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review 2015-11-22 00:00
What Happens At Christmas
What Happens At Christmas - Jay Northcote

Sweet, funny, sexy. It's basically the perfect little holiday read.

It follows the Friends-to-Lovers trope to a T, and is not really surprising in its' following of the "pretend-boyfriends-until-feelings-happen"-theme. What you see is what you get, here. And the writing, as always, is flawless, flowing beautifully and really engaging.

Pick it up if you need something to boost your holiday spirit, and want to close the book with a smile.

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review 2013-08-13 00:00
The Pretend Boyfriend - Artemis Hunt Maybe 2 1/2? Brian was beyond arrogant, Samantha was... I'm not sure, exactly what Samantha was. By the end Brian almost made up for the jerk that he was, but not quite. Basically, this one was short... the fact that it continues is interesting. Whether or not I continue with the series to see if either character redeems themselves is debatable. I picked up The Pretend Boyfriend as a free download from Amazon on August 4, 2013.
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review 2013-02-14 00:00
The Pretend Boyfriend 2 (Alpha Male Erotic Romance)
The Pretend Boyfriend 2 (Alpha Male Erot... The Pretend Boyfriend 2 (Alpha Male Erotic Romance) - Artemis Hunt 2.5 stars. Still an awkward ending lol. Story is good, borderline okay, but I honestly don't get the point of breaking it up when book 1-4 put together would still be a relatively short/average novel compared to what's out these days? On to the next one....
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review 2013-02-12 00:00
The Pretend Boyfriend
The Pretend Boyfriend - Artemis Hunt 2.5 Stars. I liked the book, but it ended in such an awkward place. Weird. I understand that these are those new "novellas" that come out in parts that authors like to do these days >_< So I was expecting a continuation of sorts. Luckily, I have all four books so far. If you don't have the next book... or read this when it first came out and there was no second book, I would understand the low ratings, lol. It would've pissed me off to no end.But like I said, I was expecting a cliffhanger, not a "non-ending". Just odd.
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review 2012-10-15 00:00
The Pretend Boyfriend - Artemis Hunt This book is hot. I don't like the male character much though. Who would walk around naked in front of a lady? It would be even better if the author told us what happened to them after the dance at the club.
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