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photo 2018-01-29 21:07

Sometimes a draft just needs a little word tornado.

Source: twitter.com/grantdraws
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review 2016-12-04 21:59
Secrets She Keeps
Secrets She Keeps - Amarie Avant,Supahkawii Covers,Rebel Proofing

Title: Secrets She Keeps Author: Amarie Avant Publisher: Prism Heart Press Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: Five Review: "Secrets She Keeps" by Amaie Avant My Thoughts.... Who would have thought as Reese Dunham is visiting her friend at a dive bar she would encounter the likes of a 'druggie' Riker when Detective Evan [Tino] Zaccarro[undercover cop & alpha] notices that someone [Riker] has slipped a mickey in her drink? Now, what will come of this will definitely keep your attention as you read through this well written story that had lots of drama. What will this bakery owner do as Evan [the man in a suit] comes to her rescue? There will be a lots of secrets and lies that are interwoven into this read of many twist and turns. I loved how this author brings it all out to the reader as one will see from the read these are 'true soulmates' but will they be able to get to their HEA when all comes out? I found most of the characters [Reese, Evan, Jamie, Sandra, Tony, Lolita, Riker,Tyrone, Milo, Salvatore] to name a few were a rather colorful group...but Reese's mom Lolita was another story with all of her selfishness that was off the chart...horrible. I did find the read slow starting but yet very intriguing that does pick up its pace giving the reader a little bit of it all from 'dirty cop with ties to the mob, crazy mom, biker gang, the Russian Mob to Italian Mob' taking the reader to a real interesting ride. As the explosive secrets and lies start coming out and I don't want to leave out the hot steamy sex that this author is well noted for having in her well told stories, and in the end the reader does receive a completed well plotted story of a good suspenseful mystery romance. Would I recommend? YES!

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photo 2014-07-23 16:19
The Fridgularity - Mark A. Rayner
Marvellous Hairy - Mark A. Rayner
Pirate Therapy and Other Cures - Mark A. Rayner

Why I still kill trees for proofing


I’m a big fan of printing when it comes to proofing you manuscript. I have a few reasons for this:




You get way more resolution on paper then you do with the average screen. I suppose if you’re looking at an e-ink reader (Kindle, Nook, etc.) or iPad, you have similar levels of resolution, but with the latter technology, you still have the problem of image refreshing. (This is what happens with a backlit screen — the image is recreated over and over as you look at it.) I actually like my Kindle for reading because it doesn’t have that refreshing issue, and it behaves like paper. In fact, it’s not a bad choice for some proofing activities, but the problem with it is you can’t write on it.




Unlike the Kindle, paper allows me to scratch my thoughts, proofing marks and rewritten sentences right on the manuscript. The downside is that I still have to go back to the electronic file to make the changes, but the upside is I can noodle and doodle as I please. Plus, red pen!




Unlike electronic files, paper allows us to move back and forth in physical space. It’s easy to lose track of how long something is when we’re typing words in electronic ether, but when you see it in loose leaf paper, it’s obvious. That gorgeous paragraph, about the sunset and how its light reflects off the blonde hair of the protagonist’s lover? Well, it’s two pages long and it has to go.


The Bearable Weightiness of Prose


If you're not guaranteed of being published, this may be as good as it gets. I’ve written at least two novels for which this is true. (I can’t account for the future, so at some point it may be more than two.) There is just something so real about looking at that big stack of paper, filled with lines and lines of your words. You wrote that, motherfucker! Good for you!

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review 2011-12-31 00:00
The Complete Guide to Alzheimer's-Proofing Your Home
The Complete Guide to Alzheimer's Proofing Your Home - Mark Warner,Ellen Warner,Mark Warner Very comprehensive and very practical, detail-oriented. Good emphasis on the positive and maintaining what can still be done. Not sure how to introduce more of a sense of reality -- would it helpful or not? I think those cheery photos of people who look pretty well using the transfer seats, lifts, bathtub seats, etc. are not the way it always goes in the homes. But it is a very comprehensive and practical guide. Some resources: www.enasco.com for many senior activities, simple puzzles, etc. Prefabricated ramps, especially for single steps. "Often old people find it easier to walk up a slight incline than to risk a single step that requires them to lift their foot, place it down (finding firm footing again), transfer their weight, and then re-establish their balance. For a person with Alzheimer's disease a single step can be a complicated set of maneuvers.... Ramps need not be a major investment. A single step or a few steps can be easily, inexpensively, and temporarily replaced with a prefabricated ramp. .. They can be either steel or aluminum, with or without railings. Most come with slip-resistant finishes and are very convenient. Sources: AccessAbility, Access to Recreation, AliMed, American Health Care Supply, Care Catalogue Svces., Easy Street, Enrichments, Facilis, Ltd., Guardian Products, Handi-Ramp, HIG's, HomeCare Products Inc., J.H. Industries, Lumex, McKesson, Portable Entry Systems, Prairie View Industries, Rampit, Sammons Preston, Sears Home HealthCare Catalog, St. Louis Medical Supply. p.343Sun shields for windows: American Health Care Supply. Sheer curtains or sun screens can soften the look and feel of too much sun, yet still admit gently filtered light. p.350Sip-resistant safety stair treads. American Health Care Supply, Consolidated Plastics, Mercer, Musson, R.C.S Rubber Co., Reese. Provide a tactile strip (perhaps some adhesive-backed felt) at each end of the railing to alert the traveler that he has reached the top or bottom. The stair railings should extend no less than 12" beyond the top and bottom steps. Provide full slip-resistant treads on the first and last steps to alert the traveler when he reaches the top and bottom. Install slip-resistant strips on all intermediate steps. p.380Child-proof table and counter edge cushions: KidKushions, Perfectly Safe, Safety 1st, or baby supply stores. Grab bars should 1.25 to 1.5 inches in diameter. Smaller, weaker hands may have an easier time grasping the smaller diameter bar. The gap between the grab bar and the wall should be exactly 1.5" -- no more, no less. If the grab bar is any further from the wall, your family member's arm may slip through the gap and get caught between the grab bar and the wall. If she then falls, her arm could be broken or shoulder dislocated. If the grab bar is any closer to the wall, it may be difficult for her to get her hand around the bar to properly grasp it, or her fingers could get pinches.
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