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text 2018-09-10 12:46

Ladies love to be pampered and dress up nicely for any particular occasion. But since life can be hectic and with new clothing range coming out every year it can be difficult to shop the latest clothes, accessories and shoes. That is why we have set aside 5 amazing stores for you to shop from before this year ends. The stores have amazing discount and deals just for you. So, go on a shopping spree before the year ends and look fabulous without worrying about your budget.






Moda in Pelle is one of the finest stores in UK that offers its consumers with top quality of shoes, Sandals, Boots and so much more in a single place. For all the ladies out their looking for top quality of shoes that are elegant and trendy. This is the perfect place for you to shop from. Best of all now you can get a great opportunity to avail all of their amazing products at a fraction of its original price thanks to the upcoming Black Friday Deals. With these deals shop to your heart’s desire without worrying about your budget from Moda in Pelle.






If you are a resident of UK then you might have heard of White Stuff before. They are one of the leading retailers in footwear apparel located in UK. When you visit their website you can easily find the perfect footwear regarding your outfit along with some amazing accessories to keep your shoes, Sandal and Boots in their peak condition throughout a long period of time. With Christmas Knocking on your door why not head on down to their website and avail their amazing products by using the Christmas Voucher Codes and shop for the product of your choice at a fraction of its original price.






Putting shoes aside for a while your skin is one of the most precious thing in your body so why not glamour it up a little with amazing products from Feel Unique. You can get a wide range of beauty products from their website at an amazing price by using the Cyber Monday Discount Codes and best of all the products available on their website are not just for the ladies. They also have quite a few amazing products for men. Making it your one stop shop for getting top-notch beauty products at a great discount without a hassle.






In search of an amazing store that has top quality clothes and accessories in a single place? Well then look no further because Quiz Clothing is the place for you to shop from. Having a wide range of clothing products it will be difficult for you to not find the perfect outfit you may be looking for in a single place. If you were to shop from their website you can also get a great advantage by getting a hefty amount of discount on all of their products thanks to the New Year Deals.






Bella Di Notte is one of the best stores in UK that has a wide range of clothing apparels and accessories available in a single place for its consumers. All you just have to do is visit their website and scroll through all of the amazing commodities available on their website pick the one that you prefer and before buying just use the Black Friday Voucher Codes to get a great amount of discount on your favorite product without a hassle.

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text 2018-01-28 04:16
If you like personality quizzes

Image: A rainbow background with the Kraken Collective logo and text which reads: Which queer speculative fiction hero are you? Take our quiz to find out! 19 indie authors, 19 queer heroes, 19 stories for 99 cents. One personality quiz. January 26th through February 1st. Hashtag KrakenFriends2018




I am Aren from A Promise Broken by  Lynn E. O'Connacht


If you are curious, my personality description is in the spoiler tags


You are most like ... Arèn! You are logical and dedicated. You prefer solving problems on your own, but aren't afraid to offer or accept help. Your strong sense of justice and duty means others may see you as distant and perhaps even aloof, but it's just that your dedication means it's hard for you to really relax and have fun with your friends. The truth is that you care deeply about others and work tirelessly to see that people are treated fairly. Arèn is an aroace politician and scholar from A Promise Broken, a quiet fantasy with a focus on family life.

(spoiler show)
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photo 2017-08-19 02:14
I am the stack stalker

I‘m The Stack Stalker


You got the Stack Stalker! You’re a master of the Dewey Decimal System and are proud to show off your collection of overlooked book bin treasures! Your friends know you love to read, but do they even know how much? Phew—that’s an awful lot of books on those shelves.


What type of reader are you?

Are you the type of reader who’s lost in the library stacks? Or would you rather be keeping up with your beloved authors on social media? Find out what type of reader you actually are and get a free sampler featuring popular best sellers and more recommended reading.
Take the Quiz at Penguin Random House
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text 2017-04-24 19:38
Quiz: Which Brontë Sister Are You?

You got Emily!


You′re just like Emily! Quiet and courageous, you don′t really want to stand in the spotlight, you rather just have your work speak for you. Even though other people may not be your thing, you love your family -- and animals! Maybe you′re a little mysterious, but isn′t it fun to keep people guessing?


Emily Brontë


Wow. This sounds exactly like me. Amazing. I haven't read anything by the Brontës but I do have several books by them downloaded to my Kindle and I'm looking forward to reading them.

Source: www.bookstr.com/article/quiz-which-bront-sister-are-you
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text 2017-03-23 01:20
Quiz: Who’s Your Book Sidekick?

Because everyone needs someone looking out for them!


We love sidekicks and besties in literature. They deserve so much more credit than they’re given. Being a protagonist’s best friend, confidant, or advisor plays a big part in revealing more about the lead character and we all know what wonderful support our besties are in real life. Is your ideal sidekick more of an outsider like Huckleberry Finn, or someone to help you think logically like Dr. Watson? Whoever your sidekick is, we’re sure they’ll stick by you!


You Got: Toto from ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ by L. Frank Baum


Toto is such a great sidekick. As a dog, he’s obviously extremely loyal and even travels with Dorothy to Oz! He’s really down for any adventure and is always there to keep you as safe as he can—he is a small terrier after all. Although Toto doesn’t talk until later books in the ‘Wizard of Oz,’ he’s still a great one to have around. Sidekick to: Dorothy Gale.

Source: www.bookstr.com/article/quiz-who-s-your-book-sidekick/1000?trr_article_source=related-posts-module
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