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text 2018-01-17 05:13
All You Need to Know About Assured Return Projects in Real-Estate

One of the most popular concepts in the realm of commercial real-estate today, an assured return project is one wherein the investor buys a commercial property before the construction is fully complete. The developer of the commercial project then starts paying a monthly return to the investor, which is a percentage of the investment that he/she has made. That percentage of return can vary from 9% to 12% of the total investment made. This money is later recovered when, upon completion of the project, the developer leases the commercial space out to businesses. The investor can therefore enjoy returns on his/her investment without having to wait for the space to be leased out. Additionally, the investor will also benefit from any future appreciation in the value of the commercial space that he/she may have bought.



Advantages of investing in assured return projects:


  • When investing in an assured return project, you benefit in two ways. For one, you build an asset in the form of commercial property for sale that will likely lead to gains from capital appreciation. Secondly, you get a guaranteed return on your investment from day one, thus minimizing the chances of any loss or financial setback.
  • As the developer must keep paying the investor a monthly return on investments until the construction of the property is completed, the impetus to complete the construction on time is significant for the developer. This makes assured return projects a low-risk investment opportunity for investors while the speed and efficiency of the construction process is almost guaranteed.
  • The guaranteed monthly income is a boon for retirees and those investors who need a regular source of income and cannot afford to let their money sit for years in the hope of high returns. Assured return schemes are almost the only type of investment that yield returns from the very first day.
  • When you invest in such a project, the return on your investment is not dependent on external market conditions and the rise and fall of property prices in your area. Instead, you will get monthly returns on your investment at a fixed rate or percentage that will not change, regardless of any changes in demand or supply.

When investing in an assured return commercial project, you should ensure that the project has all the essential characteristics of a world-class commercial space. Features you should look for in such an investment are as follows:


  • The project should be developed over a sufficiently large area, with multiple floors and levels as well as adequate parking facilities. These facilities will ensure that once construction is complete, the commercial space will be easy to lease out and will attract customers and businesses from the surrounding areas.
  • The commercial project should be surrounded by habitable and preferably well-populated areas. A commercial property in a sparsely populated remote area will be hard to rent or sell. It should also be easily accessible and located in an area that is well connected to the rest of the city.


So if you want to invest in an Assured Return Project in Gurgaon, Noida or any other part of the NCR, you should definitely check out the websites of the best known and reputed property developers operating in north India, who offer such investment options. This will ensure that you receive high returns on your investment with minimal risk of loss.  

Source: www.advanceindia.co.in
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text 2018-01-15 05:56
All about buying property in the islands of Greece

Is the time right to invest in Greece real estate? This is the question on the minds of people who are interested in buying property in Greece. The Greek island property for sale prices are at rock bottom right now and have the potential for giving excellent returns in the medium term. Greece has 6ooo islands which are clustered into seven groups.


Of these, the smaller island properties are priced higher than the properties on the larger island. The development work on the island of Crete is pushing up the prices slowly there. Due to Government easing of rules and offering residential visas for investing more than $250,000 has resulted in growing demand for property for sale Greek islands.


Investors from the UK had invested earlier before the economy of Greece went bad. Many of these properties are up for sale for a fraction of the price that was sold for due to overdue payments on the mortgages. The Turkish investors have shown a keen interest in buying which is a good sign for appreciation of property value.


This may just be the right time to invest in Greek homes for sale as the prices are probably at the lowest and can move only upwards from hereon. Due to the low prices, the tourists have been coming in larger numbers in recent times which is also a good sign for real estate appreciation. Investing in Greek holiday homes at this low rates is a smart move. Owning a holiday home in Greece is a dream of many people.

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text 2018-01-10 11:51
Buying property in Greece is not a holiday

When Greece is mentioned the things that come to mind are the islands with resorts, archaeological sites, historical monuments, and nature. So it is natural to assume that buying homes for sale in Greece will be connected to Holidays. But it is much more than that.


Around the time of Olympics in 2004, a lot of development work was done in Athens and surrounding region. Significant investment was made by international investors and they were benefitted by it. But due to the economic crisis faced by the country the international investors opted to put up their property for sale in Athens Greece. The real estate business saw a big slump.


Though the country has been able to withstand the economic crisis, the road to recovery will take time. Due to these factors, the prices of properties is quite low at present and it is a great opportunity to invest in properties here.


The future holds promise for international investors as the markets in the US are weak and unpredictable. This can be a suitable alternative for such investors. Commercial property in Greece is another option for the investors.


Investment in shopping malls, business centers can have very good returns as these investments are welcome and available easily. The government has lowered the registration cost and made the rules more lenient to encourage investments. The healthy lifestyle of Greece along with great potential for development in tourism makes it the ideal location to invest in real estate.



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text 2017-12-21 05:51
Invest in Greek Island Property and enjoy long term appreciation

An investment in real estate is considered to be the safest investment across the globe. Investors tend to look at the future value of the property when making an investment decision. Considering the falling rates of properties across the globe, investors are looking to make the right move and invest in properties that promise higher returns in the future. Greek property market is showing signs of revival and investors from across the globe are looking for investment opportunities in the picturesque location.


Greece is a hot tourist destination with thousands of tourists heading to the islands each year. Greek island property is well maintained and easily accessible. Investors looking to invest in the island property can search from the thousands of options available. The property is available for rent as well as purchase and the real estate agents will help the investors through the entire process of documentation. Investors can look for commercial as well as residential property for rent and purchase. There is an increasing demand for property for sale in Cyprus and GPE360.com offers quick and hassle free services to the investors. The portal has a simple user interface which makes it easy to search for and shortlist the options. Further, it has more than a hundred real estate agents working with them who are all verified and professional. The agents are experienced and provide complete information about the property to the investors.


If you are looking to invest in Greece, GPE360.com is here to help you.

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