tries to stay true to the work that it is inspired by. Give this one a try! I can't really end this review without mentioning the best vampire series that I have read, can I? Read this one if you don't read any other vampire books ever.



I bought two of these pretties from Paperback Emporium. Get yours now!

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